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Learn How to Windmill - Complete Step by Step - Breakdance Tutorial

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With practice and mental preparation this tutorial will teach you step by step how to do windmills be sure to warm.

Up before practicing flexibility does help with this move the seated straddle is a great stretch to help develop flexibility for the windmills also any stretches that help the wrist the legs the shoulders are recommended what's that being said let's get started with the prerequisites honestly to learn windmills you don't really need any prerequisites other than being in general shape and in my opinion a simple back spin but we're gonna learn a simple back spin right now because it's one of the steps in learning a windmill so let's get started learning windmills step number one you're gonna choose a way that you want to spend imagine a clock on the ground I spin towards my left shoulder that's counterclockwise a lot of people like to spend clockwise so if you like to spin the other way then just use opposite arms and legs that I describe in this video what if you're spinning counterclockwise you and me are alike before we learn the windmill we need to learn the back spin and before we learn the back spin it's beneficial to learn the Bott spin it's a lot easier and will help us learn how to channel our momentum into a circle so sit down on your butt on the ground I'm placing my left hand down because I go counterclockwise what I'm going to do is I'm actually gonna kick my right leg out pass my left leg and then as I bring my left leg in this is gonna create that momentum simultaneously pushing off the ground with my left arm as I bring my left leg in after throwing my right leg over this creates the momentum some was like a lots going on but it's really easy just pay close attention when you initiate your spin tighten your core bring your knees to your chest you'll notice that you spend faster when you bring it in closer bring it in pull it I'll just experiment around with this this will really help you understand the whole momentum concept when it comes to these b-boy power moves honestly is the key to learning more advanced movements so with that being said let's learn a slightly more advanced movement the backspin so all we're going to be doing to turn this bus spin into a backspin is you are actually going to roll on your back roll on your back after you kick not straight down the middle per se but actually on a diagonal to the upper shoulders this helps the movement be a lot more smooth and makes it more comfortable to spin on the ground on your back so just practice the simple roll from opposite leg the opposite shoulder the leg towards the way what you are spending so as you remember I'm spinning counterclockwise so I'm going towards my left leg so I'm going from my left leg to my right shoulder now all you need to do is the same kick and push that you did for the but spin but roll from the opposite leg to the upper shoulders and she will be in the back spin position spinning on your back bring your knees to your chest you'll notice you spin a little bit faster a little bit tighter practice is a few times get at least like one spin and then you're ready to move on alright we're gonna take a break from our backs and move to our front you're gonna learn the simple turtle freeze you want to take the arm towards the way you spin so I go counterclockwise so I'm taking my left arm you're gonna bring it in to tuck it in armpit tight and then bring it in towards your bellybutton now what you want to do with the other arm is you want to put it out in front to the side it can be around the shoulder height anywhere that's comfortable for you then you want to tighten the core and get on the ground in this position but keep your toes on the ground for now just like that before we take our feet off we want to learn the simple drop in motion with the arms this helps us roll to our shoulders in the windmill and helps us understand the movement so since I spin towards my left I'm actually going to pull my left arm in and push away with my right arm so that's gonna help drop me down to my shoulder smoothly so get in the turtle freeze position take your left leg put it underneath your right leg then you're going to flex your left arm so that you roll down onto your upper shoulder and roll sideways so left arm tight in the body left leg under the right leg tighten the left arm roll push slightly with your right hand away try to roll in your upper shoulders although it might not look pretty because your feet are still on the ground for now but that is perfect because you are learning the arm motion for the windmill you can even increase the speed a little bit now we're going to learn this from the turtle freeze without our toes touching so you want to get into the turtle freeze position lean forward you can even touch your head and lift your toes off the ground if you need to bend your legs a little bit at first it's okay try to do this comfortably for at least a few seconds so just like before you're gonna want to take your left leg and try to put it underneath your right leg but you want to do it this time without your toes touching so in order to do so you might want to rotate a little bit more at the hips and keep those legs tight everything else is the same you're going to flex the left arm bring it in close roll to the upper shoulders push away slightly with the right arm work on this and try to make it smooth all right you're almost there now we're just gonna go back to our back and we're gonna learn how to turn our momentum over so we can get back up and then we're gonna tie it all together new Navy windmill and around town so just like before I'm gonna be rolling from my left leg to my right shoulder you want to have your left arm in the turtle freeze position your right arm however you actually want to be tucked in think about an invisible ramp from your right forearm to your left palm so when you roll over it's smooth helps you get up gradually and then after that that's when you open your right arm up and push away look very carefully at the right arm first it allows me to roll up into my turtle freeze position and then it opens up and it helps me push into a second windmill alright so now you basically know it all so let's do it all but let's do it all slow so let's keep our feet on the ground at first just so you can get used to what's going on start as if you were going to do a backspin roll from your left leg to your right shoulder keeping your legs out solid notice how I'm not drastically folding my legs or anything like that just a very subtle twist of the hips using your right forearm so you can roll up the ramp to your left arm in the turtle freeze position you put your feet down in these early steps collapse the left arm roll on to the left shoulder keep the legs tight hips tight and you just did your first hacked mill yeah your feet were touching but don't worry in just a second we're gonna get those feet off the ground all right so here's a little exercise that's gonna help you get over to your arms without your feet touching a simple little hip pop like this I want you to do the roll from the opposite leg to the opposite shoulder as you were going to do a women but when you go up to your shoulders you want to pop your hips a little bit like this when you eventually do windmills full speed you're gonna be doing this it'll be a little more subtle but it's a good idea to exaggerate and practice this especially if you are having trouble getting over to your arms without touching your feet this is the secret this is the key now all together for your first windmill over and out start as if you were doing a simple back spin but when you get to your upper shoulders you want to turn over you do this by giving yourself that simple hip pop like I just showed you combined with first letting your legs getting a little bit in front of your upper body and then jumping your upper body in front of your legs rolling onto the ramp you create with your right forearm and your left palm and then once you get in the turtle freeze position you allow your legs to meet up with your upper body and then lead ahead pulling you back into your second window it might sound complicated like a lot but all you're really doing is you're continually generating momentum by allowing your legs to slightly get ahead of your upper body then jumping in front of your legs with your upper body and then allowing those legs once again to whip back and get ahead of your upper body continuing that on and on and on that's how you get momentum that's how you continue the windmills over and over and over when doing windmills using your head in the turtle freeze position can of help so if you are gonna use your head to ramp up on to just be sure you don't slam it go smoothly now to do continuous windmills all you have to do is think about keeping that momentum flowing it's as simple as that a piece of advice I have for people learning this is don't think about it as like one two three four five windmills just think about it as one continuous motion you're just trying to keep that momentum going and going and going getting those legs in front of the upper body then bringing the upper body over in front of those legs and then whipping and then so on and so on and so on keeping your whole body tight by that I mean you know flexing the ABS keeping the arms tucked in having those legs out you're controlling all your muscles you're feeling where everything's at also notice once I really get going I'm not really pausing too much in the turtle freeze position in fact I'm actually just pushing my way through this will totally happen once you get that feeling for the momentum down but build to control it any way you want even be able to go into no-handed mills if you choose to do so and the secret to developing that momentum it's literally all the way in the beginning and we started practicing those but spins if you can understand that you'll understand how to use that to help your Mills get faster snap you're prettier and eventually you can have barrel Mills munch Mills like this any other form you want it's all about practice so in a full recap my lower body is getting slightly in front of my upper body then right when I jump over to my face I get my upper body just a little bit in front of my lower body then I whip my lower body back around rolling to the back up to the shoulder up to the front up to the hands you just keep it going like that and that's how you go from nothing to a simple Budd spin to windmills step-by-step I hope you guys really enjoyed this tutorial thank you guys so much for watching more videos coming out don't forget to subscribe peace you all have a good one and I'll see you in the next video

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