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30-Minute No-Equipment At-Home Cardio and Abs-Toning Workout

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This high-intensity cardio workout will have you shake it out, shake it off, and shake away stress! Christa DiPaolo will have your blood pumping with cardio exercises, leading up to a core-centric cooldown that gradually brings it back down. Take a quiet moment to reflect with a mug of Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea before taking on your day.\r




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Hi my fin is friends it's Kristin Apollo and I have a 30 minute cardio and core workout that's the perfect way to reduce stress no equipment is necessary let's do this this sweat tea session is presented by yogi let's get ready to shake it off I have my girls Raven with me and Dani before we get you into the sweat fish let's get you need a little dynamic warmup what do you say girls alright so since its shake off the stress let's start with shaking it off so go ahead let's do it so you're just gonna start feeling that energy feeling that warmth coming through your feet and we're hitting those knees coming up to those hips especially kind of fun right shake out those hands coming up to those shoulders this is really good and then up to your head you're gonna see this all throughout the workout right so you want to feel good alright bring those legs nice and wide we're going to start with some arm right here shoulder rolls perfect opening up those shoulders stay nice and loose in that lower body so your knees are soft your abs are tight perfect house for mark here's four three two we're gonna isolate these arms right here so big arm swings to the back of the room perfect so now we're not just open up those shoulders though what are we doing we're opening up that chest perfect here's four three two and one we're gonna take it to a high place let's just bring it back just a little bit legs are nice and wide we're gonna walk out to a high plank position now we're gonna do a contralateral reach which is just a fancy name for touch that off potential there you go other side I know right and you're gonna walk it back stand up and repeat alright so what I want you to do when you cinch forward feel that stretching your hamstrings we are feeling there you go ready let's get ready to work this is seriously gonna be really fun touch hike those hips up abs are nice and tight and then walk it up now you have an option for right here little plyo and it even does not have to do that let's do two more feel that stretch shoulders stacked I need your wrist it feels good right yeah wait till you see what I have that we have on all right last one after the reach I want you to stay in that high plank position so let's go ahead and stay in that high plank bring your feet hip distance apart what we're gonna do we're gonna give me a runner's lunge a little chest opener at the top you're gonna bring your hands back down let's push it through a downward dog does fo nice other side so what we're doing we're opening up our hips we're opening up that chest stacking those shoulder blades and then feeling that stretch in the back side of your body that's all good this is nice this is seriously the. Easiest thing we're gonna do all right.

Let's do one more on each side lunge. Opening up that chest stretching out those hamstrings one more we are going to do this for sure now I want you to hold your downward dog let's go ahead add some all training calf raises already here perfect do you want to melt those heels into the ground lengthen through the spine getting four three two and one now let's bring our feet up to our hands slowly roll it up perfect now do a little air gen-probe god nice and light on those feet this is a great way to get that heart rate up right yeah and get those lungs activated blitz right here add some butt kicks to the Miss so it's nice and things loose in her quads right driving those heels up into your glutes landing softly and again Raven she's taking out that little chunk All Right girls you ready for some high knees oh yeah let's do it bring up those knees give me four three. Two and one we're warm to keep that.

Heart rate up let's continue shaking it out right shake it off shake it out I just want to give you a really quick overview of what we're up to right so I have six high intensity core based exercises for you that will perform for sixty Seconds you'll have a quick 15-second shake it off transition I promise you'll need that we're gonna do three rounds and I'll give you a one-minute we're in between so good welcome to round one all right so on deck you're gonna bring your legs nice and wide we have a squat thrust with two oblique crunches are we ready yes let's you're ready to do this in three two one let's go 60 seconds on the clock squat thrusts looking up now I want you to keep your legs engaged reach back as tall abs are tight so you want to think about landing softly right here and then staying nice and low take a look at Raven she can omit that jump and walk her feet out she's still working everything so this is such a great full-body workout right here so we're activating your shoulders activating your core right especially those obliques here back as quads are tight and we're also keeping your leis engage do you feel that you see we're taking it.

A nice comfortable slow pace there's absolutely no need to go any faster unless you're feeling really really advanced you can always play with tempo we have 10 seconds I did not forget Jim how are you feeling I've already.

Tired shake it out shake it out okay are you ready this is craziness thankful for that reverse burpees you're welcome in advance we're gonna stand to the side Ravens gonna do a modified regular Burpee and three two one let's go hands are gonna guide you down focus on your core here option for that plyo feet or hip distance apart take it nice and smooth right perfect so again this is Bri for the core and it's greed to get that cardio and work those lungs take your time with that I know sometimes it can feel a little scary going backwards right but you can do what Ravens doing which is fine now once you feel good you can build up to this now if you're feeling really advanced I'm not doing it Danny I don't know are you going for it have to use your hands on the way down or the way up I would really know not be able to get back up not today nice and light on that.

Landing we have five seconds let's just get in what do you think last one oh this is that shake it out oh my gosh you're loving these shake it off transitions we're with yoga push-ups are we ready ready the transition high plank position again shoulders stacked underneath your wrists your hips are down your abs are tight and three two and one let's go single push up now to yogi push-up going into that downward dog we got Raven is performing the push-up on her knees so what I want you to do always shoulders stacked underneath your wrists chest connects to the ground and then push it back you want to think about exhaling on the hardest part of the workout which is what oh my gosh.

This workout is so much fun I love that we talk about stress relief right working out is the best stress relief Oh.

Where's your head you know what it should be fun you see you're laughing we're having your time even though it's hard as heck but we're having fun with it on that downward dog that's your little stretch right there so you'll be sinking to the Fieldhouse one more beautiful shake it off oh oh my gosh we're staying on the ground to stay here all right shake it off shake it off shake it off probably their shoulders meet it we're setting up into your reverse cable actually let's take you up from the side right here pop those hips up feet hip distance apart we'll do the first two very slowly you're gonna reach this people reach and then we're going back to that fancy touch her opposite but right and then touch alright we could just pick up the piece slightly now to deal with it Raven she's even omitting that touch she can just take her foot up we're really focusing on what the rotation so why do we do that we want to fire up that entire core now notice our fingers are playing away from us slightest bend in the elbows they'll take any unwanted pressure off your joints you can always pick up the pace to add that little later intensity but I'm warning you now I'm just giving that up take your time with this we have some progressions in your near future perfect so routine I also want you to excess flow through those hips ten seconds left so we're all so guess what we're hitting your triceps I have no balance I know that one does.

Require a little bit of balance. All right let's see how your balance is on this one lateral donkey kicks set you up daddy fees let's go the clock is already running we're driving those heels up into your glutes breathing stepping it side to side whoa okay Danny and we're even or in a cable doing this I want to set you up for success form is everything sometimes you're still going so we're gonna when you set up shoulders always have to her knee to your wrist now the most important one on this hips are underneath your knees knees are slightly hovering your abs are pulled into your spine head is new to with your spine then you can start performing the lateral donkey case do you like how I just bought myself a break oh my gosh the clock are you doing.

A clot shake it off.

All right here we go we're bringing it back up we're gonna work each side we have a little one although we're gonna start on this side it does not matter a home which side you start with so here we go lateral lunge with the reach now we'll do the first one really slow bring that same foot back for burst lunch that's it lateral lunge sink into those hips open up that chest back stall abs tight this is Oh give me a breather yeah it's true.

We didn't so much advance up this is last one last one all right let's switch to the other side here we go even it out reach and touch and then lunge perfect so this entire.

Workout it's full body of course you've seen a lot of course centric exercises that's what we wanted to do and of course you're very fun shake off rescue turds you're like that is not a rest period for perfect how.

About one more let's just see what always one more. About how it's bad good. I know you shake out those arms shake out those legs just what amazing amazing.

One-minute breather take a big breath in exhalation through your mouth so whatever you need to do tell it off shake it off drink it off whatever you do don't I just want to explain what round 2 is about now we're adding progressions you're a pro you've mastered the moves we're gonna add a little layer layer and intensity just to make them a little bit harder I can barely say it I don't know. Why this is a good idea but hey do you always want to have a challenge right and we talk about stress relief and I think the harder it is the more that you focus right focus know what you're doing so I wanted to give you a great challenge so feel free to either follow Ravens modifications or you can do exactly what we just said around 1:00 you can play it right now already all right welcome to round two let's go the time we're taking it to a single arm squat drops very - you're gonna stay where you are single arm squat thrusts keep it low keep it engaged reach yeah now make sure you use that opposite or whatever aren't you sorry with you everyone nice now this is really so great for the core because why unstable right you're working a little bit harder to keep that stabilization.

So take it nice and slow 30 more seconds we're halfway there begin if you're feeling advanced you know you can play with tempo how we doing yes reason shoulders your core I love it.

Full body obliques and oh my gosh the legs whoo the legs stay engaged it's absolutely bananas five seconds oh my gosh do they speed up so we can get in one more any time do it I don't want to miss her shake it out check it out check it out check it out I don't want to change you have you're shaving off sessions here all right up next we have your reverse burpees we're adding a knee tuck hmm you're well let's do this Raven you don't have to gear here we go three two and one guide yourself down focus on the core here we go means hack holy holy head oh my gosh. What am I gonna do after this word out I don't know about you two I'm going to eat I'm going to have a relaxing yogi tea I'm going to bed on your knees.

Great way nice big plyo get that blood. Pumping drive those knees up into your chest what's the most important thing I want you to engage your core and when she lands softly again this is something you can work up to I know this is a bit advanced they know you're secretly obsessed with burpees aren't you oh yeah good answer how's two more oh my god it's probably been doing this for 20 days last one oh yeah shake it off shake it.

Off oh man alright if you thought your yogi push-ups gonna be any harder we're. Adding a Pike pushup to the legs let's get into it push-up here we go downward dog now holding here I pick up now this is extremely advanced I don't want you to compromise your form just to do it or your joints so take a look at Danny she can even bring her knees down when performing that Pike pushup perfect chest connects to the ground excavation melt your heels into the mat and then you want to try and focus on bringing your head to the mat stay in that perfect Pike position holy triceps oh my gosh now I didn't mention I like to do tricep push-ups from me they just set up the downward dog a lot easier feel free to do wide grip oops I think I just forgot the pipe my mouth gets in the way Paul sorry you know what today but yeah I don't even know I'm say but yeah you wanna go so if you're doing a wide grip you just have to restock okay that was the last one shake it off oh oh my gosh the sweat went into my brain 2.5 seconds but I'm back with you going to be transition into that we're first table okay all right here we go pop those hips up we're adding four core kicks to the mix oh there we go all right do you want to reach across that body follower even for that modification I'm going really slowly we're gonna bring that foot down now you're gonna do four core kicks with that same leg all about the apps other side reach touch now that same foot they are kicking we've bring it down and that's the foot you start with just to make things easy let's pick it up just a little bit so reach flirtation touch here's four three two one nice and light on the landing focus on the rotation explode through the hips to get your triceps and then all about your core and one welcome breathing and touch this you.

Really feel it and the triceps and of course your core you can always pick up the range of motion and pick up your pace how we feel it yeah be a pro by.

Round very much blood for the day last one three two what should get out okay.

Lateral donkey kicks move hard enough put you're up for a challenge we're adding a shoulder tap just one single shoulder tap let's set you up in that perfect dynamic beast pop those hips up so donkey kick you go right touch right if you go left touch black alright Raven you can omit the shoulder tap altogether and continue walking it so once you build up that shoulder strength they go ahead and give it a try nice and light on the landing driving your heels softly up into your glutes the shoulder top just a little added horn movement does it make your life so much you're also feeling this in your.

Life right oh yeah everything it's your spine oh my gosh everywhere I.

Know the girls are feeling it everywhere I know you're home you're feeling it everywhere Jamar I know.

Shake it off especially those like four pick it up here we go well doing well early alright this time we're adding a plyo to the mix so after you perform your reverse lunge additional or optional apply oh here we go we started with this leg first let's hit breach and lunge bring it back I want to see that nice big play oh this. Is nice once you land softly keeping everything tight there we go nice big reverse lunge you think about that range of motion we're here to motivate you the horse you are your best coach and you know what feels comfortable for your body one more on this side oh okay this does someone feel like a. Breather compare different engine reach. Reverse lunge imply Oh where did the time go right whoa whoa you are almost at your one-minute recovery it's flying by working out should be fun yes you should look for super fast under fun laughter let's see.

Take this one-minute recovery do what you need to do I know we are all simple water I know I am this is real.

There just a little overview and what to expect for round three it's exactly like round two so it's great now we are really a bunch of pros so now you can really take those fifteen second shake it off you can really milk them right yes okay I am taking this tap water before I told you the warm-up was gonna be started in about ten seconds.

Whew so you're a bunch of pros you know it feel free to go back to the modified version listen to your body it's all okay right we're in this together up first we go single urn squat thrust and you have that oblique crunch perfect stay low so you now know exactly what do. So if you even feel like you're alright I have this you can pick up their piece just slightly woo oh my gosh this is crazy and also just make sure that you're utilizing that opposite hand just that we can balance it out perfect stay tall through the spine I know sometimes I'm cueing I don't know which hand I'm using you know what you're doing at home don't always follow me stay with it we have it off taken.

Last nice and light on those feet now I know you're starting to feel fatigued we're feeling it we're doing it with you that's when we need you to push a little harder right work a little bit more squat a little bit deeper let's do one more that's it last one last one and shake it off boom oh my gosh we're.

Raising it right this is so needed I'm gonna do this all right all right let's set you up reverse burpees whoo let's go all right hit it nice and light you know what to do add that option or the knee tuck so I.

Really love the name in this workout great shake it off shake off that stress because the best stress relief really in town is what it's working out right now moving your body moving your body getting those endorphins going and everyone in life has stressed otherwise you are not human correct I know for me personally I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for well over 10 years and guess what it saved me and I'm not kidding is moving and working out so when you're feeling it you're feeling overwhelmed hit play we have yeah a little more yeah all right these are.

Very pretty anymore what they're happening all right how can I shake it off my mat is showing this wet here we go we're going back to your yogi push-ups welcome please get me yes do it here we go give me a push up downward dog now I like like I did have that pig push it right there reset if you want to bring your leg arms wide I'll show you that way just in case because sometimes I'm feels better for other people wide grip pushup make sure to stack your arms for the. Downward dog I almost forgot the paper to be on oh I think my body's like you're not doing what are we feeling I am secretly obsessed anyone who knows my workouts I love quiz shops New York still effective you can do it anywhere and there's a zillion kind of push ups you can do these are like hardcore yoga they.

Work they're effective this one's giving you an extra tricep right there flip the girls for any modification that you need last one what do you say oh my.

Gosh shake out that shoulders those are.

Crazy I did a lot of pipe or something that wine I did not forget it was really hard we're transitioning to your reverse table touch reaches with your fork no Peter this is the part you know what to do reach touch that same foot four three.

Two one pull your abs into your spine full rotation fired that entire court explode through the hips to hit those triceps now any reason you need to dial it down throw it down it's fine and to come right back to it right where hang out does not need to be perfect judge my free zone you're still kickin you're still rotating unless you're with friends they might recognize you accountable baby God reach touch kick it.

Four three two one oh my gosh ah hell yes help me hmm help me Oh like with that it's what we need you to kick harder you know a little extra feel a little extra spice last one on each side whoa okay we can't not say you're a.

Bunch of pros oh my gosh donkey case spiral donkey kicks all right let's go oh my gosh I love it these are the butt kickers renaming these lateral donkey.

Kicks to freakin bad you were kicking.

Your butt Thank You Kenny you're landing softly and you're softly kicking your butt right driving is feel softly into your glutes and you're adding that extra shoulders have keep it going remember by myself. Remember this is where you need to start this is actually so important those kids need to be hovering right underneath your knees okay I love what I do I try to be incognito but I know you.

Can see right he's amazing but figure.

Out oh yes what is now dripping and burning who lose my eyeballs here so much sweat okay we're bringing it up okay ready yeah let's do this let's bring round three home Oh baby whoo whoo whoo okay here we go that's it lateral lunge we're adding that plyo let's go we're gaining softly oh my gosh I know it top through the spine abs are breached perfect lunge and reach and if you're. Thinking after all pick up that tempo.

Hey that tempo leave it up house why mark yes yeah more and let's balance is up never forget.

Your pipe push us any day of the week but not me now I'm completely lost.

There you go want to make sure you keep your weight directly underneath those hips nice big powerful lunge activating your glutes your quads your hands there is a mess oh my gosh okay take your place all.

Right we did your shake up right now.

Let's call you down let's do it all right let's finish off this amazing practice you are so amazing doing a very big breath in big breath through the nose exhale through the mouth let's do two more of those you deserve these big breasts because you were fantastic he forgot was not easy and you did it you push play for a challenge you did it alright bring those feet in clasp your hands behind your back let's open up that chest as you do not release that chin feel the front side of your body opening whoa hinge aboard you're barely breathing pinned report you'll this stretching your hamstrings once you get all the way down there drop your hand now ladies we're gonna take it we're gonna bring it over into this lateral lunge that feels so good you should feel that stretch in the hamstring try to keep that heel plant it on the ground now we're gonna bring it runners lunge now I want you to bring your runners lunge let's place that foot back for a high plank oh boy you're not out of the woods yet bonus car for.

Travelling planks you're gonna stay in that high plank just like how you are here we go bring it down down up up other elbow keep your abs pulling cheers fine whoo - oh yes perfect plank position last one oh my gosh we smoked it in don't be bad that was so sneaky all right let's push it to a downward dog melt those heels into the ground we're about hip distance apart feel the length in your spine bring it back to your high plank are you ready for this we're going for a char to round up and I'm going to make all my yoga friends so I want you to think about melting your shoulder blades together stay in that perfect plank position now when you come down what do you think about coming forward lengthening forward elbows close to your body nice and slow now flip your toes over upward facing dog back I'm seriously now sweaty even more let's do that one more time curl your toes over push into that downward facing dog melt your heels into the ground tall through the spine back into your high plank melt your shoulder blades together tuck your hips under abs are pulled in coming down forward chaturanga forward nice and slowly so slowly and then go ahead flip your feet your toes upward facing dog.

Okay push back into the high plank now that rear leg is gonna come back to your lunge lateral lunge let's go ahead and do it to the other side there we go oh you got stretch feel that stretch turn it hip. And then bring it into a high plank traveling plane to love them let's go oh.

My gosh they're nice and tight take your time with your like sign up for.

Challenge doubt our dog push into those heels push your head through your hands high plank sink in to your shoulder blades chaturanga let's go lean it forward lean it forward okay flip your toes upward facing dog feel that stretch in your upper body how does that feel okay well I have so much.

Respect for Yogi's there is no hard I have some amazing really close head yoga friends and I've tried our right shoulder blades sink into a melt chatter on the one more time take your time elbows tight to the body abs are tight flip your toes that's why I stopped halfway okay let's go back to you I play grunick go back just like how we started lunge lateral lunge roll off bring your weight to the middle slowly roll it up slowly roll it up one vertebrae time all right once you come up to standing bring your feet together we're gonna do three final breaths all together all of us okay with your right arm give me a boom in through the nose out through the mouth now I want you to hold your hand out there and I want you to say out loud or repeat after us I am strong move your body other side deep.

Breath in through the nose out through the mouth leave your hand out there repeat after me I am confident I am confident yes you are bringing it to your body one final breath here we go big breath in through your nose all through your mouth exhalation bring your hands pull them out there repeat after me I am capable of absolutely anything I am capable of absolutely anything and it's you I bring it to your heart center you are amazing no stress a lot of sweat.


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