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Club Dance Moves Tutorial For Beginners Part 1 (Basic CLUB DANCE Step For Guys) Heel in

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Learn how to dance in the club: in each video I'll teach you 1 simple dance move for beginners. This is the first one out of a hundred 🙂Perfect for those with NO dance experience.

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Level of this step: BASIC

Danced to: top 40 music, pop, dance, hip hop, rnb, reggaeton

Other moves I used in my freestyle:

(\"Heel In\"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zuDd9...

(\"Step Out\"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TfI6o...

Explanation of levels:

- Basic - simplest moves, no prior dance experience required, movements will be done with basic rhythm

- Beginner - slightly more difficult, basic understanding of rhythm and some coordination skills required, usually 2 or more body parts moving at the same time

- Intermediate - requires good coordination, body control and rhythm

- Advanced - usually all technical movements will fall into this category


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And guys welcome to my channel welcome back to my channel today I have a brand new tutorial for you I'm excited because I'm starting this new series I'm going to be teaching you different club dance moves all kinds of different styles of dance because let's face it if you go out to the club there's going to be different music playing so you're going to hear a little bit of top 40 a little bit of pop dance hip hop dance whole R&V reggaeton so it will be all here different club dance moves different styles mmm this way I feel like you will be ready to go to any club and you'll be able to have fun with other people on the dance floor instead of just watching them I'm going to include different difficulty levels there will be actually four so we're going to start with the basic beginner movements intermediate and advanced so I'm going to state which is which I will also group the movements into different playlists so it's easier for you to watch they will be grouped by style and they would be grouped by difficulty level if you like this type of videos please give this video a thumbs up like it share it subscribe to my channel hit the notifications well because I'll be posting videos every week and also stay tuned till the end of this video where I'm going to show you how to use this movement when you free stuff okay let's jump into the first club dance.

What I want you to do is for now on the feet we're going to take the right foot turn the heel in a little bit and then come back to the middle then we'll do the same thing with the left bring the heel in and then back to the middle notice that I'm not turning the heel all the way in we're now looking for the 90-degree angle we're actually trying to make the movement as small as possible so as long as the heel goes a little bit inside this is what we're looking for we'll try again we have right come back left come back right come back left come.

Back a few more times one more right and.

The left then what I want you to do is whenever the heel goes in you're going to bend the knees a little bit so we won't be doing the movement with straight legs because let's face it this does not look like we're dancing and so every single time heel goes in you're going to bend both knees just a little bit and then come up afterwards so it's down up down up down up down good.

And notice that the Niemen is small we are changing levels we're dropping a little bit but I don't want you doing squats okay so very little it's not just. One knee moving if you move just one knee if you bend just one knee your level won't change so you'll still be standing upright okay so we want both knees equally right and. Left right and left so this way we have. Already a little bit of bouncing going on the movement won't look very stiff okay for now we'll keep just the feet and knees rhythm wise what we're going to do is we'll put the heel in motion on the snare drum if you're natural with the snare is I did a video on the subject of rhythm so feel free to check it out I'll post the link in the description box so you can watch it first so you understand what's going on this video will be applied to pretty much every single tutorial that I'm doing so I feel like it's a good one to check out on the beat that sounds like a snap or a clap that's usually what the snare sounds like we're going to bring one healing at a time that's when right it just shows us when to move the foot and and in and and add.

The knee bent once you have the footwork just wrap and drop and drop and drop.

Very good and next thing we're going to add just so the motion doesn't look stiff we're going to twist the torso or actually twist entire body but just a little bit towards the foot towards the heel that you're moving so if I'm moving my right heel I'm going to twist to the right right then I come back to the center because we reset the feet and then towards the other way so the left foot we have one two one two one two one.

Two nice and simple.

Okay once we have the twist last but not least we have to do something about those arms since this is a basic movement if I added the specific arm motion it would be already four different things that you have to move at the same time so I won't do it to you we're going to just queue the arms slightly bent elbows are bent by your sides and you can just keep them there as you're doing your little healing with an event with the twist one thing that you want to avoid doing this movement is don't move both feet at the same time okay so it's not this type of motion it's always one Center and then the other one so it's a little bit more separated one at a time let's try this move with music here we have the snare drum first let's just start with their feet 1 2 1 2. And then event once you have the realm.

Once the lower body is working twist.

Okay guys and now I'm going to show you how you can use this movement when you free stuff.

Thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next one please subscribe and all that stuff bye

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