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30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Kickboxing Workout

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Get ready to burn major calories with Eliza Shirazi, creator and founder of Kick It by Eliza. This high-intensity workout combines dance, fitness, and (of course) kickboxing. No equipment is needed, and all levels are welcome. You ready to kick it?\r


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Get ready to burn major calories with Eliza Shirazi creator and founder of kick it by Eliza thanks Anna I'm so excited to kick it with you all today we're going to be doing ten rounds a bunch of modifications are available so all levels are welcome and no equipment is necessary you ready to kick it do it all right kick it crew we're gonna start round one with some big inhales and exhales take a deep breath up to the top big stretch exhale let it go let's do that again big inhale reach all the way up to the top exhale one more time B dress up to the top exhale shoulder rolls we loosen it up let's take it to the front right here four four three two alternating arms so you're just taking a big stretch waking up that body yeah we keep it here for four more counts how we doin ladies love it three two backs your shoulder rolls so just drop back open up that chest that's it four four four three Center swats we take it slow drop and press driving through those heels powering up you got it four more in four angry yeah. In two ready Nordic it ok alternating right and left here we go kick right and left now kick it at home remember your kicks can stay low it's just about your power flexing those feet / 4 / 3.

Shoulder rolls to the back here we go roll nice we keep it here a little more great - to the front let's roll 8 7.

That's it keep it up per floor three alternate your arms right here we pick it up and up now release those heels so you can get a bigger stretch oh good eight more counts per eight yeah seven six five you ladies ready to kick it again laughs can you go three push right and left awesome keep it up we got four.

More counts and then we move onto this in four three two shoulder rolls here we go roll take it to the front let's go roll take you to the back let's go last.

Time to the front blue very low jump.

Press jump and press now you should be.

Able to wiggle those toes and your sneakers you're sitting all the way back in those heels rope booties feeling it keep it up for 4 for 3 4 2 let's reach those arms right here reach that's it.

We got our final board counts right here in for ingress we got - let's take.

Inhales and exhales in exhale inhale.

Exhale two more exhale one more let's.

Take those shoulder rolls to the back roll it up feel a nice and warm oh yeah give it up for four three two to the. Front we roll all right ladies we're gonna go for front kicks again love it ohh in three two one and stay up we keep working into. Round two ticket crews that's it I like.

How this feels in the ABS - I'm like yeah abs are getting right back the Lord you're gonna feel it burn for burn three inhales exhales here we go in exhale. Again press exhale that's it bend those.

Knees press it up one more time here we go and shake it out come on round two.

We're gonna focus lower body all low-impact let's just practice our squat we lower down slowly chest is lifted we press up Shh exhale we're gonna take a little quicker down and press inhale exhale drop press drop.

We're gonna hang out for four more counts in four in three two more we got.

Curtsy lunges so take a look it's back center back Center good taking that back knee to hover the ground drop Center that's it keep it up feeling in that tush yeah my legs are already feeling it and prided yep final four counts right here kick. Your crew keep it up for three we got.

Two single squats take it slow drop rest.

Now remember that breath inhale exhale.

Eight seven six.

We got it five four three.

We got two let's put it all together we're gonna start with this leg back Center jump this way that's it.

Jump again and press Oh.

Focus on that lace jump two more nice.

Work we got one more whoa it's burning uh-huh now we're gonna stab her on this take a look we take it down / - press drops root to breath oh.

Yeah channel the damper - one more time here we go chop curtsy lunge this leg let's go and switch you catch that breath there is no given the leg the break right now huh we got four more you got Anna movie -. Lets go for our combo can we take that curtsy lunge Center squat and quits let's go whoa Oh.

And breast jaw now round two is no joke.

Eliza how'd you have low impact but it's gonna get ya yeah we got four breasts we got three hopefully you're smiling at home one more right here.

Oh now let's hold with those staggered squats here we go drop and press drop and press again Hey one.

More time here we go curtsy lunges throw. Leg which shoulders down and back now if you're feeling fatigued which you probably are I want you to think about those shoulders rolling back long spine we got four more counts come on boy three yeah we got two let's go for our. Combination here we go side hold it drums switch side that's it.

Let's go kick crew drop Center okay.

Start to really own it come on two more sets drop we got one more here we go oh. We go for staggers right here drop and.

That little extra love it last one here.

We go curtsy lunges only we start with this leg back drop and licks Final Four we got three.

Two combination here we go kinky crews.

Boy pull drop lips that's it keep it up.

Use that breath we're with you you make it through round two you are a part of the kicking oh you gotta be feeling it let's go through one more right here we take our stagger squats you drop down down whoa oh one more and we take a jump.

Rope how you doing oh those legs hello all right round three are posh cardio round we start left foot front right foot back hands come up jaw them down like bending your knees let's just start with our jab so that arm is coming out you're relaxing those shoulders but you're also tucking your chin light bending your knees get up eight seven we.

Work for three adding on you have jab uppercut jab uppercut scooping under rotate that back heel yep here's your first combo Kiki crew jab up jab one squat jab up jab chop jab up jab.

Jump babe jab up drop are they a strong.

Core guide you here jab up Deb that's it. Jab up tap one more jab up jab we take a. Jump rope to throw right foot front left. Foot back hands come up jot down we start with our jab press now you're pulling that hand right back into your face yep press snatch it back keep it up eight we're counting am Emily we add our uppercut right here jab uppercut now don't forget to release that back heel up so good up ready for that little.

Combo here we go jab up jab Jo that's it jump jab up jab one more jab up jab jump.

Rope it's just a March right here no no.

Impact roll those shoulders back so we're gonna throw junk jacks and it's gonna show you modified version got you back we're gonna go full jacks just right here press now we're gonna do two jumping jacks two knees you got up for to me for two up / - me.

For - that's it kick it crew pull whoo. Keep it up let's go press em pull so good press and pull.

Again press we got one more right here. Alright take a look at where we're going we're gonna take a cross hold cross cross now make sure you rotate those feet cross it's like a lunge that's it. For more keep it up you got 4 3 2.

Reverse lunges here we go back take your time back final - bring it back final.

One here we go bring it back to Center jump rope - jumping jacks - knees here we go whoo 3 Jim let's go up and poke yep now add.

Your own intensity to it that's it maybe you're taking that modified version with Anna you're still working just as hard yeah push come on pick it up final two let's go right final one. All right Kiki crew we take it over to the left cross hold press yeah keep it.

Up press press so good.

One more times whoo let's go more legs are burning yeah to drivers line just take your time right leg slow back and hold two more keep it up. Back one more back we hit plank position.

Set it up modified version you can drop your knees we go for push-up three two one drop. Breath drop breaths how you doin lady. Whoa drop press drop one morning that we.

Break here we go jump and press oh all right so again we're gonna get a drink so good news Java and I make it always around five so good my arms needed to.

Get in the mix you guys man my legs we'll get ready for some time yeah yeah. We have all arms through this round so let's set ourselves up around five arms come up relax your shoulders light bending your knees the challenge of this round is to keep your arms up the entire time yeah we're gonna throw just a pulse whoa keep it up just pulse.

Now remember you're fighting your own bodyweight here so do your best to keep up with yourself do your best to finish come on post post ho ho that's it four.

Three two we take a tap bet. So the trickier kicky crew is to keep your elbows up yeah I was just gonna say that like it's harder the easier version is if you drop your arms down just a little bit harder version keep your elbows right feeling that why did I'm Benna yeah you're gonna I know right I asked for it really worked for eight seven six five four three two let's hold.

It out pump that's it now kick it crew if your lower back starts to hurt you can always step one foot behind to release that tension we're gonna find a quicker pulse you have three two one three two one notice how when you flip your palms you get a little bit harder whoo we work for four oh my goodness.

Silent killer here and let's hold it palms up just tap tap okay we've got.

Eight more counts how we doing yeah keep.

It up for to take a look we bring it. Down press yes oh my goodness it burns.

Now remember this is your active recovery so make sure you're breathing drop one more hold it let pulse whoa oh. Girl whoa four three we hit that quick.

Combo right here three two one three two one we're with you kick a group call keep it up seven six five four what are you. Fighting for today come on we bring it up and down just a little bit of release here oh my gosh without hyperextending beeping four four four three you're laying there baby to tricep dips here we go we take it down press that. Shoulders are gonna thank you tomorrow either or sure eight we got five work.

Footboard. We bring it down shoulder taps oh my goodness keep it up come on this is where you're gonna fight yourself here you do come you know you can do it self-taught going right now and I leave.

In three two one three two one yes four.

More counts we got four to weave in his.

Tricep dips oh my gosh seven six five. Four three two all right you ready for.

Round yellow all right so modified.

Version you can drop your knees and take shoulder taps right here which still will hurt because of what we just did yeah Emily and I are gonna take it side taps right here final eight count seven six five four.

Three two pick it up to the top we jump rope shake it up shake it off we got a side kick and attack it looks like this size tap now your tap doesn't have to be big just a little press side-side-side that's it. Modified version for our combo side tap four three two one side tap em you ready.

Ready your advanced version you drop side jump two more let's go cool guys. Yeah one more guys lets me in in that.

March March it out restart next leg side.

Jump side yes. Flexo speak we got four more and then we're gonna start the modified version three - all right let's go to that modified version top marked it out whoa all right.

Am you ready I'm ready here you go Kirby if you want it one.

More egg guys we got something that's.

Called pattycake and kick it I'm going to show you what it looks like we throw it a low squat down down clap clap one two one two keep it up now we take.


One more take a look side then we press. Front back now that's a really small Bend press side again.

Two more keep it up one more here we go.

Plank position we hold it here one long. Line modified version you can drop in here and I are gonna go side taps and you can take those shoulder taps oh yeah eight seven six five four three.

Patty-cake here we go boom one two one two keep it up come on.

So thanks now the goal is to drop your.

Seat just a little bit more oh baby oh jeez. Look at this one hold it here side.

Little Beggs side now keikaku remember.

These low-impact moves require power doesn't matter how high you're kicking it's about your power press push again.

Press to work your blue side press one.

More plank position three two one here we go.

Who's that breath seven-six. We got four how do you kick up to the top whoa I swear my hair gets bigger yeah your kid like two sidekicks here we go okay.

Again whoa these kick slow if you want that's it side so good again four more counts.

Push three more here we sack whoo two.

More push one more lap time.

Plank position this event side tap let's.

Go eight more counts eight seven how we do banana do an awesome four three patty-cakes let's go yep we got four.

Breasts that's it good side is so much tighter for me I know.

Four more we have four yep Brett we have three breasts rehab to.

Last one oh yeah pattycake can finish it.

Up Kiki crew come on press press press.

No good yep shake it off her oh man.

We're starting to lose it yo rally party around front kick hand up tick tick yep.

That's it flex your feet as you bring those legs out all right TV crew - kicks - jumping jacks and we'll modify will do pull up to that fit kick press tick so good tick.

Jump rope right here reshuffle three two one switch yep option one three two one.

Push for two counts three two one advance done here we go three two one one more time yep all right and we.

Breathe guys oh my god you guys are.

Thank you my dear take a crew at home I hope you're feeling good oh yeah.

All right get get grew we have our maps yep we are going to start with some glute work but remember that when we're working our glutes in this we're really firing our core is loans full body so just keep that in mind find a comfortable spot maybe you have a mat as well we're gonna start in tabletop position nice neutral spine here knees are about hip-width apart and your shoulders are lining up with those risks we're gonna begin with what I call fire hydrant you're gonna flex your feet right here we take it up then we switch legs press and down flexing your feet here to activate just a little bit more you press and down press and down that's a. Kicky crew come on keep it up we got four more to go in four three we got two last one now.

Just take a look you're gonna reach up press up same leg up press you want to.

Point your toes on this one up press up last time whoo this is top six legs your. Ego same thing up press again here we go.

That's it two more whew yep one more all right Kiki crew.

Back to those high dreams we start press Center yep flexing those feet now if. You're dropping your neck this is really common I want you to pick your head back up neutral spine we're gonna end with a quicker combo it's gonna work like this up down press up down press up down.

Press up down press for more. Three more two more Child's Pose boo how.

We doing so good those are like small moves that do not know much sometimes with small movements turn out to be the hardest ones but we've made it into round ten so I want you guys to take that neutral spine one more time just stretch it out here rolling one wrist and rolling the other wrist you ladies ready cooldown yeah baby let's take it back to Child's Pose whoo reach those fingertips far front then we're gonna take our back arm to thread the needle so you're gonna just bring that back arm underneath now notice where your top hand is can you work that top hand diagonally over towards the other side of your mat whoa that's big stretch that gets right behind the shoulder weird I really want someone to massage all the time yep and then let's slowly bring it back to Center and then you're gonna take your other hand spread it under sitting all the way back in those heels working that hand in that opposite direction maybe you can smell how much you've worked you can I was just gonna say I know I got a workout in let's bring it back to tabletop position neutral spine we're gonna kick back into plank we're gonna help this transition us into down dog so I want you to pedal your legs out one knee bends or any other feels awesome and since we've worked our bodies hard today we're gonna walk our feet up to our hands let's take ragdoll opposite hands to elbows no kick it crew my hamstrings are always super tight so feel free to bend your knees so your belly can rest on your thighs just drop your neck here don't worry about how straight those legs are just focus on how good this feels and more of a resting restorative way and then release your grip you're gonna slowly roll it up take your time your head should be the last thing inhale arms reach exhale swan dive forward touch your toes now tiptoe your feet to the top steer mat take a seat and roll it back hug your right knee into your chest we're gonna go for a spinal twist so just be mindful if your lower back is a little tender I want you to take your time you're gonna release your arm let your left arm or hand rather grab that right knee and you can just bring it over your body for a twist here looking over your opposite shoulder might feel good and then we. Bring it back to Center and we switch legs whew I could stay here all day yes we can do but it's so good to have this cool down afterwards just for recovery yeah so often people will skip out on recovery or cooldowns this is the best part of the workout let's hug both knees into Center before we fully rest come up into a little ball that might feel good hugging your self and then legs go long to relax on the ground palms face up you take a long inhale through your nose long exhale Shh.

Now roll your shoulders down and back and let your feet fall apart to open up your hips and as you rest here I just. Want you to keep in mind that if you're still feeling wound up or maybe a little anxious this is a time to challenge.

Yourselves in a different way the other rounds in class are about the physicality how hard you're working how hard you're pushing but the challenge in this last round it's doing a little bit more work inward so you don't have to.

Corner yourself into meditating or being Zen but just allow yourselves to fully relax to fully unwind give yourself some space let's take one big inhale all together one big exhale we wiggle those toes and.

Those fingers and you hug your knees back into your chest curl yourselves back up into that little ball and then I want you to either take fetal position or you can rock and roll a couple of times and we're gonna come into a seated cross-legged position here hands on your knees we're gonna take one inhale all together arms reach up to the top and we feel it at the bottom use the heart center Shh and let it go thank you so. Much for tuning in kick it crew at home thank you Anna thank you Oh awesome work today kick it crew hope to see you soon you

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