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30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

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Hey beautiful people today we're gonna dance it out with one of our pop sugar babes Nicole Steen thanks Eva I have a Latin dance workout just for you now let's get on the dance floor and burn it up hey all right you guys let's warm it up. Give me a deep inhale exhale clap it all right here whoo are you guys ready for my Latin cardio yeah all right break my right here step together step yes we're just warming it up y'all I got my girls with me we got deja hay and my modify right here.

Yes holding here stepped out all right we're gonna work it out for you this is 30 minutes Latin cardio yaps right here lunge it out little Samba lunge we're just getting the fire burnin that's right whoo move it out work it shake that.

Booty uh-huh hold it here deep breaths so deep breath.

Shake it down Oh down it up stretch from that look side to side yeah side to side.

Right here half roll to the right left all the way to the right big circle and left.

Shoulders back rolling yes loosen up that entire body take it forward reach it to your left right here reach other side reach it out then open up those legs and arms and down grande plie squat right here opening up those hips take a side to side and.

Turn it to your left right here tickets and down when you're doing your lunges make sure your knee does not pass the toe warm up those legs those hamstrings. Great job hold it down arm up pull it.

Out yeah a little flip neck full wrist take it up Center one do that hold it to the side right here to get up.

Hold it down arm up.

Bring it down up Center.

Whoo make it up yeah feel it come on.

Stretch your back right here to the right. And laugh roll it up out all the way up roll it roll it hey I'll write you guys we're gonna get into a little matter and gait pop burrito stomp it up right here so on the. Run game it's all about staying on those toes and bringing those knees in give me a Mambo ChaCha here down hey that's right once you fill it add a little swivel of the head before.

Mambo for yes three two other side let's.

Go one wash your car wash that car the.

Sun is shining take it back yes we want. To show it off right here in sunny California holla holla back whoo turn it.

Other side push it push them back turn it to the front back to mama 4 3 2.

Other side 4 3 2 now we're gonna plug.

That chest right here let's go come on.

Let me hear you one let's slow it down.

Oh how low can you go take it whoo and down. Take it up back to that mud and guys got Oh cuts it out it's in those arms full body workout right here looking good come on Mambo.

Cha cha hey let's go.

Oh - other side yes come on.

Ready let's pump that chest let's go. Killin it y'all I hope you're killing it at home I know you are lap oh yeah here.

We go shake it out yeah all right we're gonna salsa right hey you're gonna be a 1 2 3.

Powder you got it now let's turn to the left salsa forward left foot now if you like.

You can do a turn with us cars modifying I guess oh come on ready for that.


Yeah all right we're gonna slow it down a little reggaeton who liked J Balvin you like daddy yankee oh yeah here you go cross it down cross open cross open hello gasps single single double slide.

Steve-o sing and pull single single pull. Good you guys so for moving over and over hold it here chicken cab.

Right alright wobble to the right wobble.

For shake it back shake it shake it shake it Oh other side shake it back from the top.

Toss it open cross open drop it down low drop open Hey come on pump it single single 5c.

Single Double now that you know the moves can you move a little bigger get those knees up let's chickenhead Hey Oh let's get it.

Wobble it out shake it on back shake it.

Slide what's fun about reggaeton is that. You get to meet your little hip hop in with the Latin flavor yeah chicken head right here double boom come.

On we're gonna wobble on a full circle. Now circle all the way yes very side come on now what's gonna change new choreo right here pull pull double pull pull double can.

You get Laura double yes hold it here roll two to roll double hit.

Hit take it back double from the top down single single.

Sector pulling like a lot more something.

- I don't know the line sorry okay Becky rock pop it away come on roll it out.

Booty time let's go faster yes.

Hey little hairography there take it up.

Soccer yeah we're going to the World Cup y'all hey needs a win one more time from the.

Top sorry about getting low see discipline body workouts so much fun you don't even realize it body roll - to roll it out out - to roll.

It out last time to show me those buns of steel yes other side come on that's right take.

It up pump it take it back come on last time strike.

Your pose hey all right.

Shake it out we have some movie up coming your way shake it up take it to the left.

Calvin hold it here hold it here oh yes other side let's go boy you can add some arms yes take it down down down now move it for to the right.

Pretend you have your cumbia skirt on and turn grab it other side turn it yeah.

Get right here to holding here fold yes.

Other side come on hit right here. Get low let's do it again. Come on yes get low boom one more come.

On move those hips you got it yes.

Holding here pulley here right here and hold yes get low 4 4 3 2 other way you know you.

Can give me a hair flip if you want ha ha let's go right here to prove it for.

Turn it hold that skirt yes other way.

We're coming to the end this time when you turn fold your skirt and post. Alright we're gonna take a break right now grab your water grab your towel let's do it alright guys and we're back we got some Caribbean rhythms for you roll the hips roll it pretend you're on the road yeah ponies so I know it's not really Latin but it's next to Latin America and we're gonna work it out Tony arms up yes now we're taking it to the.

Side for 2 1 2 give me a beat step right here up up do it again be steps take it up for four.

Like this grab it shake it back take it up shake it back now we're gonna pop that neat pop it whoo take it up before it lets go.

Take it back take it up take it back pop.

The knee huh huh there you go come on whoo back to those hips ladies come on yes pretend you got your feathers on yeah pony pony right here come on farm up see.

Step do it again I left whoo beast up.

Take it up.

Music ah right here right here woo let's.

Go let's go Oh.

Best stop freaking a little pizza oh yeah.


One more put it out come on.

Here we go yeah we're good out work it. Out we're gonna take it down down and roll down down roll down roll now you.

Can stay here with Chara pick it up what's up jump.

Now holding here step chop chop great fine what's the rule yes oh so.

It's all about getting below so you can go play that's right if you want more. Lower eyelids on top again. Whoa come on one more all right got some heels it's for you know I like to jump right here single single double single Single Double I think you got it better come on like.

You're pulling down a lightbulb with the ham alright watch this move wrap wrap take it down roll it out throw it away crap crap take it down roll it out throw it away yes we got it throwing away all the negativity and roll and roll oh yeah.

Roll it out right here roll it out how low how low.

All right here we go Oh.

Come on remember the slower you go the better last one right here if you sing.

Yes big come on bigger yeah.

Let's grab it throw it down right here left right left right wool bro whoo Rome.

Come on row row row row.

Pump it roll it touch it roll it punch it roll it punch it roll it I love it.

You're giving me light stop it I'll clap it up top down it's also left and right take a picture it'll last longer.

Again one more we're gonna take it up for two back for like this too.

Hey take it up salsa guess oh yeah love.

Yourself no one else will come on let's go take it up break you back boy back.

Like home hit hit oh yeah you combo queue right through. Yes to raise the roof honi uh-huh so the be changed we're changing that combo right here here - all right.

The pose is coming right here Tony for.

The last time you see me do these combos over and over so by the last one you've got it last time.

Pop it make it big make it count.

So we're gonna roll dance yes like we're in carnival yeah take it back so this is the modified version you can stay here with tar and light you can speed it up ready moving and going really fast.

Now we're gonna take it in a circle to the right.

Whoo we're gonna take it up for two to.

Salsa left right take it back salsa left.

Right you can get a little bigger come on come on we're trying to win best Latin dance ever right here where your true whoo that's right.

That salsa back oh you got remember this.

From earlier right oh yeah now kick it kick one two three kick arms up Oh two three whoo can you turn into.

Feet Hey yeah like that when you bring that foot up you make it a little harder more in tips.

Let's go how'd you guys get out home I.

Hope you killed it like we did deep inhale we have so much fun here now it's time to bring that heart rate down after working so hard yes let's take our head to the right big circle. Yes and left you work so hard.

Stretch holding here big shoulder rolls back don't big arms right here.

Yes deep inhale roll the wrists out and kill I doubt the tape to the left.

Pop out.

Lift that toe take it down to lunch.

Yes just roll the wrist out break it down. Take it up all the way over to the other side flap back down to the knee pull up.

Lunge it out open up the chest the rest take it down press it up Center.

Oh bend the knees push it up walk the.

Lake then grab your ankles pull your body close it forward downward dog. Bend the knees getting it to the calves you know you're all the way up.

Holly roll it up good take it back.

Shoulders yeah deep inhale I tell you did it Holstein I'll see you.

Next time

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