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30-Minute Cardio Dance & Sculpting Workout

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Get ready to dance and sculpt with Joie Lee Ruggiero, creator of Haumea Athletics. This is a high-intensity workout designed to challenge your body and mind. Press play and let the music guide you through it. Love this workout? You can find Joie's Mahina Moon Series, a collection of four workouts — one for each week of your cycle — that harness the energies of the moon to boost vitality, promote physical fitness, and allow our bodies' natural rhythms to meet us halfway in cocreating the results we desire, available on: https://glow.popsugar.com/@haumea.athl... \r


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Hey beautiful people get ready to dance and tone with joy leer injera hi guys I created how maiya athletics as a high-intensity mind and body workout so get to work let's do it hey guys I'm here with deja and Terra's going to be doing the low-impact modification so if you have any issues with knees ankles or hips then go ahead and follow Tara's modifications all right here we go big stretch up reach for the ceiling pull the navel to the spine all the way down touch the floor again reach it up really stretch here guys I want you pulling your spine as long as you can making yourself a little bit taller each time if it feels good inhale at the top I'll help you get a little taller and stretch it down arms out to the side.

Take it over sweep that arms down take your shoulders with you here guys you don't want to be rigid you don't want to be too in control here you kind of letting your arm move as a result of your back moving as a result of your shoulders moving really warming up it's fine warming up the torso let's push it out to the side open again really. Focusing on your shoulders here taking them to the corner for eight six.

And four three two other side pick it up.

Push this down finding that balance.

Between maintaining control and a.

Beautiful flow of movement one more.

I've been close take it to the corner take those shoulders with you.

Eight more.

And four three two and one let's take it.

Over to the side big stretch in that oblique other way hands to the floor all.

The way down around yourself bend and stretch four more reach.

Movement is coming from the back you're tracing sides and side if it feels good add a little twist in there add a little swing last one let's take it over to the.

Right foot hold it there nice stretch through the hamstring gently rocking yourself back and forth stretching that tap two more switching.

Sides hold it over to the other side stretch lengthen the spine back and.

Forth we open up be gentle here but. Really trying to stretch that calf two.

More last one take it to Center roll it up all right guys let's work fast feet go ahead and take your arms in any direction that you feel like try to keep your hips pointed Center if you want to really just let yourself loose warm yourself up get those arms moving and flowing feet up FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT feet.


Stretch it up inhale at the top exhale.

One more time inhale and exhale nice.

Wide fingertips stretch those fingertips open wide little circles forward we're.

Just warming up your shoulders a little bit in your lats keeping that tummy tight so you're not loose in here finding that structure your shoulders will start to burn in it yeah that's how you know you're doing it right all right.

Guys take that right side only right side only little circle set your circle here find the rhythm you're not doing anything different on this right side. When you're ready you're gonna continue with that right circle left side make.

The square here we go this is a brain gym guys this is a brain game don't worry if you look weird don't worry if you feel weird we're aligning both hemispheres of your brain to work together it's gonna make you more agile more adaptable to stress whatever is coming at you in your day not to mention the shoulder workout and four three two. And tap tap the chest actually tap yourself let's activate a little bit of energy in that chest open close.

Other side little circle set your circle first find your rhythm find your coordination other side makes the square.

Here we go one side is usually a little more coordinated than the other that's okay go with it go with it go with it. Okay sometimes closing your eyes will help you alleviate any coordination issues you're facing at the moment tap the chest now take a little bit more.

Liberty with the flexion of your spine here holding those abs in tight presenting the chest we are moving like we're proud of it like we've been working on this for 30 years and this is our debut always move.

With intention be very kind to your body and be very deliberate with where you're putting yourself in space wide fingertips stretching.

Tap the fingertips only in the front and open just set your line here we're gonna.

Speed it up in a second the cut tap only those fingertips double time in five six.

Seven eight again closing your eyes sometimes helps with this coordination for eight seven six five four three two take it up.

Overhead and down keeping those fingers nice and wide energy through those fingertips this is your minute to be.

Really intentional with this movement double-time see we don't man up tapping the fingertips try to hit them every time okay if they don't touch every time recommit to the movement we go to the.

Front and up.

Let's add a little slot at the bottom here guys knees over toes back is flat present the chest booty goes out like you're trying to sit back into a chair two more last one you stay down fingertips together and twist twist together try to keep.

Them all together use your torso use your breath your body. Has incredible power harness it now continue fight for it eight more.

Four eight seven six five four three two.

And sit low big stretch inhale hold it briefly at the top stretch exhale through the mouth again inhale stretch to the sky pull the navel exhale through the mouth last time inhale and exhale.

Through the mouth feeling good guy oh yeah all right let's start moving that shoulder so guys when.

You're doing any kind of high intensity cardio like this we want to make sure that you're getting your heels down every time a lot of times I see in class people jumping with their toes up and that's gonna cause a lot of tension in your calves so just make sure you're getting your heels down every time if you're jumping if you're not jumping your heels stay down the whole time you're really just focusing on your hips and you're focusing on your arm structure you really want to have nice firm strong deliberate arms execute the movement that you are trying to execute all right guys we're gonna start with some standard jumping jacks here these are totally normal nothing weird about them right.

Just feeling really good here really confident we've done this before this is muscle memory just a few more here just.

Stay with it for a minute or two or three or four don't know when it's gonna.

End we don't know when the pain is gonna end but we know it's gonna end and enjoy this now because what's coming next might be worse just hey good guys do it.

You can do it all right guys you're. Gonna continue with your feet keep those arms straight up now here's the tricky.

Part when you're doing stand there jumping jacks everything comes in and out together right now I want you to reverse that coordination which might be a little bit tricky so think about it for a second this is what you normally want to do everything out together everything in together this time we're gonna change it up you're gonna bring the hands down as the legs go out and yep just do that a few times find that coordination actually slap your size yes go ahead let's bring some blood flow into those outer thighs now speed it up jumping jacks paced.

Got it you got it don't forget to breathe good guys continue just like that keep it going don't lose it now don't give up you got that right guys continuing here let's.

Keep those arms up just pedal the feet back and forth if you're not jumping you're just sitting in your hips next little brain game jumping jack you're doing three positions I'm gonna show you the feet position first feet go in and out wider and white in out wide and why.

Let's go for in out what in out why so three positions of the feet three positions of the arms in out up in out up and out up okay if it looks weird. It's okay if it feels weird just stay with it have an experience if you want.

The benefits you have to commit to it try it it's really fun when you get off.

For a second almost there guys continue.

Actually slap your side let's hear it.

Alright guys that beat anything you want with your arms throw them up throw them around maybe you want to do a little punch punch punch and punch maybe you want to try your brain gym again keep those feet moving nice and wide.

Keep it going guys you're almost at 20. Seconds keep going use your exhale use.

Your exhale it will help you push push.

Push get that energy out guys don't hold. Back don't stop you've got this in four in three two and one big stretch up inhale at the top exhale through the mouth again inhale exhale through the mouth.

Try to get all of the oxygen out and all the co2 out of your lungs inhale exhale through the mouth have you tend to get cramps and cardio usually stagnant co2 in your lungs so trying to get all of that air out of your lungs the four selects hail it's really going to help with any cramping you might be experiencing alright guys let's get back to it.

Kick front now we're gonna start to build on a little bit of a combination once you know it it's on you you got to make it your own keep going all right guys double hip to.

The right lead go right and arms up.

We're just talking about it earlier but you can really wear yourself out and get a maximum cardio output just by pumping your arms just by making them super strong and involved intentional so even if you're not bouncing with us today focus on making those arms nice and strong left side we go out right in four three.

Two other side push for three again.

Other side push for kick your butt for.

You go for 4 for 3 / 2 / 1 twitch for.

Again turn it in kick your butt if you can actually make contact with your butt that's amazing there's a super important energy Meridian put lines up all the way up to that kind of sciatic nerve area you can actually activate it by touching your heel to your butt that's an awesome I'll.

Kick your butt you're already.

For other side adding on first we.

Started with a push push to three now kick your butt for a four by the side push now kick your butt put again just.

Like that adding on push for kick your butt for. Four three punch forward and up forward.

And up forward and forward and up keep. Going.

Other side here we go in punch take it up punch take it up y'all how the.

Movement actually comes from your back and our movement is never just in our movement but always coming from somewhere take responsibility for that now on the top we push to the side in.

Four three two kick your butt hup-hup.

What kick your butt four.

Punch it front up other side punch.

From the top you got this for the side push kick four three two one push kick.

Your button and four and three and two punch to the front swing it hit other.

Side hey jump rope heels down.

Alternating he'll catch your breath in through the nose out to the mouth.

Keep it going guys big circles with the arm keep the feet going just as they are.

Keep those arms up fingertips touching be delicate breathe in all the way down.

Again two more last one and help.

Alright guys send in your line left foot is out to the side right foot a slightly bent you're gonna sweep that left arm cross to this diagonal bring it back over your chest and all the way up try to touch your chest with your knee but be careful not to bring your chest to your knees want to maintain that proper posture left leg is somewhat bending and stretching it's not a big squat but it is bending into this reach take your shoulders with you here so you're not totally twisting the whole torso you're twisting just from the bellybutton so hips are facing totally straight stretch become as tall and long and lean as you possibly can.

Or more.

Three sooo last one stay on that bent leg hands to the opposite hip we lift up and up keep that working leg straight you're gonna start to feel some activity in that standing hip little like not-so-secret secret your standing hip is also you're working all of that stability all of. That ability to adapt if you fall or. Find that strength to prevail comes from those tiny little muscles that are going like this right now to try to keep you up yes work for it work for it work for it hold it up at the top stretch and release it down other side we sweep and.

Me to the chest as far up as you can so.

By keeping your torso straight up bringing the knee to the torso as opposed to the torso - than me you're. Pulling up on that standing leg it was.

Like you're proud of it guys light and delicate or maybe not maybe a suppressive maybe it's powerful like maybe it's intentional because the world needs more people just like you yes to are ready to cope with whatever comes their way and do it with grace and style and strength whatever your unique talent. And passion is the world needs it now so.

Let's continue.

Few more last one keep it bent let's feel that.

Standing hip it is working for you now you have all the amazing things your hips do for you every day they thank you thank you thank you this is it's time to shine good guys up over the head stretch.

Stretch stretch stretch keep that leg straight hold and really sit down guys.

Shake it out a little let's go ahead and grab a quick sip of water and then we're gonna get right back to it okay guys I hope you took a second to hydrate yourself we're gonna get right back to it you're almost there recommit to it now choose to have an experience right now that could change your whole day could change your whole life point of power is always in the present moment so stay with it recommit and finish strong we're.

Gonna go through the little combo that we learned starting with the left hip we.

Push it out in five six seven eight four four three two kick your butt kick it for three to push and for three to kick.

Your butt up for three to punch to the front jump it up.

Either side hit it from the top in five.

Six seven push four three two and punch.

To the front jump it up.

Other way punch it front.

Alright guys last little bit of effort double hip we're gonna go through that dance with a couple more times this time I want full energy full effort you're almost to the end of the floor deal let's finish strong in five six seven. Push.

Four and three two more hop.

Other side hit pour three two and one.

Again this is your last time guys make it strong here we go from the top and push kick your butt what and another.

Side push kick your butt.

Punch up hit it four and three two more.

HUP other side hit four three two and one.

Again this is your last time guys make it strong here we go kick your butt four four three two.

Punching up punch take it up punch take it up to more power other side you got.

This yeah arms up heels down catch your.

Breath almost to the end big circles with those arms.

Keep going.

Last time arms up stretch inhale hold the breath at the top exhale through the mouth again inhale stretch exhale last time.

Inhale get taller navel to the spine whole exhale through the mouth all right. Guys today strength through the arms like you have laser beams pointing out your fingertips back to your native.

Breath like you're moving through a vat of molasses swimming through a pool.

Keeping the arms engaged we flip the palms it feels good maybe sit into alternate hips keeping those fingers out long stretch feel every muscle in your. Body stretching away from the midpoint.

One side only full circles maybe you're.

Incorporating the oppositional force on the other side of your body switching sides four three two and one.

Slight bend in those elbows push it up.

Finding a breath that supports the movement exhaling every chance you get.

Feeling that energy just coursing through your body you guys did something amazing today the victory pull twist elbows in touch your ribs I was out make contact with your ribcage.

Four more three.

And to last one hold it up at the top.

Legs wide fingertips touching just those thumbs and pointer fingers stretch it open come to Center open and Center when.

Your arms are in front of you try not to lean away from them the tendency to lean away from the pain away from the effort embrace it collect it last one hold that energy in the front hold it hold it hold it body like steel feel all that energy coursing through your veins course through your energy centers flip the pumps up and open wide inhale exhale you did it guys.


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