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A No-Equipment Glutes Workout From STRONG by Zumba — It’s Only 7 Minutes

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Welcome to seven minutes the stronger we all know that strong by Zumba is a full-body workout but today we'll be focusing on glutes with master trainer Aurelio Fogg Ari this workout is presented by strong by the best thanks Ali remember no equipment that's needed so let's crush this seven minutes all right we got this let's go back to a lunge position chest up shoulders down we're going to a lunge all right we're gonna pulse it twice perfect engage that core push from your feels we're going into curtsy lunge.

You feel that beef driving you oh yeah follow it throughout the seven minutes let's go back to Chris. We got two more possible to go and straight into a single leg deadlift.

Alright so keep that core tight for stability if it helps focus on one point on the floor and if your range can go bigger follow Nate throw those hips back.

And the weight should be on your heel to ignite those glutes we're almost there guys it won't rain chances are jumps and a tap.

Nice here where I really want you to follow that be. Almost there. Keep that core tight.

We got this how you doing feeling good all right back to the links reach you starting to.

Burn no let's go to curtsy be strong and.

Keep breathing back to the lunch.

Feel the music last round of curtsy. We're going straight into the single-leg that map ready let's go nice remember to.

Find a range and if you're having trouble with stability focus on tidying up though that core all right if you want to go further down follow Nate Nate half that range how you doing Ali I'm doing great yes my handies I see all of the beach.

Put the pressure on your heels to ignite those boots all right we're gonna hinge.

Just a little right we're gonna let lift that leg ready let's go let's go.

It's a little morning kick you're going.

To a site lunch to a curtsy uh-huh.

Thanks Ally people at their houses are gonna appreciate sup think to that music and sit back like if you were sitting on the chair you can angle the line.

All right ready purlin runner lunges let's go box float up and if you don't want to.

Jump you got an alley right there.

That checks with don't let your knees.

Come in can we go lower let's do it ready hold.

It side squat hold it here two pulses I.

Didn't those hats you got it and breathe last one ready for a switch.

Or let's do an inch a little lift your.

Back straight it's on fire aha you're feeling it right oh yes perfect sight lunch again let's go if.

You don't want to remember that Ali.

Still burns right Ali oh yeah like if you were sitting on a chair guys keep those knees aligned with your house you got it couple more and if it's hurting their.

Smiling ready for those runners oh let's go whoo blow it up. Reach down you want the modified version you got a leak right there how you feeling honey I feel your brother it's.

Burning let's get lower then great if we smile right you ready for the sights worth nips let's do it hold it aah.

Two more.

Killed it oh no pain no gain am i right remember.

This is not a complete class and will not provide a total body workout for a full 5 is a strong buy zumba calm

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