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30-Minute Calorie-Burning Cardio Dance to Get Your Heart Rate Up!

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{Presented by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active}\r

Get ready to burn calories while you dance it out with our first-ever episode of Dance FitSugar. Led by dancer and personal trainer Deja Riley, this 30-minute session feels more like a dance party than a workout. You’ll get to groove to the beat and take it up a level with intense cardio intervals. Deja will be wearing her Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to keep track of her heart rate. It’s time to get breathless as you bust a move. For more wellness inspo, check out https://www.popsugar.com/thewell.... \r



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Hey beautiful people it's Dasia Riley and I'm so excited to lead you through a calorie burning dance workout you'll get to groove it out with me and I'll have plenty of cardio intervals to get your heart rate up this dance that sugar premier episode is presented by Samsung Galaxy watch active I'm using my new Samsung Galaxy watch active to track my heart rate and make sure I'm working out as hard as I can let's do this alright guys let's take a moment as we warm up and think about what is motivating us this month in partnership with Samsung and PopSugar I pledge to move in sweat daily so I feel more powerful and less insecure I got my girl Val over here on the left side she's gonna be helping you at home with any modifications that you might need and then I got my girl cachet over here rocking out with me on the right side we're gonna start this thing off with some isolations shake your head no side to side here we go I knew that you work.

Already let's shake our heads yes up and down saying yes to our pledge yes to that really good energy bringing it down to the shoulders roll them back here we go now if you feel tired or you feel like giving up or giving in I want you to know you were brave to come to this workout we reverse the shoulders so use that theme raise mindset to keep going moving it down to the ribs in three two one here we go there you go try to just move the center of your body take those rip frettin back.

We're moving from the ribs to the hips after we go for the ribs circle to the left keep breathing keep pushing move it.

Over to the right we got our hips coming that let's get funky with it take those hips side to side let's rock now I want you to check your heart rate throughout this warm-up you'll get rise as we really get moving hips to to the front to back my resting heart rate is usually 65 since I exercise pretty frequently but I'm gonna work really hard to get my heart rate up to 140 during this session let's take a couple hip circles to the right and to the left here we go reverse other way let's get some footwork in cross heal up there we go.

Keep breathing now we're really getting that heart rate up we're gonna start with a nice jump rope move taking it side-to-side bounce on the balls of the feet there we go.

And if you need to take out the jump watch Val over here on the Left let's start to take those knees up nice and slow so now it's tiny as the music slows down jumping a little higher here get those knees a little higher we're gonna take this around the world here we go four three two one.

Quarter turn turn to the back side that's it one more quarter turn bring it.

Back to the front we start to jump side to side we're gonna finish by jumping. Front to back in four three two one take it front to back we're about to strike a pose ready you're ready four three two one strike that pose alright that was a killer warm-up you ladies kill deck now this next routine is gonna focus on the movement of the arms we like to call that a little quarter bra in there but it's not just for ballet it's for all styles so as we move our bodies focus on the arms here we go side to side across the body give me up that's it.

Next move on trucks up and down just like this whoa up and down again up and.

Down two more time let's add it to the.

Top here we go side to side up and down.

One more let's go side to side up and. Down next we would watch this one we criss cross we throw our arms up at the knee comes up six seven eight criss cross arms up now let's turn to the back of the criss cross so we criss crossed we look back over our shoulder bring it a background or to the front one more time criss cross throw those arms up let's hide that it's a little faster here we go we hit two three four five and six seven and eight and bring it around one more time let's try it like that six seven eight we go side to side up and. Down Chris toss up and bring it back around to the front let's try this next move it slide step step one two three.

One two step step good one two step step.

The next move we bring our arms in for a tight lock right here so it's open closed beautiful open close that slide. Step step brings us around so let's try it with the first move side to side cross up and down crisp truss up fly. Step step and luck bye savvier we go side to side up and down.

Chris huh scrub around step step and luck one more time just like that then we'll add on let's go now from here we.

Do three snake moves one slow to quit we got that so let's use slow quick quick nice slow quick quick slow quick quick.

Next our feet go hop hop hop hop hop hop the arms start to sway side to side up and over so together that looks like.

This we go snake snake snake side to.

Side one more time like that snake snake snake side to side beautiful let's add. That to the top I think we can learn it here we go good five six seven eight we cross across the body arms up and cross.

Around step step and luck snake snake snake throw throw and lock one comes down we slam it down at the end can we do that Dick's got it hey let's go.

Around step-step and luck sync oh that.

Was amazing I think we can hit it one more time what are you let's go five six seven eight let's go around step step and luck.

Sync awesome alright now what's your.

Heart rate girl it's at 120 cool that's awesome what about you cache 128 nice mine's at 124 so getting up there now what I really love about my galaxy watch active is that it not only monitors our heart rate but also your exercise stats your calorie count and your water intake that's nice I need that yeah me too sometimes I forget to drink water we gotta stay hydrated just important all right guys we're gonna get right back into this workout we don't want our heart rates to drop too far down so this next workout we're working our cord let's just get some nice contractions here push it out ladies in eight seven six five four you guys ready for the set.

Here we go first step here we go Hey hey hey hey hey hit hit send it six.

Seven eight we got down down center and hit one more time just like that let me see you do it ha ha ha ha ha we're gonna go out to the side similar to the first routine we come back with a shoulder and shoulder then we swing it out twice we drop and pop yeah can we do that whoa side side.

Center and pop around this is really big take the arm around shoulder and shoulder we rock twice we drop our hands down and pop beautiful can we take it a little faster let's do it here we go 5 6 7 8 take it down down spinner and pop around shoulder rock out down I'm top 5.

6 7 and we got it ha ha boom boom boom.

Drop and pop one more time just like that let me see you do it now we got.

Four steps back so let's stay nice and low yeah can we stay nice and squatted we take 4 step backs nice and slow we're. Gonna bring it around with the Cabbage Patch back to Center yeah twice so it's gonna go one two three four five six seven eight let's stack that on here we go hit it.

All right no you guys are looking good at home around there we go that's pretty.

Slow let's try it again here we go five. Six seven eight we go back back back.

Bring it around that was pretty smooth I like that let's finish it off we drop down we take it out to the side we take it up and we throw it hit the Big Finish yeah yeah boom boom boom fun let's hit it one more time let's add that part five six seven eight ha ha.

Rock with me step it back take it around.

Drop it low if you're not a bigger jump.

In if you want it to be a big finish let's try it again here we go.

Bring it around drop it laughing let's just work that.

Core one more time here we go take it side to side huh be free with it four.

Three two and one alright girl check your heart rate again it should be pushing a little higher where we got cash a 1:43 oh that's awesome how about you then 45 I love it I'm right with you Val I'm at 145 - it's getting up there but we got a little more work to do let's move it down to our legs so we're gonna work a little footwork here we got a little chug to the front and then bring it back four times here we go take it back again two.

More times last one kick it out side to side just.

Die that's your first move of this routine - kicks one two three four two more stop right here now we go out to the side out and then we go cross and out so our knees gonna go out twice as you come across our chest and then push it out yeah so out cross and.

Out let's try that flow from the van a kick step kick step out cross and out.

Again five six seven eight we go kick. Step kick step out Rock and out from.

Here we go scuff step step grapevine yeah we do that much yeah let's do it that slow and then we're gonna pick it up here we go nice and slow kick step kick step take it out criss cross it jump it we do a grapevine.

To the front lands you right here can we do that one more time nice and slow kick step kick haha out-and-out give me that stuff and then grapevine I think we can try that a little faster right here we go five six seven eight that was beautiful I love it.

Here we go five six seven eight yeah.

Heads up nice and clean girls all right now I think you can add on a move right here what do you think I'm nuts let's do uh-huh oh I love that let's practice that low drop down come up with it drop down this time I want your arms to go high we're gonna finish it off way swiping each leg and then stepping forward giving me a big spin and drop it out can we do that nice and slow down up down up side to.

Side step turn drop beautiful I think we.

Can have that to be honest try and we try it slow first here we go five six dive A&A we can get out now open out and down stuff boom boom.

Grapevine down up down up that big turn.

And throw it yeah let's try it a little faster here we go five six seven eight.

That was awesome I think we can kill it one more time here we go last time five six seven eight.

That was beautiful you guys did an amazing job I think you deserve a water break let's grab our water break oh one more.

Time check your heart rate again where you got that I am a 145 still Wow whoa.

That's incredible we're keeping that heart rate elevated yeah I love that I think I pushed mine a little bit cuz I'm at 150 yeah how are you guys feeling.

Great yeah sweating oh yeah awesome all. Right let's take it back to the floor so before we freestyle we're gonna get a little strength in there we squat down and move our hips side to side here we go take it down bring it back up that's it take it down nice deep squat weight in the back of the heels quarter turn here we go bring it up and turn to the back that's.

It and turn.

Again turn.

Turn nice and smooth turn alright girls that's it for the legwork well maybe a little more legwork we slide down our legs we bring our hands behind our head fingertips fine in the head we tilt to the side bring it in swipe it up let's try it a little faster one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six we're working the core here but still a little legwork.

Two more last one.

That's nice we're gonna move it down to the floor here now bow is just gonna be contouring knees and hand but cachet and I are gonna elevate our knees above the ground in a little bear cross here we go butterfly butterfly both legs bring the arm around keep breathing right here ladies keep.

Going so caches got a flat back here no dumping in that lower back even though she's doing the smooth through with her legs now over here is hitting three taps and then one arm going out you ladies worked hard enough bring it down to your butt bring those legs forward we have the same move here fingertips pointing straight forward elevate your booty here we go in and both legs and then a tricep dip that's that right there beautiful.

Work two more last one in in amazing let's bring it.

Back around to a plank and hold it nice and strong we want to push that hungry just a little bit higher so start some slow mountain climbers here right and left we'll go into the chest maintain.

That flat back and make sure your list on line with your elbows that are aligned with your shoulders let's push it a little faster go against the beat a little cardio push right here ladies six.

Five four three two and one.

All right make your way to your feet check your heart rate again where we are girls oh that's amazing that 155 and I'm.

At 161 we got to keep that heart rate moving huh alright girls let's get a little freestyle in here so during this section I want you to be you be free and it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you're committed this month I've committed to not getting into discouragement and often times when I would leave the dance floor I always feel a little discouraged because I didn't think I Caffrey style but then I discovered that I was just afraid of judgement so I wasn't allowing myself to be free so these girls are gonna show you how to leg jump and be free don't ever let someone else's opinion of you count your reality ready pop it out into the circle hey I love it that way big.

Guys play let's go now cafe was really going for it and committing to the movement and with our galaxy watch active they're lightweight sweat resistant so we can go as hard as you want value ready to go hard you're on set go let's get it huh hey hey I like.

Your style let's go oh you guys are.

Inspiring me I think I want to breathe out okay.

Whoa let's do it together girls let's go.

And you're gonna be freestyling at home letting your body do whatever it feels at the moment don't worry the judgment-free zone you can let go and be free.

Hey that was amazing we made it to the.

Grand finale bro way to kill it yeah all right let's check our heart rates one more time where we are I'm at 125 I love it 130 yes I'm smooth in the middle out of 127 let's start with a step touch now for. This last song we really got to crank those heart rates up high to the sky so get your whole body into it let's start with some snaps there we go.

Eight more just like that eight-six.

Five four three two jump it up here we go.

Front the back cross the arms.

Pick those knees up here we go.

Double it up here we go.

Four three two one all right cachet I know you got a group for us hey show me what you can do girl here we.

Go we'll make it up you got it Val yeah let's make it a little bigger have a.

Little fun with it at home making your own all right I know Val got a group for. Us five six seven eight you ready for this oh that was a tough one I think. We're gonna break it down so for you at home we cross step clap cross step clap just start right there and don't be afraid if you have to leave it right here it can stay right here but if you're ready to make it an advance move let's add a little jump here we go.

Can we speed it up five six seven eight.

For more plus three two one it was.

Amazing step it out let the arms through high to the sky let's take it low to the ground here we go four three two caches.

Bro let's go girl hey that was complicated let's break it down nice and slow so we go single Single Double that's it let's speed it up three two one here we go.

All right Val you got another one for us yeah take us home I like that one let's slow it down take it to one side then to the other push those arms away you ready to pick it up let's crank that heart rate here we go.

Flat-4 three two and one. Wave the arms.

What am I three two one fist bump to the sky.

Either way pop it around in a circle. Here we go keep that party bump in other way one more time.

Step it out here we go.

Can we hop and bring those knees up as high as we can let's go huh that's it.

Hop jump as high as you can only four more let's go flat to step it.

Out that was a cool groove a cool move. Let's check our heart rates one more time where we add that Oh 50 hmm 116 Wow I'm with you cash at 160 I think. It's time to cool it down let's take some time you hit black 2 right there we go just bounce it down let those arms shake out take some deep breaths 4 3 2 1.

Arms side to side keep the beat keep the rhythm you can do this one wherever you are.

I'm all the way up take it down all the way up.

Laughs one take you down and take all that good energy in for you you made it. Let's slow it down let's bring it back down to our resting heart rate you ready to do that let's go all right guys just roll those hips side to side smooth it out for three we're gonna slow it down. Step touch step touch just swing those arms nice and low and gradually start to bring them to the middle I want you to check your heart rate at home check how many calories you burned take those arms up nice and high beautiful last four.

Three two and one now step that right foot forward grab the left foot and pull the heel into the buttocks get a good quad stretch right here we got to stretch out all the muscles in our body together keep breathing four three.

- and one step that foot back and as we.

Hinge up the hips and we reach for the toes - a I want you to look down at your watch and tell me how many calories you burn I burn 150 tailors wow that's awesome how about you that 178 that's. Incredible let's release those toes go down into that deep lunge I guess you guys are also wondering how many calories I burned I'm at 147 in just 30 minutes we.

Got all that work done awesome let's.

Straighten both legs step that back foot in take a deep breath roll all the way up and sway side to side step the opposite foot forward. Pull the other heel into the glutes.

Keep breathing here and step that foot. Back hinge at the hips for the toes I really love tracking my heart rate during my workout to make sure I'm working as hard as I possibly can you guys meet your goals today yes that's awesome I love it go ahead and stretch that last foot back into a deep lunge now we're taking time to stretch here another important way to recover its sleep I've been using my Galaxy watch active to track my sleep stages to straighten both legs step that foot in.

Start to sway that body side to side releasing that last bit of tension out of your fingertips slowly bring it up.

Beautiful the head is the last thing to arrive I want you guys to take some deep breaths with me here so one hand on your heart one hand on your gut close your eyes if you'd like take a deep breath in and release it another deep inhale in as.

We unwind and de-stress and release it out last one in and as you breathe out I. Want you to look down at your Galaxy watch active and tell me what your beta 101 awesome 108 my heart rate is 107 coming back down nice and smooth now if you guys feel comfortable tell me what your pledge was in the comments below or you can just keep it for yourself whatever it is this commitment is all about you so just do what you feel most comfortable doing and don't forget to be you be free I love everything and everyone around you thank you guys for.

Working out with me I'll see you very soon

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