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EXO -Growl | Step by Step Dance Tutorial Ep.1

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Video - http://youtu.be/I9JMiVyEqNY

Follow the link below for Ep.2 of this tutorial series!


Follow this link for the guided practice video!


EXO - Growl | Step by Step Dance Cover Tutorial Ep.1

(Already Mirrored!!)


This is episode 1 of my dance tutorial series for a dance cover to Growl by EXO. U can easily flick to your desired section by looking at the big number on the left top corner of the video. :)

This tutorial is ALREADY mirrored!

So movements to the right of this video equals to your right. :)

(I.e treat this vid like a mirror)

If you have any questions or queries feel free to leave a comment below!

Hope you find this helpful!!

Yours sincerely


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