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30-Minute Cardio Dance and Barre Toning Workout

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Today, you get to dance and jump it out with Aubre Winters, founder of Sweat Sessions! This workout is going to get your heart rate up and tone your body with some barre moves. Get ready to have a blast while you burn a ton of calories.\r


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Hey beautiful people are you ready to dance and jump it out well I got my girl Audrey winters here ready to lead us through a sweat session thanks so much deja get ready to make it sweaty you guys with my 30 minute dance cardio scope are you buddy all right you guys.

Let's go ahead and get started I've got DJ over here she'll be going full out with me today and then I've got Christina over here you can look to her for all of your modifications you guys ready let's go yeah let's do it take your feet a little bit wider than your hips reach your arms to the sky two counts list two counts on the knees take a deep breath all the way in through your nose I want your shoulders down really intentional breathing here just to start to let that movement enter your body one more from here keep it soft bend in the knees against your side shoulder roll take it back and back loosen up beautiful start to find that connection to your core reverse the direction around and around make it nice and big Tara four four three two side to side left shoulder take it back and back now a little bit bigger through the legs here I want you to really power up start to feel your heart rate rise your body get warm eight more good your arms out.

To at eight feet lift the right arm left arm sharpens strong like you're slicing through space give me eight more right here use the exhale from here right on.

Sweeps to come spread left arm both are four times four three two and one right arm around nice and big warming up your shoulder and you're over for four three two give me two more rounds oh I love this move yeah they're so good. Both I'm four times your sport here's three that's two on one isolations your.

Chest moves forward and back take it forward and back to slow and then we'll pick up that pace a little bit faster work it up go up you're here first four. Three two feet together let's go right jump it in left enter your body here use.

Those hips or four four three nice and sharp through the arm for two holding it to your right your leg pulls in and in go for that bigger more expansive movement here try to take out the bounce and really work through control especially through that right thigh fire up you're here for four birth three for. A to take it left let's eat I'm having.

Fun over here go oh girl always a good tug with you last you take it over to.

The left send the arms up pull it in and and use that explosive exhale as the knee drive in here's eight seven six five four three two pants to your Chuck. We move left and left all right this is a really foundational dance cardio move that we're gonna come to a lot today let's focus on those tight core and then drive the hip out and out shoulders away from the ears let it go then the left arm to the sky how to pull go in and in a little twist to feel it through that left oblique give me eight jumping jacks right through Center push long and tall turn up chest open four three two right hip take it up move right and right whew I'm already feeling this one anymore make it fun make it light on. Your toes let's reach that right up to the sky add your pull go in and in yes Jennifer main.

Jumping jacks here's gate seven we'll add two high knees and four three two two jacks high knees take it out out left me right me up really strong really powerful through.

Your arms let's get that knee a little higher last one high knees work it up go.

Left and right we are almost there keep fighting for it whew eight more six more keep it up keep it up four four three two and one take your feet wide arms up let it go take your hands to the floor leg is going straight break your right arm all the way to the sky take control if you're breathing here bring that hand back down left him to this guy gaze up to the place your hands down bend the knees slowly roll it up vertebra at a time whoo how you ladies doing good night all right heart rate up in high it's a great warm-up yes we're gonna keep moving here into your first big dance cardio sequence bring your feet together bits pump up to the sky for jumps right with your feet together take it up two three four forward and back all right if you're at.

Home doing this I want you to have no expectations just go into it have fun that's what it's all about last one jump your feet side-to-side right although in. So keep that your lifted your chest up for more let's add those two moves.

Together from the top and pump it out take it forward and back ride on side to.

Side move left to right double two more left foot out arms go slow medium range up take it up take it in low medium all the way up to where with that left leading leg right leg other side really.

Sharp with those arms just like we talked about in your word let's slice through it two more last one.

All right let's slow things down turn over your shoulder arms up take those arms pump them back from here take your.

Arms all the way around walk it to the other side again up nice and slow pump it back one more here and then bring it through Center we're gonna take that a little bit faster from the top let's go left arm pump it forward and back you jump left right double left foot low medium range high.

Take it up take it in fast pump it out all the way through Center right arm Hut to the side right left double right foot. Out whoa work it out from the top let's go. Pump it up only a few more rounds right here give it all that you've got arms low push little bit of sauce through that hip a lot of sauce right here cotija cannon again to the right Oh pull.

Lots of resistance behind those arms jump it up.

All right you guys work it out there.

Pull them around enough yeah they'd be less yeah left arm yeah right to that. Feet take it to the snow much fun so.

Much fun alright and it let's move into a full body place the greens will turn to face the side well let's go through it slow to start you'll bring your hands down right underneath your shoulders that's or jump back into your plank position bring these back in and then reach your arms up to the sky lift ticket info down back pull it in lift it up now remember through the sequence you've got Christina to watch for any of your modifications right here holding it in.

Your plank settling here for Pike your hips up.

Hold your plane just low mountain climbers right knee is less weak all right soften up those elbows and off of your chest eyes out give me an 84 explosive breathing really. Strong for four three let's run it out 20 seconds big foot eight more.

Six more yoker oh yes four three two from the top let's get it in arms up take it down jump it up in arms up down jump it back.

Now it's a great time to remind yourself that this burn is temporary and will last forever look at it all you've got right now while you pin a board last two.

Last one taking your hands down jump your feet back walk it through your forums bike your hips to the sky to take it up for two and down for two such a good time to find your focus to find that driving force you made it way too far to give up stay with me stay with me two more last one hold your blink then.

Journeys right cuddle left maybe try to flip the toes up to the sky shoulders down long spine from the head to the heel eight more six more one final push in four three two and one hold your legs straight drive your belly open and shoulders down we're here first four three two and one Child's Pose knees wide chest down Army's long take a second slowly roll your body up shoulders down and back sip.

Of water before we get into our next cardio sequence let's get into it you.

Guys the same thing is the fourth slot that was movement on as we go along let's begin left heel j.crew to right yo dick for to side to side single Single Double again dig for to take virtue double.

Blocks around right here.

Step your foot across take it across I'll change it back you yeah Nathan fine. A little kick ball change in there I know okay we gotta love it last you adding on right foot jump it up pump.

That left foot down down I got.

Let's take it from the top adding on take birth to take birth to single single double sharp through those arms again. I'm alright step ball change get in right foot pump it out one more.

Adding on in - good - thank you guys.

Let's do we're gonna make it a party yeah alright pop sugar party three of these take it back adding on and shoes adding on in one hold that turn over your shoulder again push Oh bear shoulder you pop your foot dig dig arms up stick your dick Armey's up two more now arm up to the sky guys got it from the.

Top let's get it pick a little shoulder. I press through that y'all push again.

Chin up that's open let that confidence exude through your movement step ball change across it let's take that heel four corners push push I got other side.

Stick around let's prove it work it back.

Last one hold it over your shoulder big turn now step your foot out go down down arms up use the hip arm up push butch one more time let's go dig her to dig. For to press press let's go squash all.

Right let's take your left foot forward arm up to the sky melts all the way forward nice pick up steps let it go shoulders down on your exhale move forward slowly roll it up other side we go hot melt forward let it go moving right here we're gonna.

Work with resistance no way to tone those arms today help your left heel in bring your feet together left arm left foot you open up pull it in open up pull it in really sharp and strong to the arms like you're moving through water other side go push pull it in it's almost imagine you're holding a heavy weight here as you press in full hold your feet out just your arms shift side to side with the head we'll pick up that pace in four three two hold it center little faster up and open now connect to your core long and tall through the midline ribcage closed try to keep your elbows up head shoulder height adding on in four three two add. That press stuff go open open front oh I'm feeling it already you guys me too girl Oh two more last one hold the. Arms in at 90 just press and press little marches out through your feet roll those shoulders down the back try to make it as sharp as you can eight more strong here's eight seven six five four three go data to come on one hold your arms up take your feet wide bend your knees jump into your white bucket at absent heavy tailbone left my left heel isn't it left arm left heel close it at two more whoa other side so we're. Gonna get deep into those sides as we continue to build the burn through your arms last you I'm going on together pokeo let's go oh if you weren't feeling it yeah I know now what you are they're definitely feeling it now four more and you drop one inch lower into your thigh last two from here hold the feet flat arms out we sweep to a lunge left comes second lunge left come second now this is moving a little too fast for you feel free to slow it down you guys take it at your own pace something that feels good for you all about working smarter not necessarily harder hold it over to your lunge just slows down and down all right let's go from to be an advanced option can you write to that stretch tippy toe I think you can have you send the arms all the way up to the sky shoulders and hips tucked up tight whoo give me eight more right here that's eight yeah baby five four three two stay low lower that. Heel arms forward open up to your wide second other side lunge through come Center so little pulse in each direction here these down down two more holding it.

To the side pulse it tempo down and down baby rides to that front tippy-toes how you take the arms up to the sky go for it see what happens push it out eight more here's eight seven six five four three two on one lower that heel open back up to your white second maybe rise your tippy toes we'll post our right here 20 seconds to finish down and down now roll your shoulders down row one inch longer taller feel those side burn out give me eight more strong you're eight seven six five four three hang on two on one hold it low feet flat arms to 90 little hinge from the waistline go in out it out whoo getting right into your. Last stealing exercise right here in four three two feet wide that's speed run it up you run it up now lengthen out your spine pull your abs up in and shoulders down one inch deeper eight more therefore four three two feet together arms up standing cuts right left double right now put those arms up like you mean it really shirt pulled down through the cork thing exhale exhale last one let's take the feet wide let's. Go in and in this is your second round of three the second you think about giving up at home you guys try to rethink get set no limits on yourself there are no limits that exists here hold it out push a little bit sharper.

One inch slower whoo eight more there's eight here's Nick work four three two.

Feet together arms up let's pulse single single double single Single. Double two more last one alright final push a.

Little shorter little sweeter out in out in how you doing over there Jesus I'm holding on yeah we're getting sweaty we don't call it sweat sessions or Nothing you guys yeah keep it up we are here for four for three for two feet by five feet run it up push push one inch deeper we're gonna finish the sequence right here right now give me all you've got come on we're gonna hear is eight seven that's three six five four three two and one reach arms up big.

Breath in on your extra melt all the way forward shake your head yes shake it soften up your knees let me grab onto your elbows let your head just hang you heavy maybe it's a side-to-side release the arms and roll it up vertebra at a time before we move on let's bring that right hill into your booty soften up your left knee firm to the sky find your balance take control of your breath that's a great time to hit reset we've still got a lot of work ahead of us shake it off oh I'm long and tall.

Stuffing up your standing leg heavy tailbone shoulders down deep breath in let it go shake it off got this Knutson bring em to work it up alright we've got.

Our match now let's come down to them and get into those booty oh yeah all right start with your right side so you're gonna take your right hand down and then turn over your shoulder I want your knee directly underneath your hip and then lift up and through your side body you'll take your leg a little more for it on the diagonal reach the arm long overhead float your leg up to around hip height abs tight pull the knee slowly into elbow 4 to extend for to think really slow really controlled here just so you start to build that burn and find the feel I want all alignment all focus on your core and on your outside tip your seat is that we call it embark up one more. Slow two keywords expand and contract pull it in take it out pull it in take it out lots of stability working for your side body here try to soften up that elbow just like deja here lifting up through that side body beautiful about Christina with an awesome modification give me four more strong here's four here's three solder down for two on one take your leg and arm forward little lifts bring it up and know it doesn't matter how high the leg is just toe straight it is 15 seconds here how's it feeling you guys good burning is good burn getting deep into those booties eight more strong then we come on down and here's eight seven breathe into your body connect to that burn for four four three two keep your leg up we'll come down onto your forearm and then box out your arm pull the knee in and out those continue to work in that turned up position we always want they are facing up to the sky and then driving energy up to the crown of your head stay connected to your breath inhale exhale now the stronger.

You hold your core the better I don't really want a lot of you measure those hips through your low back things are really isolated through the length of the seat well the knee to the elbow little pulses in tempo ticketed and in sync exhale exhale make it sharp make it tight then as always make it intentional give me eight more strong we come to both form in four three two on one keep your leg up parallel your arms send your leg back and flex your foot pull the knee in and out so we're just working to maintain that burn as we move along same thing is before it's not about how high the leg is I just really want you to find that connection to your core beautiful Christina so good hamstring. Curl drive in and contracted the entire back side of your leg give me four more here three more last two hold your heel into. Your booties press it up sharp and tight Achilles add up rock it out whoo hips shoulders square stay connected to that breath fire up right through your glue you have one more push on this side and then we just give it all you've got you guys eight more here than you come to your hands work it out here's eight seven six five four three two hold your leg up come back up to your hand reach that opposite arm forward send your leg straight point your toe arm in legs together 20 seconds sharp and long lift take it up and this is how we get really deep into that seat work to get it lifted work to get it tight all you've got eight more songs here's eight seven six five rest and four three two and one take your knees wide let your chest melt down nice booty but I like that yes. Slowly roll your body up let's turn to face the hands forward knees a little.

Wider than your hips pull your abs and flex your hands shoulders down lift your booty up one count take it up set it down just giving the arms and the risk the break while we tone those sides two more from here hold.

Up low arms forward hips circle right and right reverse the direction around.

And around oh my goodness and one more changer than you're out let that booty hover right on your heels four more arms up to your SkyDrive your hips warmer tempo go forward and forward 15 seconds take a deep breath in a deep breath out little Scheffer little bigger eight more here's eight seven let's do five four three three three two and one.

Well my favorite number is three but I don't know if I like that all right let's get into that other side for your booty work so flip on over we'll start facing front taking that leg long on the diagonal remember up and through your side body reach your arm long leg lifted knee to elbow slow things down go in for to take it out for to really sharp here through your core expand and reach as long as you can pick up your pace little faster go in and out take it take it out. All right you guys second side second chance to work a little bit deeper to get a little more connected to you and your body fire up last two arm and leg in front of you lifted up tempo work it out up and through soften up your elbow shoulders. Down core tight get along get it high here's eight seven six five four three. Work to keep that leg lifted come to your hand drop to your forearm abs tight knee to elbow one count go in take it up pull it in take it out remember minimal movement in your low spine here keep the core really engaged in unison working with your seat for more Sena send that leg long on the back side on the last two hold the knee into your elbow little drive in in an impulsive in my girl Cristina doing over there I'm feeling fierce yeah this girl Chloe you got me lifted yes give me.

Eight more strong than your on your forearms here's eight seven can you feel sent me a little bit higher here's four three two on one drop the cheer forms everything Square to your mat flex your foot leg go straight take it out pull it in give yourself another chunk of your hips drop your tailbone down to the heels rather than up to the sky shoulders down think about pressing energy through the forms through the hands into your mat and then pull up and through your core hold your heel into your seats we stood up 20 seconds up and up whoa my peach is gonna be sore after this are sore and wanting more all right we come.

To your hands for your left pushing ain't working out here's eight seven six five four sharper three two on one hold. Your leg up prop yourself back to your hands send the leg straight points a toe opposite arm out little lift and lift all you've got take it home right right through it you guys reach the arm long reach the leg long soften up your elbow core tight then off your chest long and strong here's eight seven six lean it out push for it here's four three two.

Take a second let your chest melt through the legs took a long deep breath in on your asshole melt for it I'm very slowly roll your body up all right my. Girl let's slip on over and work in your abs so go ahead flip over lay all the way back here on your match stick your.

Legs long out in front of you pointing through your toes reach your arms overhead we'll sweep the arms to lift opposite leg two counts to get up for two reach back for two lower Christina coming in hot with those modifications and always just keep the legs on the floor Dasia and I going to put up full teaser that full extension all the way baby yeah four more I want little to no momentum. Here so you really rely on your core to get you up to control you down two more last one both legs together to a tabletop to get up for two reach back for two lower you can always keep your feet flat maybe for an advanced option you we're taking those like straight wherever you're at today in your workout in your practice to more strong hold it up into yes Christina last one hold it up bend the knees hands behind your head we twist got a hold those hips still use just your court jester Center bring it out elbows wide eyes up here's eight here's the sec so you joined Asia amazing or no breathing two and one roll it all the way back here oh yeah alright there's just your first round placing your left foot down take your right leg up to the sky raise your hand to your side elbow wide lift the shoulders knee to elbow you extend split it take it out pull it in really sturdy drive your hands down into the floor to stabilize your side body focusing on those obliques two more arm and legs straight add your reach you take it out reach it up take it up reach it up four more right here. That's four three we switch sides in shape and one work to keep the shoulders high switch arms switch leg leg long Meeta elbow one count go twist take it out think about driving your low spine down and chairmat working for the six-pack abs summer apps are made in spring am i right am i right yeah two more arm in.

Leg long one can I reach it curl up separate pull it in take it out stay strong you guys you're approaching your final finish for your core work your score here's three that's to keep your. Shoulders up on one leg is up three reach left to right right to left maybe take your leg up a little bit lower keep reaching the hand past your ankle do your best you've made it this far so now it's definitely not the time to give up 20 seconds push and push seven five four.

Three two and one rest your head pull your knees in oh let. It go take your legs long-term at bringing the hands to the side just start to let everything fall open close your eyes take a long deep breath in and exhale out that's cool down ladies carefully pull your knee into your chest wiggle out your ankle your toes work to keep the crown of the head the spine the shoulders glued to your mat take the leg across the body arm out very slowly twist as you gaze over your shoulder working on taking back control of your breath long deep breaths in and out carefully drive it through Center all right flex your foot fold your knee and grab behind the thigh gently pull the legs into your chest opening up your hips so you got after all that seed work.

On your exhale switch sides and you're like lung either neaten we're gonna let your toes your ankle maybe massage out your head very slowly take the leg all the way across arm.

I'll carefully bring it back through Center fold your knee and flex your feet reach your hands behind your thigh gently pull the legs in all right from.

Here let me pull both of your knees into your chest rock and roll maybe you can forth side to side then finds the momentum to rock it all the way up we'll turn to face front take your legs wide into a second position flex your feet arms come out reach that left arm all the way up and over to the right and then nice and very grown leaves turn to face your leg nose to knee slowly carefully roll your body.

Up other arm reach it all the way up and over melting into your stretch turn to.

Face your leg nose to your knee Square your shoulders off to your thigh and then carefully slowly roll your body up one final stretch here walk your arm is long out in front of you now it's such a good time to release any tension any stress you're still holding in on your body let it go through your breath on your exhale very slowly roll your body up I'll come on to all fours and work our way to standing hands under your shoulders knees underneath your hips take your spine to your sky let your chest fall your head fall press through your hands soften up your elbows a nice big feel good stretch here open up your chest shoulders down once again spine to your sky is flowing through cat-cow connect to your breath press through arch the low back shoulders down just open and lifted find a neutral spine curl your toes under press into a downward dog even massaging out the backs of the legs peddling through the heels shoulders down and then when you're ready soften up both of your knees walk your feet into your hands and then very slowly vertebrae at a time roll it up your head is the very last thing to lift shoulders down at the top yes you made it sweaty today

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