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Танец живота. Худеть дома просто! http://youtu.be/SRQvv7kz-X4...

Танцевальная аэробика https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7IVW...

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All right we're into that back burning belly dance warmup time to cheat up the muscles and focus on the belly but first I want to introduce you to some friends of mine we've got Melissa Lauren Joanne and Ken do you guys ready to dance ready more importantly are you ready to dance well let's dance just start with the March now big inhale all the way up and then exhale do that again all the way up now change the rhythm it's single single double single single double just nice and easy double tap now add a hammer hand so your hand does the same thing that your foot does that's it alright now we're gonna move just move forward with this then move your body back that's great come on up again are. You bouncing to the beat alright take it back take it back are you ready to do something new position alright tap the right and left foot tap front and back just extend through your legs lift long through your core now start to swivel the hips side to side notice your hips go the same direction that your foot taps now let's add some arms open and then land them on the back side again open really open up that chest all the way do. That again you did fantastic let's put those two things together single Single Double with a hammer that's it take it back now. Add the tap in the open arms open it up and land them that's it do it again let's do that one more time really heat the body up single Single Double take it back take it back that's it tap and open the hands really open up place them on the back side we got it we're ready for a new move right fine to the right now tap the inside leg four three two one tap the inside leg you got it so you step behind step tap tap it four times that's it alright now we're going to add some hip motion your hip comes up as your foot goes down see how that works that's it again awesome alright let's.

Add some arms they come right up the center and then they land to the side you can take your gaze over there when you're ready that's it soft wrists soft elbows and strong hips let's put all that together single single double single single double single single double take it back now tap and open up the arms just open.

That's it again open alright grapevine to the right up come hands and then land again soft long. Spine you got to set that long spine so you work the belly later on in the workout alright from the top again single Single Double come up to us that's it we're all in this together alright tap and open move those hips that's it I can see them moving alright. Break line to the right side hands come up the center and then they land again.

But it's not our final destination alright there's many more places to go today alright hold it here single single double single single double just sink into your hips you should be getting warm and listening up dad your arms these are called serpent arms really reach out to the very end now stretch right here now think long strong bodies to really maximize the stretch come in the center push your inner thighs out and lift now you get a release to roll through the back all right Mambo left foot goes to right corner step forward and back just relax and release the hips nice and easy we're going to take it to the east put a little Indian on it forward and back forward and back forward and back now land your foot and lift your heel up you go we're warming up the foot and the calf all right hold it down and stretch.

Now pull your toes back stretch the back of that leg come right in the center again sit strong roll up all right sink.

It to the other side because you got to do the same thing on the other side feel your belly button pull back into your spine now squat right here in the center that's it roll it up your heads the last thing to come up Mambo right leg goes across step forward and back that's it just release through the hips take your arms up let's take it away we're going to the east today we're bringing it back to the West all right land the heel lift it up up and down a beautiful extension through the arms and the legs hold it down stretch pull your toe back and say hello to the back of the leg come right into the center squat now roll your body up one vertebrae at a time single Single Double just sink into the hips you guys warm whoo all right now. Get extension with that serpent arms reach reach reach that feels so good just keep going and extend all the way we're gonna do a few more see how long you can get your arm to go reach as far as you can all right give it some March right here are you warm all right we're ready to dance all.

Right we're on to our first dance your belly moves grew this one's all about the body roll are you ready to roll all right you're just going to step off with that right foot on 4 and 3 2 step forward with your right then step out to the right and to a squat left foot does the same thing forward and then to the side again put the weight on the front leg and then out to the side knees and toes to the front and then slightly turn them out now we add the body roll come forward and together squat again come forward notice that it starts in the chest it rolls through the stomach and it ends in the hips come forward all right now we add the arms come around the body and then a little Egyptian arms to the side around the body and then to the side again just slide it down the side nice strong that looks gorgeous now. To that triple step up right foot left foot right foot now just step back step back step back left foot does the same thing one two three one two three step it back step back try that one more time it's like you're on a tightrope feet close together so you can get your hips to move side to side and really work that belly again front front step back. You got it now we're just going to add the arms come up the front they come up the front then they come down the sides and then you wave there's that body roll come right up draw a straight line and. Stem and roll back let's do that again up step it back and wave your weights on.

That back foot now step proud into the room then wave as you step out let's put those two together body roll right foot now squat to the side left foot go to the left do.

That again really roll through the chest sink into that squat alright let's add on that triple step come on up right foot left foot wave it back I like the way Joanne does this move gets high onto our toes come up up she's our little ballerina take it back let's do it again up you come wave that right arm and wave left.

Foot comes up come right up the center step it back alrights do that one more time body roll right foot come around let's squat again it's like you've got a plate of glass in between your hands come forward to the side and forward triple step let's go. It's right two three step it back and wave really get loosen that wave now get long and strong when you walk up step it back one more time aren't you come it's looking fabulous.

One more time come up step it back you.

Guys ready for a new move alright it's called the twist just twist to the right to the right now Mambo your left foot crosses steps forward and back take it to the left your knees and toes they go the same direction then step across forward and back try it again side notice that you sync every time your toes go to the right and step forward and back again keep that chest forward so your belly does the work and gets that belly shape being workout alright let's add the arms come down now.

Watch the arm it's smooth same arm extends and reaches other side all right hmm and then reach as far as you can again let them just kind of roll side to side with your hips and smooth it out really reach again boom guys.

Working those bellies alright this time we're going to add a pivot so Mambo once. Pivot to the back of the room just turn again twist twist Mambo right here and pivot over your left shoulder that's awesome do it again Mambo right. Here smooth it out and then really reach and turn last one Mambo drop that front.

Shoulder alright we're going to go into a grapevine one two tap the foot now stay here in tap beautiful grapevine step behind step tap step behind step tap and tap four times right with a pointed foot that's it tap tap just let.

Yourself get loose through the hips side to side one two three tap I think we're ready for some arms what do you guys think all right let's lift those arms they come through the center they come up then they come down and then they go side to side come right at the center right the center up at the top down they come all right now you add a little kick and that's what this moves called all the way through the center kick kick again just rotate your shoulders side-to-side really working the waist all the way up beautiful all right from.

The top here's the twist twist you're going to smooth it out with the Mambo and you're gonna pivot and reach and extend other side that was gorgeous really extend lombo then pivot do that one more time little bend sink into it.

Come down and turn one more and pivot.

Here you go around go into that grapevine come underneath with a kick come down to your hips and bring your knee to your hip bone there you go come all the way through yes beautiful let's do that one more time you think all right twist extend the arms now.

Mambo really reach and pivot around twist keep those chest forward really.

Start to work the waist extend twist.

Gorgeous just smooth it out extend and pivot to the back one more down it goes.

We're going to go right into that grapevine really scoop scoop down up it comes down you go ribcage to hip bones squeeze the belly come down and up and down all right here's your rhythmic March single single double double and double.

Alright you've learned the belly move screw dance now we get to put it together from the top to the bottom to the bottom to the top are you guys ready to go alright you're gonna start with that body roll body roll right here roll now give us an Egyptian squat and body roll Egyptian squat let's do that again around the body and down to the side all.

Right here's your triple step bring it on up lengthen through the body nice and proud now wave it back wave triple step. Up left foot up take it back I think we.

Should do that again pendu come up up lay it down and roll it back all right up you come take it back all.

Right here comes your twist to the right we go twist little bouncing the shoulders and the elbows now Mambo pivot and turn and extend other side little bounce get that body to move and turn it around let's do that again beautiful keep that chest to the front and really work those ABS we're shaping. And defining and we're burning calories across you come grapevine right here come through the center with a kick and then hold it right here with a kiss side to side do it again all the way through kick down to go here comes that. Rhythm March hold it right here beautiful you've got it in your head now you just got to get a little more into that role what you say alright body roll roll get a little deeper into the squat body roll start from the chest and it in the hips again around and to the side it's just rolling.

Right off triple step come up the front and then wave it back wave really wave really. Step into it into the balls of your feet wave it back it's all good bring it up bring it up take it back one more time.

On that left foot come up wave it back all right here comes our twist extend your arms twist Mambo. Move it out give it and extend again down your go really get into the legs and move it out pivot and extend again.

Little down to the shoulders that's a little Bollywood for ya come on extend one more row fo pivot and.

Expand grapevine reach you strong sharp arms now put that strength right into your belly you got it again come down now hold out.

Here's your rhythm March that's it that's good stuff now you guys give it all you got last time body roll right here body roll to the side body roll you guys.

Learn the sweat oh my goodness again all.

Right triple step right foot leads us up up the comes take it back wave winds that arm you got it.

It's yours one more time right foot comes up twist side to side through those hips working your belly muscles that's the side belly muscles the one to give you the nice curves and weight there you go let's.

Twist to the right add that little bounce now tip it and extend again ah.

That's the way to do it keep that chest forward when you twist now really work the waist waist works Mambo pivot and turn again.

Mambo and pivot and turn here's your grapevine scoop down strong arms come down to your waist fingertips hip to hip that's it dancin I think we are come.

Down all right rhythm March right here single Single Double and that's your belly move screw way to go. All right we're into our second dance you're Cleopatra cardio combo this one's designed to take your heart rate up and it's got a little Bollywood inspiration are you ready we're gonna start with the heels for heels right here right left right left and hold again right left right left and hold in place right through the heel and hold there got one more all right now let's add some arms make a diamond over your bellybutton and go hip to hip then bring it back focus your hands right around your belly button to focus on those ABS that's the work we're doing see this hold we're gonna put something right there it's right here so you're gonna step step clap heel heel and you March it out I guess step clap heel heel and you march it out again step hop heel heel and March it out last one step clap heel heel now we have a little Bollywood our step clap and you pull March it out again step clap heel and you March it out step this.

Is your last one we're gonna put all that together from the top four heels one two three four hold clap heel heel hold and March good for heels one two. Three four hold and March it out that's beautiful do it again side to side really turn side to side hold and give us a clap push those heels into the floor one more it's like you're unscrewing lightbulbs and hold it now we take out the March and we let it go let's go for heels pull clap heels side to side pull.

Clap again pull clap last one.

Alright now if you want you add a little bounce bounce side to side little Bollywood feel again hold two more.

Home last one I think we should change it up just a little bit now we have a sweep you step touch step touch one two three again go left go right and a one two three tap great you're ready for the. Arms and the arms just sweep up and back you go like this make a soft fist and then you pull it so you sweep and you sweep and you pull it in leave with your back side palms face down palms up alright let's put those two things together for heels right here heel heel heel clap pull do it again heel heel heel pull clap two more times.

Get those heart rates up again alright. Slow and smooth sweep to the right to the left and a one two three again lean into it that's gorgeous really lean your backpack all right here comes the heels again from the top four three two one pull left pull it down for three I think you got it stay with it again smooth and slow with the.

Sweep pull it in. Kind of gives your body and brain a break cuz you're working it alright I think we need a new what do you think what's up all right capture tripe and pass it left then march in place right here again tap right tap left and March again tap and tap and March we're gonna make this hot and sexy all right you're gonna tap now just shimmy in place shimmy again tap right tap left and your shimmy try that again now notice that it in the balls of my feet and my heels are the ones that move up and down alright add some arms you go side to side and the hands just feel the heat up the body palms rise. Check out how pendu does this it rocks again alright triple step comes up right here one two three squat right now March it back for four again triple step up one two three. One two three squat right Scott left and March it back now let's add some arms lead with your shoulder one two three one two three squat March it back one more time that's great. Like you mean it sharp and strong all right hold it right here with the March hold it here this March is going to turn into another hip hit and it's just a transcript wait side to side right here hold it step and get nice and. Easy just transfer your weight side to side you pick up your knee into the ball of your foot now hit the hip side to side so your hip reaches for that ribcage working the belly muscles now lift the arm palms to.

The sky all right you're gonna put it together with that triple step come on up triple step up Egyptian squat hip hips back step and hit step and get come. On up Egyptian squat side to side hip gets let's do that two more times shall we come on. I'm hit and hit I think we got one more come up and up side to side you're gonna.

Put the shimmy with the triple step step down now shimmy let's do that again I got to hear all that jewelry zooming around felissa come on side to side and up last one here comes your triple step come with your shoulder one two three Gyptian squat right hip hiss they go back they go back triple step come on up Gyptian squat take it back all right Tasha side to side and shimmy side to side and shimmy again like you've got a big circle with your hands when you tap circle and shimmy one more all right triple step up come a Gyptian squat hip.

It's now really hit the hip boom triple step take it back all right sir pit hands. Right here go side to side and hold really lengthen get to the end of those fingertips reach with your ribcage and sink into those hips how long can get your arms to go all.

Right we've done all the moves from that Cleopatra cardio combo now we gonna put them all together from the top are you ready okay we're gonna start with those heels ready for heels right now right left right left and hold clap pull it down that's it rotate side to side work that belly get into the Bollywood feel and unscrew those light bulbs you got it now sweep it side to side sweep really let your back go in that sweet bring it to you that's it gaze on the horizon one more all right. Two taps with a shimmy right here tap then shimmy up the front just let it go I can hear that jewelry that's fit Melissa all right come up the front one more we're going forward triple step let's go with the shoulder Egyptian squat hip hits back that's it that's it triple step come up Egyptian squat how's it looking Penn do serpent arms right here that's awesome we're just going to get a little bit more into it and add more backs to the heels let's go heels and hold pull it.

Down again side to side and heel.

You got one more bounce to the beat give us a sweep right here sweep sweep and pull it in again let your arms sweep.

Your body away feels good all right two taps and a shimmy who's ready to go coupe shimmy it up let it go. If it's moving on the backside you're doing it right that's it and the heat rises one more triple step up lead with.

A shoulder Egyptian squat side to side really hit the hips help it go and go in bring up inside the side hit it.

All right Suppan arms this is it you got. To give us all your guy are you ready Lauren all right from the heels side to side and hold pull it down just let it go you know the moves this is your chance to really dance it lucky last right sweep it right here side to side pull it in some look like a.

Tidal wave whoop up and over two caps and we got that shimmy here we go Jimmy right here let it just go shimmy relax the legs relax the body shimmy and relax again all.

Right triple step up do the shoulders in the legs and we end it where else put in the hips come on up come on up sit into it and.

The hips go surf it on side to side whoo.

And that's your Cleopatra cardio combo right oh that's right all right we're on.

To our third dance our hip roll Hindi combo this one's about the hips and getting that heart rate up again we're going to burn some serious calories and we're going to work those weights all right now we start with a sunburst you step and you rock back step into the toes and rock back it's like building a pyramid through the legs so really work through the feet through the calves and the leg muscles one more now let's add some arms they come up and they cross in front of and they Rock it's like you're carrying the weight of the world just get it right off your shoulders then take your cloak and wrap it into the thrust now if you want a little jump with us you jump and you rock back now it's up to you if you want to jump or not it's your dance so you can stay grounded or you can take it up either way you choose all right you little pony so step into the feet rock your body weight side to side so it sounds like this 1 2 3 1 2 3 add a little jump if you want see how our bodies go side to side working the waist into the hip bones all right here comes the arms up they come when they come out in front and up and out nice sharp arm beautiful.

Lines let's put those two things together sunburst up you go cross them front cross in front all right pony right here side to side reach it out should we do it again all. Right sunburst lift it rock it rock it.

Into the pony you go side to side and reach one more not Nimue grapevine to.

The ride step behind out for taps with that front foot yeah you're going to circle the hip from the back to the front print line to the left step behind step tap it four times and rock from the. Back for the front grapevine to the right step behind on tap and roll.

Grapevine tap that front foot and roll from the back to the front all right I think we should add some hips what do you think Melissa so hit the hip up and then you're going to circle with your hips right fine hit the hips they go up then. You circle the way you want your body to go grapevine to the right hit the hip pull up three two one turn over your right shoulder grapevine to the left tap and hit the hips turn over your left shoulder this time alright now we add arms come around from the back cross at your wrists hit the hips the arms rise and you circle swim come from the back to the front hit the hips your biceps are right by your ears right by draw your shoulder blades down your back you sure not to wear them as your earrings grapevine cross it we're going into a new loop it's a double feel with your right foot double toe here you go heel toe now single heel toe step touch heel toe heel toe step touch to the front to the back to the side step touch to the front to the back now a little bounce this is Bollywood right here hands come down it's fun come on get your heart rate up side step touch now we got a.

Little surprise for you we're gonna add a snake and it looks like this bounce and bounce heel toe and. Snake bounce bounce heel toe and snake last one put it together from the top grapevine hit the hip now really circle the more you bend your knees the more circle you get out of your hips hit it Bob round you go one more time grapevine cross at.

The wrist Circle it whoo-hoo.

Grapevine kick the hip we're gonna come out of this and we're going to go into that bounce step double heel double heel single and snake again snake.

Heel toe one more one more time into. That grape lime come around here hips come around really reach from all four corners of the world with those hips it's where the east meets the west wing.

So we're heating it up like the east right rabbit goes grapevine hip hips.

Round you go alright here's your double heel right foot heel heel heel toe and.

Snake heel heel heel toe and snake. That's the way to bass one more then we've got a bonus move for you two steps to the right two steps right to step left now March 8 wide easy. Two steps to the right step-touch step-touch Holden March wide now we're going to add the hips they follow the feet they come forward and around to the back now eight and they circle the same direction with eight marches to circle you think we should.

Have some arms in do all right reach reach show you what you want now your arms come up the center and they come down the side really reach step and.

March wide all right step touch and that's your bonus move all right you.

Just learned all the moves to that hip roll hindi combo now we get to take it from the top and dance it out we're going to start with that sunburst gonna take it up touch the sky reach for it here you go and rock it back all right take it into that pony side to side on reach and pony and reach great.

Bone to the right open up the arms hit the hip really hit the hips around it goes in a circle grapevine to the left hip it and the circle remember your. Biceps are right by your ears grapevine open up the chest hip it and then circle. Really then and show us that circle you got it to the back now we're going into that ball you would bounce double heel double heel and single snake again double heel and a single and a snake really get your pants under the water with your head and your hips there you go all right double hips reach reach and. Then March circle with the hips take the hands up and down reach here they go.

And then March with circles step touch right here alright that was gorgeous now you're just gonna get a little bit more roll to your hips from the top sunburst up rock it up rock it feel the.

Energy alright pony and reach pony.

And reach grapevine to the right reach the arms cross the heels there you go and roll grapevine and open through the.

Chest soften your lips and circle really. Circle there you go boom head around Thank You boom norsu. Great fun around you go here's your ball.

You would bounce double heel double heel singles snake get low. I can singles last one here's your bonus move to hips to the right reach reach stay in place and you circle around to hips to the right that's it forward and back around and around step.

Touch and hold that was awesome now give it your all from the top here we go sunburst Oh rock it up and a rock up.

Rock Pony time only rich and Pony.

Grapevine to the right reach if it's. Circled around grapevine hip hip.

So go around I think we can do that one more time let's go cool.

Next time hit the hips I want to hear a little knocking on the door yeah knock knock knock it around alright Bollywood bounce heel heel and out. Heel heel down heel heel down here's your bonus moves.

Flip rolls to the right roll roll roll. In the center let's go roll n roll hold.

It here and step touch on the spot whoo jump.

Well done that was your hip roll hindi combo where'd it go alright bring it to a March it's time to cool down alright come with a March nice and easy and we're just going to take this march forward let's go forward tap the right foot then tap the left back it up and do that again four marches up tap it and then take it.

Back now we're going to add some arms with a chest you make a V with your chest and reach and reach Nov and then you reach one more time side to side and you reach all right hold it here circuit arm side to side nice and long reach with your ribcage and get full extension your body's warm and you should be able to go a little further than when you started all right put that all together for marches up chest goes and tap take it back and tap one more time let's move it up and tap really reach and push the. Arms out serpent arms right here reach.

And length you got a few more extend it feel your. Body start to cool down all right let's take it into a stretch right here stretch into that leg find the length so.

You can maximize that stretch come into a squat now release through your back and roll all the way up your heads the last thing to come up turn your body to the right bend your knees tuck your pelvis under and sit to the front of your leg all the way to your knee it's a good stretch pull your toe back hold it right here.

All right come into that squat nice and easy roll the body up all right we've got to.

Do it on the other side really sit into it hmm your muscles are thanking you.

Right now come right into the center then roll it up this time turn to the.

Left knees hips and toes sit and tuck.

Pull your toes back nice blank on the back of the leg to really stretch that back leg muscle out come into the center and roll it up nice and slow one vertebrae at a time now inhale come up snake your arms down shoulders go side to side up you go big.

Breath and exhale nice fluid movements.

It's like you're moving through water it's nice and cool one more time up come.

On down side to side now just rock your body side to side into that leg start to bring your legs closer together under your hips nice and easy and give us a March you've just finished fat burning belly dance hope you've had a great time we've had fun dancing with you hope to see you next time

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