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30-Minute Feel-Good Strength and Cardio Workout

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Get ready for a workout that feels like a celebration! This special episode of Class FitSugar celebrating Anna Renderer's first Mother's Day as a mom includes equipment-free exercises to honor and empower your body and acknowledge your strength. Anna has curated moves that help her the most in her life as a mom. This workout is designed to get your heart rate up — Anna is tracking hers with her Fitbit Versa Lite — and will push you to feel good while embracing where you are at today.​​\r


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Hey my Fingaz friends I'm celebrating my first Mother's Day with an equipment free workout designed to help you feel strong and empowered this episode of class fit sugar is presented by Fitbit all right you guys I am joined by four fellow Mama's here on set and we're gonna turn on our Fitbit to track our heart rate and our calories I'm wearing a Fitbit verse alight so if you're wearing a Fitbit to start your workout and let's get moving all right we're gonna start with a couple side bends reaching up and over the body to get the side of the body loosened up you guys are in for a treat because I've got the crew of a lifetime here so now we're in the corner Janelle's going to show with all the modifications over there and we got Tammy here beside me we got Britney in a know-all here to work it with you so you guys get ready for some fun because we're gonna sweat we're gonna feel strong showing up for yourself today which is so important good for you all right next we're gonna go into a couple twists so I want to rotate the body get in a nice trunk rotation you want to feel that stretch all the way through the torso pull your shoulder blades apart feel yourself get a nice twist nice rotation and I like how they're all letting their feet pivot here we don't want to be planted want to let yourself rotate pivot that foot feel a little tips twist how you ladies feeling so far getting nice this is my all-star team you guys I'm loving it these ladies are ready to bring their a game today yeah here gonna fall nice job couple more seconds here bring it out all right now we're gonna do a standing forward fold so have your feet about hip width apart I want you to reach up towards the sky take a nice deep breath in now as you exhale I want you to for then all the way to the floor touch those toes if you can let your head hang nice and then slowly bend the knees bend the back and arch all the way up and each vertebrae at a time reach back up towards the sky inhale exhale forward bend fold all the way down to the ground I love this one and first thing in the morning this is one of my favorites just get my fat loosened up one more time reach up inhale good forward bend let yourself reach towards the floor you know I used to not be able to touch my toes what kind of staff yeah so now I stretched every day so that doesn't happen to me all right next we're gonna go into a little skip and jack combo so first you know if you don't want to jump that's okay if you just stay on the ball of the foot like Janelle is over there showing you guys the mod right but if you can sort of pop it off the ball of the foot here right so you're getting a little skip play yard action you're gonna have to teach this to your kids right you got to teach him to skip it's not an easy move it takes a little coordination right yeah get to the heart rate up think about pulling your abs and tight add you skip now we're gonna go into a little Jack's so modified remember take it light no impact if you're going all out today you can go up whatever pace you feel comfortable you can start power jacket if you want to or you can take it nice and slow it's up to you good we're all the different levels of fitness right so let's add and eight months of three months Jenelle's got a four months right let's go back into our skips and so wherever you're at it's okay especially if you're able to track your heart rate you can start to see how you're doing track your performance and you're gonna see yourself get stronger and fitter each day good last set of jacks bring it up let's go good remember power jacks regular jacks modified Jack a couple more seconds here he's doing great bellies in tight remember always engage your core breathe it out awesome and relax now this last one I call this the straight leg kick runner arms because here you can either take a straight kick and step back alright to gain your balance each time or you can start to balance without touching and have those arms running as you're working on balance and stability you got to pull your abs in tight to really feel your core engage here it's hard right lady yeah this one is so challenging I mean it is like so crazy how quickly you lose your balance when you're not using it enough right good and switch sides nice work here we go alright let's see how the other side does I know one side for me is always more unbalanced than the other how about you guys yeah this your good side are your bad sides is my bad side I know any moms we tend to forget to focus on ourselves right but it's really important and that's why I love the Fitbit versalife because it reminds me to stay active and attract my resting heart rate over time so it's just one of those features that absolutely love good pump those arms kick that leg last Cup you should be feeling a stretch the hamstring good job you guys right nice work now we're gonna move into circuit one you're gonna come on down to the floor you're gonna have one foot up on the floor and you're gonna have your hands to the inside of that foot now if you're modifying you're gonna keep your back knee down if not I want you to pick that back leg up and what we're gonna do is we're gonna open up the chest rotate up towards the sky feel a nice stretch to that hip flexor in that trunk now hands back down and we're gonna come up into a power pose it's a low lunge you're gonna feel the burn in your legs you're doing great good working hard nice coming back down good we're gonna open up good back down to the ground come up power pose feel the legs stabilize you in that position this is gonna make your heart rate spiked you wouldn't even believe good back down one more twist good open it up to the floor bring the chest up good nice stretch and back down now let's switch sides so just bringing that foot up good get the hands to the inside of the foot you can always keep that knee down right open it up twist good stretch hands down and let's power pose oh weaker to where.

It's like Oh different body on one side it's crazy good hands down feel that stretch power pose empower Mama's good come on down good one more time through open up rotate good hands down last power pose feel it feel love it earn it good it ever back down now we're gonna go into a push-up and rotate so from here you're gonna watch Janelle she's gonna do a modified push-up then she's gonna come to the toes and she's gonna add that rotation alright if you want to go all out go from the toes do the push-up rotate the other way let's go ladies work it out awesome so you're just gonna rotate back and forth remember your pace might be faster you might be like my push-ups are on par right now so you're just crushing them so work at your own pace if you need to go slower go slower if you need to modify make sure you drop those knees down just lightly touch them keep your abs nice and tight good breathing it out. You guys are awesome you know what like you when I do push-ups I swear we got to do a heart rate check after this because it's as if I was doing high knees I mean for 20 minutes it's crazy powered through and relaxed heart rate check just for one second okay 108 what do you got Tami 124 15:03 I love it we that spike okay one more time through come on down so strength you can get that heart rate up right good down and let's power pause good breathe down feel that stretch and. Open up good this is kind of like the calm before the storm yeah you'll get some intense moves going but this is something that you're building a lot of stability a lot of lengthening a lot of strengthening and that's what you need as a new mom or even if you've got for your office right I know Tim you've got three year old right yes keeps me busy Tami's busy she's got it good we got ourselves here let's rotate open it up good hand down raise that chest good nice job throw it down open it up nice work I.

Know as the new mom though it's crazy because you you focus so much on the babies you forget about yourself and you gotta remember to focus on yourself bring yourself back here nice work you guys okay going up into that push-up position let's push up and rotate alright one more set down and up down rotate those feet pumping towards the fact that oblique stabilize you in that side plank when you're rushing through your moves your tend to use a lot of momentum you want to think about slowing yourself down and being really good getting the depth of that push-up holding that plank feeling your core work okay awesome one.

More tie down push up it's our last one.

Awesome job you guys hi now we're gonna come up to our feet one of my favorites alright now this is going to be a squat hop low a squat half high so if you're modifying you're not jumping right so you're just here everyone's here we're gonna add a little hop off the balls of the paint romance or stain gun all right modify you'd come up a little bit that's okay or you're staying low into that pulse right so you're here now come up high now we're just adding a little bending the knees as we jump now it's not a low squat just a little one or you're not hopping at all you're just kind of giving yourself a little breather now you're going to again I.

Know good but you got that slight bend.

In the knees so you're easy on the joints go low go that's it make sure you play with baby stay in high good I love high good good oh and relax okay now. Come on down to the floor I got a no Janelle what was the heart rate on you for that 160 yeah she's not photo who's oh that is awesome you can get that heart rate up mine is right up there at 135 so here you're in a nice little seated plank I mean seated position hold onto your knees if you can pick your heels off the ground great all right if you need to keep them on the ground for now that's fine are you gonna pick your heels up hold and squeeze the ABS now to advance you're gonna roll down all the way right and then you're gonna roll up back into that seated position squeeze now put the heels and the hands on the ground lift your body into a reverse bridge squeeze open the shoulders squeeze the button and then drop it down hold yourself in that seated position now no hands is gonna be harder right that's it and now roll all the way down good roll all the way up hold squeeze hands and heels on the floor lift into a reverse plank so I call this the all core because you guys are working the back you're working the abdominals you're working those glutes good press it down and up now we can speed this up a little bit down roll it down roll it up squeeze those abs press into the floor lift good way pull it up squeeze.

Press lift last one roll it down wheel.

Up press into the floor lift and you're.

Back down nice work back on your feet we're going into those squat hops again now you guys I created this workout with no equipment right just you got to show up just you just you just you just you gotta show up and that is so important because honestly we don't want to keep any excuses in there right but we also need something that's simple something that's fast and effective to get strong right come up and that's why this should be perfect for you to celebrate you being a mama taking care of herself yeah go ahead come on down hello that's it burn it out who can do it just. That small little hot bird the lower you stay the harder it is come up high uh shake it out shake it out shake it out shake it out good come in low one more good looking good breathe breathe coming up high shake it out shake it out get it yeah oh you got it and relax. Good everybody just get a good little jump in there haw I love it okay back on your butt alright so here we go now you're modifying just try to keep this pose until you go up for that bridge right so let's pose we're gonna roll down to keep it extra little movement going here hands down press but if you're very new getting back into your fitness just focus on some of those isometric moves right squeeze press lift.

And down good roll it out nice and slow roll it up hold good that little pause. At the top you guys you've gotta really make sure you feel that you got to give it that moment just sink in good squeeze press it down lift it up and back down nice work pause roll it out roll it up oh good one.

More edge love it and down all right you guys get a little sip of water we're gonna take a moment take a moment for yourself don't chug water while you're working out just take a small sip awesome you guys you ready to get back into it mmm we're gonna pretend like we're all on track right now I'm attracting we're gonna do a high jump and we're gonna start with one foot forward we're gonna drive the knee up top off the ball of the foot and add that little hop okay if you're modifying watch Janelle she's gonna just come up on the ball of your foot and drive that knee let's do this good back and forth now if you can get a little bit of vertical that's great if you can speed up your tempo that's great too but you're working on that power leg here you're driving off the ball of that foot keeping your abs tight good bring it up drive that knee awesome all right.

And switch good other leg let's go drive it up back and forth now this leg feels. Like concrete to me I don't know why that hide all of a sudden feel like I'm uncoordinated and a lot heavier on this leg but keep going you got it good at your own tempo drive the knee up towards the chest pull the belly in this is the core move you guys all right get that heart rate up I am like sucking wind right now drive it up you're doing great and relax all.

Right whew now we're gonna go soldier walks but I like to call him baby carry baby pickups because all of us know we're coming down to the ground Janelle's going to show you the modified if you can't come to your knees and then we're gonna come back up what we're gonna do with good form right we're not gonna hunch we're gonna keep the chest high we're gonna press into that heel use the butt and come on up now the stronger you get coming up from the floor under your feet the less back issues you're gonna have right I know it's so many of us we go down we pick up the baby and we're like this and then we get up and we wrap ourselves around right keep going on track now we're gonna go up with the other leg first okay so whichever leg you were pressing up with first go up and down down down press it up Grethe you really want to think about pushing through the heel activating the glue keeping your chest up so you're always just thinking about good body mechanics right yes yeah good job guys will you get up nice shot back and forth good job ladies I know.

Just give yourself that pep talk nice work you got it now if you wanted to make this harder you could hold on to a free weight you could hold on to your baby right if they're not too big down. Down press it up press down down one.

More coming up press through that glute and up nice jobs now coming on down to your floor your mat you're gonna do a seated twist with a rainbow I want you to think about holding a ball between your hands you can keep your heels down at first you're gonna rotate in a rainbow position as if you are holding something all right now don't drop it and don't squish it right keep it in a nice shape pick your feet up if you can and you're gonna rotate side to side the reason I'm having you do that is because then you can't cave your shoulders in you've got to keep your shoulders square so as you turn your left shoulder you got to turn your right shoulder you can't compensate all right so keep it in your hands rotate it side to side good you guys look like an awesome this was so hard huh especially if you're just getting back into the ab work back and forth squeeze and relax awesome back up on your feet you're in track it's track-and-field time let's go into our jumps and drive it up back and forth drive that knee up towards the chest think you guys are looking awesome back and forth nice work good I don't know what you guys might know look there's like now eight months old right so he's got me seen biz and time is flying by so another reason I love the Fitbit verse the light it's because it has a battery life of four plus days yeah ii working my phone so. That for me is everything and switch other side drive that knee up good remember abs are tight like you mean it drive the arms your stepping back giving yourself that little bit of momentum as if you're going off a trampoline right bringing it up nice work a couple more seconds you got.

It relax huh all right baby pickups.

Let's do with it so whichever leg you want to go down first is the leg that's gonna come up first and you want to push through that heel keep your chest high as you do this right up and down if you need something more soft on your knees grab an extra blanket or pillow or those body pillows but be careful you don't roll off of it right but have some extra cushion if your knees are sensitive or just go with those reverse lunges like Janelle is doing for you we got the rest of us here that are burning our buns right now and like you feeling it good now let's switch legs go up on the other foot first up press through and down I think. About body mechanics all the time when I'm picking things up because I really want to protect my back and remember you're going going going you're working hard you're getting these workouts in you're tracking your calories your heart rate but if you get hurt nothing can stop you but that right all right when you get hurt it's over you got a rest completely so don't put yourself in that position think about body mechanics and think about doing dings way for your body last one down my gamma button woo and up come on back down you got your lead twist with the rainbow ball alright feet up if you can sizes eyes rotate back and forth squeeze the ABS pull the belly button in towards the spine go with your own pace rotate good back and forth good job you.

Guys oh my gosh abs are on fire you're doing.

A great work here on the obliques and the back is even working those backhoe Bleek's dominoes and relax one more step.

Here grab your water good give me a. Little laugh give me a little heart rate check on you guys what do we got how many six nice job 125 no 143 nice job.

140 nice job nice job you guys that's good because I love it when I can do both strength and cardio at the same time and when you visit the Fitbit app you can also see how much time you spent in your teeth heart rate zone your cardio zone and your fat burning zone so that's another way to really know is that how hard you're working or where you working it okay so come on to your feedback let's go back into a cardio intensive move this is our squat Jack combo so our sumo squat we're gonna have our feet wide we're gonna drop down into a squat elbows touch the knees we're gonna come up into a jack or you're gonna step out like Janelle all right so you might be stepping or jumping here depending on how good you feel in your knees how strong you are and the legs right now alright or just your energy level level overall so follow who you need to for this one this is an explosive move you guys are getting low and then you're exploding out of a squat good that's it thanks Jeff a couple more seconds we're using it out good.

Oh two more seconds one and relax okay. Now that that got me up to 140 so I'm like whoa this is now we're gonna go into a dead lift with your feet hip width apart chest is up booties gonna shift back you're gonna go down into a deadlift now with your thumbs open palms open you're gonna squeeze the shoulder blades good and then back down good that's it and then come all the way up squeeze your butt so drop into a deadlift here make sure your chest is high pull those arms back squeeze thumbs up towards the ceiling back down and then squeeze the butt at the top so you get a good stretch through the hamstrings you're working on that low back glute good and hamstring strength and then you're working on that middle back with that reverse fly you guys feeling okay good I like how my heart rates coming down but I'm not really taking my foot off the pedal here working the muscles really getting the burn through my backside this is one of those great moves it pretty much works your entire backside so if it gives you a better posture right down squeeze those. Shoulder blades good come on on up one more down squeezed together and nice work now the.

Last one is a plank press you guys are gonna love me for this one but you can't do this one when you're pregnant so this is great now that you don't have anything in your belly and you can work your back on your belly you're gonna go from here on your belly you're gonna lift your chest lift your legs squeeze and hold you're gonna feel your whole backside fire up now you're gonna you're gonna tuck your toes put your forearms on the mat and pull yourself into a plank and hold you can also modify by pressing the knees down here in the plank right cuz this is still working your abs all right now back to the belly lift the chest and lift the legs squeeze good and then tuck.

The toes place the forearms down and lift remember keep your keep your head towards the floor you guys because you don't want your neck to feel jacked up here remember when you lift your chest lift your legs look towards the mat good then tuck the toes forearms in the mat and lift into that plank nice work Imelda I love that this is one of your favorite such a good one for me to go down and up lift squeeze that back tight. Feel the back muscles and then press forearms into the ground pull your body away from the floor through your core work and relax all right back up on your feet soon we'll swap jacks but do this live you say you guys ready yeah loving it let's go down and up let's get those heart rates up again work it out this is a fusion of strength. And cardio without any with any equipment just your attitude which these ladies have a good one love working out with other women are really prioritizing their health and really care about staying active and strong good job guys bring it up good job couple more seconds oh my gosh my body is like almost ready. Just drop it like it's hot and relax all right going deadlift here we go feet hip-width apart deadlift drop it down stretch it out a little soft bend in the knees to remember because you want to have good you want to have a nice soft joint there full whole I'm a hamstring good pinch the back when you come up squeeze the butt and then lower it right back down good chest leads the way so you got a nice flat back going down good work.

Good and up get that brat back in the.

Body you're doing great really think about all the beautiful back muscles giving you such good posture and strength to carry your baby without having back problems or a sore neck that. Was that was the hardest thing to adjust him it's always holding on to something that weights more than seven pounds good last one down and awesome job all.

Right going down playing press last one let's do this all right starting on the belly let's lift the chest lift the leg pull pull pull keep your face towards the mat good then tuck the toes press the elbows in forearms and pull up hold hold.

Good drop it down so you can really do which ever one actually is more challenging hold longer so if your back is weaker maybe try to hold that back move or if your abs are weaker work on the press work on holding the plank a little bit longer alternate between the two and really don't feel like you know you have to switch right when I switch but work on the muscles that really need it more and find yourself doing a good balance of both cuz you don't want to just work the abs you want to also include the back good last one let's lift back into that.

Awesome and relax you guys are amazing come on up to a seated position now it is time for the cool down but before we do I need to get a little calorie and heart rate check from you guys 132 calories calories 210 210 150 443.

Calories Wow 200 calories and 126 for.

Our awesome 261 calorie iiver 226.

Calories as well so good you guys awesome job everybody now we're gonna do a little bit of a cool-down and get ourselves to recover recoup get ourselves lengthened out remember the recovery is just as important as anything right guys yes you gotta take care of that recovery you're gonna get the breath back in the body it's so important for us to really kind of bring ourselves into this place of recovery so straddle stretch get the inner thighs the hamstrings opened up we're gonna reach forward here and everyone's gonna be able to witness my inflexible body but you know what if you're inflexible and you're not stretching shame on you right at least I stretch and this is my flexibility point right here but I feel good but I'm working on it and I'm lengthening each and every time so you guys got to avoid skipping this part breathe it in nice shop now let's go to the side let's get a nice little side vent so we're opening it up nice stretch side to side.

You guys get a little sweat get a little looser on the other side stretch it out how quickly that time goes by right.

Beautiful alright now we're gonna bring the feet together we're gonna go into a seated butterfly so you get the balls of the feet together let's bring the back nice and upright go ahead lifted legs butterfly open little stretch here get the inner thighs and that low back if you can pull yourself forward towards your feet just a little bit great little stretch and then this is one of my favorites see the twist you got one leg straight all right let me do it this one here and then one meet is gonna cross over the top leg you're gonna hug that knee into your body add a nice little twist a nice little rotation beautiful now you guys saw how many calories you burned you tracked your heart rate you can also check out the Fitbit app and you can see how much time you spend in your peak heart rate zone how much time you spent in the cardio burn and fat burning zones which is so fun right yeah so cool good nice breather and switch it up leaves it out remembered teeth nice deep breaths in here every time you inhale exhale and try to release and deepen your stretch feeling a nice twist nice rotation good.

And then this last one is for all my mamas right who holding their babies working at the desk this is the trap release so you want your palms towards the floor all right they can touch great you're gonna tilt your head to the right you're gonna press the left heel of your hand into the floor so you're trying to press into the floor with the heel of your hand and you're tilting your head to the side now you might come forward a little bit with the tilt wherever it feels tight in your trap or in your neck and you're just releasing all those muscles I know it love this one.

Beautiful press the heel of that right.

Hand into the floor you're actively depressing that shoulder by doing that and then it really does length and fully lengthens all that range of motion through the neck as you just tilt the head to the side you don't have to really jar it just till hold breathe.

Awesome now the last one we're gonna do is the seated chest stretch so I want you to bring your hands behind your back clasp your hands together if you can right it's little hearts you can do this one standing as well roll your shoulder blades back and open that chest so you get a nice chest opener here good you can nice deep breath in open those shoulders nice work you guys.

Awesome job today you guys little cardio strength you guys cardio is so important to your overall health but so is strength so make sure to check us out next week we're gonna be bringing you a ten minute core workout that I've been loving since having baby Luca you're gonna love it too we'll see you soon

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