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15-Minute Beginner's At-Home Cardio Workout | Class FitSugar

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Everyone has to start somewhere. And when it comes to cardio, working out in the comfort of your own home is a great place to start. We created this 15-minute workout for beginners, complete with low-impact modifications for anyone who doesn't want to jump. You don't need any equipment for this workout, just a can-do attitude. So press play and get ready for your heart rate to rise.

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New ricardio no problem today we've created a 15 minute beginner cardio workout just for you let's go all right. Are you guys ready for a beginner cardio workout I love it we've got Lisa in Salette here to go through the workout with us we're gonna start with a little jog warmup I've got my cardio cupcake girls here today so they're excited to work it out with you guys and if you're new to cardio don't worry this workouts just gonna get you in the flow get that heart rate up feeling good okay awesome so jogging in place all right picking up the feet right and arms are engaged you're not just here no no these girls are in form right okay good keep it going couple more seconds to warm it up your ankles your joints everything's getting loosened up in the hips this is why the nice little jog warm-up is so good all right now we're gonna go into a high knee and progress into a skip so if you're new to this kind of jumping move like a skip in place start with the March all right Lisa is going to show all the modifications Mansel a we're going to start going into a skip so pop off the balls of the foot my heart rate is already going up right good back and forth pop it off you got it you could also just March it's up to you everybody's got their own skip routine make sure you're like in the park right I could go back here with Sol a weekend skipper on it good job you guys thanks for all right now we're gonna go into a wide stance squat and knee raise so go into a wide skin stance bring those hands behind the head go down into a nice deep squat if you're modifying watch Lisa you're gonna come up bring that knee to elbow and right back down into the squat back up we're getting low working the legs when you work the legs you work the cardio want to know why they're big muscle groups baby and they are gonna be working so you're down enough you're getting the core engage remember breathing as I exhale I'm bringing that knee up to my elbow you can't get the knee to the elbow it's okay right yes back and forth you guys look great more seconds breathe it out two more two good one all right now. We're going to go into a crab walk I love this one so start at the edge of your mat here you're gonna go down low squat I'm going as low as I can chest is high we're gonna take small steps so we're not bouncing we're not coming up we're staying super low it's the crab walk you're creepy we call it creepy walk too if you want to make sure your heels are on the ground for this right so my quads are burning up right now you guys diet back and forth my heart rates up I can feel the breath I love it get that sweat going let's go back and forth one more time once your legs start to feel like jello that's when you know it's almost over coming back guys are doing good. Breathe and extend okay jaggabhai juggles look down a little bit now remember if you're new you can always be walking in place right Lisa do you want to show that you can't or you're jogging in place picking the feet up it's all up to you whatever your style is no you're just doing a little cool down here are you ready for round two yes yes you guys doing okay all right let's go into that high knee again so you're either doing this skip or the March right beautiful and I love how Lisa even though she's doing the March she's kind of giving it a little bit of attitude right because you're not getting off the ball that foot doesn't mean you don't give it attitude good back and forth abs are tight when you're picking up that knee your core is engaged you're working a lot of muscles of the body you're doing good and breathe I don't forget to breathe because I'm talking right so don't forget to read this off and three two one and go wide yeah so like that wide. Going into that squat and then we're going up for that nice near a it's up ran down good you don't have to go as low here met releases showing you the modified so if you're going just a little bit you're still working those legs get the leg up boom working weeks boom in the hips see let's I sell a that's French for Sally huh yeah so pretty yeah back and. Forth boom good you guys doing it yeah.

Keeping the chest high three - boom one.

And let's go crab walks I know the legs are feeling it already let's go low keep the chest up high heels are on the ground right we're not on the toes we're on the heels however far you have in your living room you might only go a couple feet that's okay go a couple feet move back and forth try to have to come up from that squat until we're done breathe it out it's hard I know all right my legs are feeling like jello I'm loving it that's when you know it's working yeah yeah the reason I have my hands in front of my chest it forces me to keep my chest up otherwise who knows where I'll be but when it's here I got a good focus on my my posture right three two and oh my goodness here okay jog it out a little bit now I'm gonna go into a little combo move next so don't get scared well sorry very simple Jagga legs out a little bit maybe some time to recover and me alright so we're gonna go into a little jumping jack this is the modified version right we're due for then we're going to go into two squats one and two so it starts with four Jack two three four. Squat one and two okay you're doing.

Regular Jack two three four squat jump.

Squat jump back down right one two three.

Four squat jump squat jump yeah you guys.

Doing it with a heavy yeah Felidae I know at home sometimes honestly I lose track myself don't worry try to get four jacks to squat jumps if you lose me probably cuz I'm not counting either I'm talking to three more there we go I got Phil I helping me one two again pop to pick up me for squat it down Oh down and relax you guys are awesome now we're keeping it flowing here we're gonna do a nice little high knee with a kick so we're gonna do four high knees and then we're do for kicks boom now when I do a kick guys I'm not into martial arts here okay I have tight hamstrings you know it's true but what I want to do is take that heel out for four then I'm marching two. Three four kick and you know my dancing skills are lacking too right so here just really get the knee up engage the core pump the arms come on. You're working those legs I know the cardio is up when you work in the leg. Kik-kik good huh March it to three or.

Kick two three four or shake it out.

Shake it out shake it out you guys okay now we're gonna bring it down to the floor and I love this next couple moves because we're gonna work the upper body a little bit but that's still very engaging for the cardio so we're gonna do a modified push-up all right so going from the knees drop it to the chest just to the floor come up into a plank modified version hold the plank the insolent we're gonna do a tap side to side and back down to the knees push up little back up into that plank throw modifying I want you to try to hold that plank don't just stay on your knees okay.

Yes that's right sister good we're combining a lot of different muscle groups that are working right now keep going side to side make me sweat love it.

These are my southern girls I love it we're accent gets me fired up good down it up oh good plank side tap you're doing amazing back down to the knees Jess come up come on arms tight attack beautiful boom and relax come on up to your feet so we're back up so now here we're gonna do a little skater pile but modified version so we're gonna take a big step back remember your knee stays right in line with that toe you're dropping your back knee a little bit here I want you to pinch your shoulder blades together come back together step drop that knee pitch come up together you guys look great so drop it down you're working the outside of the glutes working the legs working that upper back bad for you too that's when we know if we're sweating you've got to be sweating too back and forth especially when you're new to cardio just keeping the body moving is good if you're modifying remember Lisa you shouldn't be going to love showing just a big step so modify just step now let's speed it up a little bit so we're going back and forth let's go like what dancing boom good squeeze keep your chest high working the legs look in the shoulders you feel that right to the back the shoulders get like that's right back and forth I'll smoke three good two. Last one boom nice job okay round two so. We got started remember one two yeah go for I got your jacks then you got your squats - yeah let's go yeah one good. Three four down up down up.

Good one two three four yeah up notice.

How we do squats low you don't rush there you better enjoy that squat good instead of it yeah good crew and I'm landing soft so don't ever land with straight legs even if you're going up into that squat jump starts I saw my last jack good - good down slow slow yes.

And later shot one more come on two three four boom boom oh all right now.

Let's go March March come on these are high kick four three two one good marks one I love this for the car me too I feel it I kick boom boom boom good come on remember whenever you're breathing heavy that's when you know you're getting stronger your heart is the most important muscle in your body and if that is strong so were you alright doesn't matter what size you are I don't have a clue what number what foot were great for yeah you can hey. Come on last one two three four. Come on this kick my legs are tired okay good all right she'll forget back down guys you're doing great modified push-up why do we go modified guys because we're winded right but we still want to keep moving going down we want that full range of motion all right so a lot of people do a short push-up cuz they're not strong enough to go to the floor so that's why we're going modified if you have the strength to touch the floor and come up then go ahead and do that okay otherwise you know we're second wind we're gassed and we feel like a modified push-up it's just right right now just for what we need with this beginner cardio workout good good range of range of motion abs are working go Jeff Lisa come on girl get it up Oh holding that plank two more good push going up last one push up oh.

Yeah and relax oh oh baby hi come on let's go.

Get a pile with that nice reverse fly you know what happens you pinch those shoulder blades show him your muscles ladies get the back working let's go ready step it squeeze step it and squeeze you gotta have that good posture so what that requires is pulling moves oh squeeze work that backside when you do push-ups you push right now it's pull good yes guys are looking good back and.

Forth good and our tempo is higher this side then we started last side right whoo back and forth oh my goodness you want to get it over with her I love it good three going at two good last one.

And cool it down jog it out jog it out and walk it out whenever I'm cooling down I take a nice deep breath in through the nose hell through the mouth a couple of those you're jogging.

It out okay now your legs are wide all right right here you're gonna do a nice overhead tricep extension with a nice little side Bend cuz your arms are working your back was working your chest triceps help with those push-ups bring it down other side reach it up nice and tall reach towards your back grab the elbow pull it back you're doing a little side Bend here right get a nice little lateral stretch through the back an old please you ladies feeling okay oh yeah was that fun or what yeah it's okay all right then we're gonna do a nice little quadricep stretch we did a lot of work on the quads so we're going to stand on one leg if you have a partner or wall hold on to that so you can balance and really hold this one point that knee down towards the floor try to bring your heel all the way up to your booty and really keep the knees in line you don't want your knee want wobble it out like that not gonna have good form for the stretch cuz you want to straight down really length squeeze your glue on that same side you feel an assist pull and then switch alright you guys worked a lot of the quad today so really embrace the stretch don't skip it this is going to help you recover for the next time you press play right or maybe you're gonna do it again who knows all right you guys great job today make sure you get that one in at least a couple days a week alright good good job they killed it

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