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7 RINGS - ARIANA GRANDE Dance Tutorial | Matt Steffanina Choreography

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Yo what's up guys master TV I'm back for another tutorial and today I got a special guest hey you're supposed to wait until I did the smoke bomb Oh anyway I got a special guest hey guys see so much better we're gonna be teaching you my new choreography to seven rings Ariana Grande and we're.

Having a special contest for this routine so once you learn it make sure you upload your covers tag me tag taught to use the hashtag below and we're gonna be giving away some of my merch that's not even out yet if you guys want to get on the pre-order list hit the link down in the description it's gonna be the first link put your email in it's free we'll let you know when it drops because we're gonna be giving away a bunch of stuff on that too and what we're gonna be doing is reposting our favorites onto the epic dance videos account I'm gonna give you guys a shout out on my Instagram and we're gonna be sending some of you guys my new merch if you put your hair up and Arianna ponytail that's extra credit so we're gonna learn the choreo now right after this transition seven hey all right so we're gonna mirror this video for you guys so that when we say left it actually looks like the left on the screen and the first thing we're going to do is actually step on the left and you're gonna go money money so you just hands are literally going like this and you step in left right and then you bring your foot in come down you you're gonna answer the phone click they're gonna bring it up and over hang it up whoever was on there you're not you're not cool with them you hang up immediately they gonna roll it back you're gonna go roll roll throw and then gonna step back down and your hands are gonna come up to hit down boom and that's gonna knock you over to the right so it's really important when you hit down it's like a goon the little hit and set and then cards so you swiping the money you come to here you're gonna come up and then over and catch to your other shoulder all right so that's kind of a lot yeah already so maybe let's go back from the top one time we'll give you guys like kind of the rhythm and some counts to help you at the time and it goes 6 7 8 this is 1 2 & 3 4 5 6.

And seven eight one two and three four.

Then you're gonna drop this down you're gonna go five six so just pivoting like on this groove huh and then you catch this seven they're gonna come up with you're right on over eight to catch here then you're gonna do this walk just the legs first you're gonna fall onto your right foot so you're gonna resep right then you go left then right then left good now your arms basically you're doing this but you can kind of freestyle it you're gonna pull them open and that kind of how you doing it - yeah yeah yeah in the way she does it is really good like you'll notice how each time she sits into a foot she kind of like sits into our hip and adds a little bounce to it - so it's heavy so it's like six seven eight game King doc doc II then you're gonna step on your right foot you're gonna go right foot right foot you're just grabbing that two times do jump then gonna push this over the top oh they're gonna fall back on your left you got da so your footwork from here when we're again you just did that twice on your right foot you're gonna dig down right right and then you come up and over the top you when you fall back pull this right elbow up so you go click top top so then you're gonna reach and pull in then first just the legs the legs are going in and then to the side and then your head at the same time is gonna go right in the center so it's kind of weird when you do it like slow but fast I know this yeah first time I was like.

But when you do it fast actually feels a lot better so it's 7/8 doom doc got ya then she says up you gonna bring this up here then you gonna drop down and go yeah and same sort of vibe here you guys like can do it sort of your own style but the level is really important so once you drop down your right hip is going to the front as you rise up then you're gonna jump back and go boom on the wire I know.

I love this move bang on like a big bass it just feels good you're like ah ah yeah I also like if you want to like add a little extra energy if your left leg kind of kicks at the same time yeah makes it just look really aggressive which is what Ariane is all about being gangster I should we go over the top yeah slowly five six seven eight one two.

And phone four five six and seven eight.

One two and three four down five six. Seven and eight one two three four five six seven hold.

The eight one and two three and four and five and seven eight alright so if you.

Need that part again go ahead and rewind otherwise we're gonna go on to the next section because we're almost there y'all killing it so you did back on one when you land this you're just gonna go right arm left arm and then you just step forward on your right and go smack hit this out of the way then the just the legs first you're gonna go back on your left left foot then back on your right foot and you notice how we're popping the other heels so once you're here you step back on that left your hands are gonna pull in as your heel pops and then you're gonna push back so first one is fists like to uppercuts game then push them off yeah yeah so let's clap its ye G then you're gonna. Get a little leg kick you okay Leakey it's not that I couldn't kick my leg that high it's more like yes stop stop reference you know get leo was good or you can do like Tati you go ahead yeah all right so here's your choice DeeDee your leg kicks up whomp and then when you land no matter what you're doing for the leg you have to land in this you're saying like with your right hand and you just push off of it yeah and then you catch this and you're like oh that's the kind of vibe so you did from here connect it seven eight we hit one two three four you go yeah ha ha then.

Two chugs your right knee is gonna come up you're gonna go uh uh then from here this leg is up you're gonna pull your right elbow back with that right knee right left right left head so it's.

Actually really easy but it's gonna kind of happen sort of fast here so from this no no no no no no no no you're going pull you step on a break right left right hand and right foot left hand to your chest right handy your head she's gonna say shoot basketball vibes you'll come all the way down and when you get here this hand is gonna keep tracing up all the way to your neck she said look at my neck so you can help you remember that step so at the same time you're gonna go lift that left leg huh then you're gonna come here flip your hands through to go over there go pull down and grab it and look if you're doing it. With somebody if you're not you could just give like a little oh uh huh but if you don't like a duet you can look at your partner so let's go over that last part again after you do from the you go over catch it this is pull right left.

Da da ah shoot and you lift and she says.

Jet so when you do these hands all we're doing from here is just folding our wrists in and then opening it up on jet so look at my neck da da da ah then you pull down and grab it look alright we're gonna go on because we're almost to the end you guys are so close you're gonna step on your left you're gonna go boom boom and honestly this is like this is just hype so don't worry about like are we doing it exactly the same or which direction just just yeah yeah just hit hit then you're gonna push around with your right foot in your right hand rule you're gonna step out on your right and go high and low they're gonna bring this around down and open your hands so if you do my tutorials you've probably seen this step before this from here you're bringing your right hand on top of your left opening them up and then closing them they're from here you're gonna kind of go like some how you do this so you'll see here.

Same sort of thing like we're trying to do similar stuff but it doesn't have to be exactly the same it's more about attitude and brush rush chill then from here you're just going to go right left over your head so your hands Tim kind of deal it's kind of like a money vibe again right so that's it she's talking about money a lot in this song her hair she money my car I got it my wig my jet my pets I got it it's how. You doing money money over your head and. Then this is all free stuff from here you just do whatever you want your hair if you got a pony you got to do something with it go ahead Ariana I was.

Gonna wear my pony my I was gonna get my mind for the video but we forgot it just natural yo so we made it to the end of.

The combo that's the end of the routine guys y'all killed it I hope if not it's okay because it's a hard routine and you learned it in like ten minutes so we're gonna go back from the very top let's do it first slowly and then we're gonna try it up to tempo so you guys can get ready for the music yeah we got five six a one two and phone push five six and.

Seven eight one two and three four groove groove and seven eight one two three four push six seven eight one and.

Two and three to top five six seven. Eight one two three hit five six seven.

Eight - e85 and two and three pull six top top.

Look groove groove push and top top up. Serving on it and throw and brush and.

Yeah and money and money and around your.

Head freestyle hey if you want to do this this is what we did you know and then we did something stupid hello hello whoa a little rock and that's it you guys got it now that's the version to practice until you have that because it's nice and slow the counts are there you can catch up now once you have that down we're gonna try it full speed this time full speed from the top ready 5 6 7 8 1 2 & 3 4 5 6 & 7 8 1 2 &.

3 4 . & 7 8 1 2 8 8 5 6 - 1 & 2 2 5 & 7.

& 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 1 2 8 8 5 and EDD he and.

One and hey zoom and top yep hey a push.

And tEEN TOP shoot one and toe a shoe.

And yeah and hey and hey and head every style to the skin. 5 6 yep and free stop do something cool hey and your video like yeah all right you guys got the whole routine down now it's time to go check out the original video with the music below and upload your covers remember we're doing a contest for this one so Tati what should you know you guys should go post your videos make sure to tag us and then we'll be picking in our top 5 faves you'll get merch who knows you might just get a ponytail Oh could they get your ponytail this one's expensive don't.

Forget subscribe to the channel get the double turn on notifications can you got a new tutorial stopping every week we'll see you back on the channel to go watch our other videos

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