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30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

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Dance away calories with this hip-hop Tabata from Keaira LaShae. Tuck jumps have never been so fun.

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Get ready to janssen sweat with our girl tiara Lachey thanks Anna hey pop sugar today we are gonna be doing something you've never done before on this channel we're doing some hip-hop Sebata so I hope you're ready to get it poppin make sure to follow me on my channel for more workouts superhero Fitness TV let's go all right guys let's warm it up with some head turns from side to side six seven eight right here look look and leave with the chin okay just warming that body up give him ready to work hey. And you know what I want you guys to know we're dancing yeah you don't have to be a professional dancer to get down with us okay that's why I'm here rows back right here let's go hit it back back oh yeah you can just have some fun with it don't take yourself too seriously where you are working out with me passion over perfection okay now I'm explaining to you how hip-hop to bottle works but before they were gonna start a side lunge right here let's go side lunge sighs mines yes okay hip-hop the body works like this I'm giving you seven moves each move you're gonna do four rounds okay each round is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off of what that means is you're gonna give it all you have for those 20 seconds and then those ten seconds you better breathe okay few more you'll need it you're gonna need it all right now we're gonna go into a shallow squat stand up right here shallow squat make sure the knees are pointing forward boom and sit all the way back knees do not go over the toes okay keep your chest up tall yes because you are proud of what you about to do okay yes yeah whoo now go lower just a little bit yeah so we're getting those hip flexors ready to work I'm gonna do some booty pop in a day you might not be used to that but it's a good okay you ready to know it alright for those of you who don't know Casey is she just about to get a pop up with us - yeah she be there oh she's a professional you are.

We're gonna lift that leg up with the squat ready five six seven you're gonna squat and stand lift that leg bomb yes lift it whoo push that booty out when you squat down yep whoo uh-huh nice push those hips forward. And just stand tall okay whoa few more wah made up one more Oh three more Oh two more to me pray oh.

Nice stand it down okay swing it side to side Oh get ready arm circles big arm so close back let's go hit it back whoo back nice since we're working those arms today as well those shoulders nice right.

Forward here we go five six seven take it forward nice and just tap the foot yeah it's a little bit of a different groove yeah see don't get bored with that warm up whoo three nice two we're gonna rock it side to side shoulder shoulder rock like this rock rock rock yes beautiful come on what you.

Got Casey Oh you take it on 4.43.

2 up 4 3 2 really what those that core 3.

Right to take it up yep 4 3 almost there last one 4 3 night - you.

Got it last one 4 3 2 butt kicks get those sides ready to get those quads ready warm them up warm them up have some fun group it out yes few more good job guys.

4 3 2 & 1 nice are you all ready oh my gosh you ready ready I know you are okay so we're gonna go to the next song so that DJ is gonna put that next song on it's a little funky it's a little funky so get ready you can take these moves to the club okay so the first move I'm gonna explain it to you it is a jump with Torque legs twerk legs I'm gonna show you to do like what is that okay so and it's gonna do your modified version so we have to follow her she'll take good care of you and we're gonna take it up a little bit more okay so the first move is a jump and a twerk legs you don't have to jump as high and you're gonna bring those knees in and out okay we're gonna go 20 seconds on Tim take us off for 4 rounds let's get ready alright ok put that timeline six seven. Let's go hit it jump twerk twerk top and twist twist twice hey nice good now this is the first round of four so you can get used to this movement okay you don't have to be crazy with it now round two and three you can get a little crazy Thanks alright there we go Oh breathe breathe ten seconds okay that you think it goes by so fast for three.

Now hit it two and one big jump bamboo.

Oh yes put stop tip flexors push those.

Hips forward nice twist three to breathe.

All right here we go four three this is the battle now let's go I'm gonna challenge you Casey I want. You to go lower almost work legs three two one all right.

Breathe this is your last round for this move here we go ladies wait six seven let's go whoa.

This is what you're fighting for and you want to be strong come on I'm gonna take.

It down good job great time.

Grab some water you get 30 seconds make sure you grab that water and drink it oh yeah is that ladies this is a fun way to.

Get to bata in right you know spiking out heart rate up with these fun moves yep there's so many areas to progress right you know so going really low or say it up high I love how there's a progression yeah and you can end if you're killing it say you're doing level three and you need to go down to a modified version you can do that right keep switching between so that you don't quit all right breaks over next move who.

Is a cross punch so you cross punching one two you're gonna come in and out so.

A little small jumping jack arms are going back both arms and you're slapping the thighs boom okay so let's try that move just to get used to real quick and 5 6 7 8 1 2 slap 5 6 last time one two nice good now.

If you notice whoo and it's not jumping and that's okay that's that modified version so make sure you're following her whoa yeah now you'll have to slap the legs at heart right now cuz I'll - I'm gonna ask for you to give it to me that's 103 good.

Job yeah so round two give it to me okay whoo bye y'all ready.

Yep six here we go all right let's have.

Some fun with that slap them back nice.

Last one good job breathe I haven't.

Tried this one make it count.

Oh my gosh now it takes a lot of brain power yeah but the cool thing is you get to practice yeah keep getting better right yeah it's time I bother like I'm getting better again if you need to get hit here totally up to you okay just challenge yourself.

Grab water you get 30 seconds okay seconds cool on to the next move make sure if you guys are loving this grab my dance move or DVD work with the e available on Amazon so much fun so much. Fun mm-hmm you guys are doing great.

Doing great feeling good to be challenging okay it's. Good for all levels I feel like anyone can get started yeah if you're if you're short of breath let me show ya see Jane give me that next track so we're going to a different Club huh we're going to a different dance floor we got some different moves okay whoo this is your third move okay this is a me lift and a test pump okay a knee lift and a test pump two times let's go one two all right all right here we go five six seven twenty seconds me whoa nice test.

Me now really quick slow down the turn to the side just so you can see those ABS working it's coming go come on now.

You can challenge yourself hey get lower can we turn that thing yeah I want to turn it yeah I think so yes that's one.

That's one oh your laser burning your.

Abs are burning you're getting a full workout breathe for the battle round yup. Round three robot six seven hit it well I'm gonna get lower we're gonna challenge myself oh thanks oh you can see shake that head.

That's one breathe oh my god I'm trying.

To show the modified version - and I'm still out of breath yeah it's not easy but with challenge comes change here we go back one let's go let's go.

That's one what was that round three or.

Four breathe it's not for your 30-second.


Again it's supposed to be easy supposed.

To help you this is not just exercise.

Yeah so the same music okay in your body.

You're doing okay so you're doing okay.

So 20 seconds good job good first round.

Ladies yeah all right here we go you.

Ready six seven what's your girl's let's go whoa nice lip good job ladies come on what's that okay.

See what you doin girl breathe breathe I.

Like these two cuz it's your own style yeah everybody does it a little bit overly no time hey nice come on push.

That booty all the way back whoa nice few more let's go three breathe oh good.

Job all right one round three me around four here you.

Go and make it count six seven let's go lift it up come on give me all you got don't you quit this is the turn the fight come on nice that's one here one.

More Wow good job grab your water you.

Got 30 seconds I'm gonna take it take it. So again the cool thing about dancing. When you're working out especially with me I want you to have fun that's the main goal have fun burn calories at the same time yeah there are some moves so win win.

Okay oh my gosh alright we are at his.

Different club let's go okay yeah come.

On yeah yeah.

Laughter this move four three two one.

Hit it on D let's go come on.

Yes don't quit okay I know it's difficult I know what's challenging but it's supposed to be three two one yeah.

Thirty second break breathe all right.

With challenge comes change always remember that okay when you think about quitting you think about saying you know way pause I'm dying think about what you're doing this for join this for your health doing this for your mental clarity so this way your heart yes you know yeah all right so back on the dance floor we're doing a side that one coming to the middle so we're going sides at middle sized jack middle again follow Anna for your modified version 20 seconds on the cop six seven let's go hit it.

Whoo yeah hey dumb nice come on whoa.

Come on yeah come on hey get those arms all the way out what those test muscles too and you're done yeah bob ried we're.

Gonna challenge ourselves again I'm messing around yeah running back here in the back. Yes come on come on - yeah we'll get in.

There go get in there you're doing great here we go that's wrong do it five six seven go hit it whoa come on make it count make it count don't you quit go stay on the toes come on whoa keep that spirit up let's go keep that energy going.

Both caps would be burning for 3 been.

Here all this water you do anything all.

Of it few times and then you're gonna.

Say oh I can't make sure you driving.

That water breathing and gearing up for the very last very last move on the day you got this all right we go back look.

Thanks you're pulling and pushing down pulling and punching down as you're doing that your abs you're crunching okay all right 20 seconds on the clock that's go for it here we go in five six seven come on come on come on you did it.

All right we're almost there okay -.

We're gonna turn this thing to the side so you can see it twenty four three.

Let's go low two and one crunch crunch.

Crunch crunch crunch come on get low get.

Low get low nice job whoo come on few more four three breathe - we sweat here.

Move up we sweat in hip hop to bottom if.

You ain't sweatin you ain't doing nothing come on Oh few more let's go put it put it crunch it come on come on come on wait man.

Okay okay Casey down.

Here we go five six seven that thing.

Come on come on come on now I want you to challenge yourself because this is a last round of the last move whoa let's go low come on come on come on you got 10 seconds left let's go let's go come on four three two one oh oh yeah.

Getting low that makes a big difference. Amazing I'm ready for the club now I.

Really think I could step in there in there any day all right we're getting. Ready to cool it down but I need you to breathe drink your water okay calm it.

Down we made it yes we made it okay.

Great job guys so take a big big deep inhale.

All right big inhale take the arms up stand shoulder length apart go to the park inhale exhale good job guys whoo.

Inhale you deserve this break or this.

Cool down because you've worked really hard again light body roll with ya.

Shoulders back but we're doing alternating shoulders one at a time oh because we feel good about ourselves cuz we we did it you know what it's not easy to get up and work out every day so we appreciate when you guys join us whether it's not pot sugar whether it's a superhero fitness TV we are thankful for your presence and we appreciate every last one of you guys watching and working out okay this is hard so give yourselves a round of applause. Yes it's okay to give yourself some love in the middle of a cool-down give myself props throughout the whole day I might be at the grocery store who are almost there good job guys we're almost there whoo and stretch over to the side reach good. Almost there. Good bring it up walk it in and if you need even more of a stretch to do any of the cool down on pop sugar.

Or on superhero fitness TV good foot the.

Heel nice same thing other side good.

Right stretching those hip flexors out.

Good job are you dusting off all the.

Politeness give you some yeah you have so much - thank you good job big inhale take it up exhale bring the arms down great job guys give yourselves a round of applause oh my god boom see you guys right here or on my channel love you

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