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30-Minute Belly Dancing Workout For a Toned Core

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Have a blast while you burn calories with this belly dancing workout from Leilah Isaac. No dance experience required — just get ready to have a blast while you tone your core.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leilahbellydancer/

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Hey guys I'm Lila and welcome to this calorie burning belly dance workout we're all levels are welcome are you ready okay we're gonna start with moving our hips side to side so this is just the warmup take it nice and easy just working on to the side as I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my friends here this is Megan and this is Alejandra Megan here Megan. Here is going to be showing you the alternative moves that you want to do if you're not feeling completely advanced today or if you want to take it a step easier free just beginning if you're a beginner you're gonna follow her great we're gonna take the wrist and up really sinking into those knees a little bit more two more and lift one more we're.

Gonna start to kick our feet all the way back let's get that jumping really squeezing into these sides lifting those hip four three two lovely let's bring. Those hands switch switch switch switch.

Take it all the way back great just working those lights - sighs we're gonna start by sliding feel free. To get those arms out to the side you're really good with this movement three we're gonna add some little twist so stand here quick so here what we're doing is warming up the core fly choice one more we're gonna take it to giraffe lovely okay getting straight back to the core gonna take it to chest back up fly one.

More from the top slide twist take it to.

These hip shop check back up.

Big round lovely well done okay we're.

Gonna pass me a little bit over here you can leave those shoulders nice and back and start with our arm is coming in we swing flick swing together you can double the time if you want or you can stay nice and slow let's go that perfect.

Today with that formal pop3 fire two one.

Hold it now we're gonna tuck in the pelvis and really so you got this really beautiful stretch just behind our legs and we're making sure that the hips are really nice and warm this is belly dancing we got a lot of hip back coming perfect chuckles side forward side back side foot side and.

Take the other way back for it side back back for it side lovely really take the boil we're gonna take this small choo choo shimmy so pull the shoulders back if we got these tiny steps on the ball of our feet oh you have to worry too much about our hips just let them loose let those feet so those carbs do all the work is literally you're gonna be feeling it quite a line your carbs today as well from here we're gonna do a shoulder roll get those nice bend our knees. And take it forward really working up in towards ear but you can get a really nice around him of that and then we get a bit more bellied artery one two three alternating art how you feeling I didn't.

I take it boys I can we got a little bit more chest. Work hip lift drop lift drop we're gonna put in our hands kind up on our hip do you have control we're gonna take it side to side side back and you can again try and keep that control by hand hand on your hip okay are you ready to begin.

It's very correlated we're gonna put our hands up the side feet together twist twist twist twist so we're doing is taking it from one diagonal to the other and keeping control using that core let's double it up what happens here is you become a shimmy becomes a twist shimmy amazing okay we'll be doing its placing our arms and wrists around one two one two one two trying to keep the other part of our body really nice some luck keep breathing we got a new man coming hip hip the most.

Important thing about this move is like we're squeezing the glutes and really sinking into the movement when you think of the movement you're squeezing and kicking out there call hip kicks because they're trying to kick that wall to the side from the top double you got it we're gonna go through it another hundred times then you do greed that cook yes please please it's working remember you don't have to do the three you can stick to just one to each side joiner modifications lovely.

Control cool okay okay we're going to the next. Room death side body rock step side body. Rock choo choo shimmy which we did in this warm-up step like body roll body. Roll tiny steps keep those feet together then do it all the way back side step buddy we'll really working up through the core turn around nice and upright fishing back dad add the hands feel comfortable turn around and send it back. Again body roll body roll love you.

Big chance turn around keep the head nice and high keep smiling we're gonna hold a hit I'm gonna take it from the top four three two one twist twist again twist.

Back into that step forward buddy wrong beautiful bunny girl take it away round and again.

Hey hey gun keep that core engaged.

That bullet buddy rolled and lovely take. It around i feei i got really feelin it.

Great kind of like going everywhere right now take it forward step 40 roll. Step put your old tag around.

I guess Maurice we can make please step forward you trying to get a boat out of the swagger burn as many calories as we can and take it boys this is the last one we're gonna stay here so your list lovely today again.

And give yourself up a how you feeling.

Great so I said hi drum solo little section here we're gonna just start with a really simple move or we're gonna step back this leg step forward together other side step.

Together we can get faster company we got this going let's go with the hon if you want really sinking into that move don't worry about anything else just that leg back beautiful one hold it.

There we're gonna do this choo choo shimmy and other hands coming all the way and and halfway and we have to imagine there is to beach balls and then you let them go Rory breathe how your carp swimming one.

Straight into it lift and down back side flip and down okay.

One more take it to his chest shimmy to.

The side step and chest and chest lift drop this is.

All control from that core really and.

Again let's take into that shimmy shimmy.

Again back take it back take it back.

Shimmy again chest you me to the side.

And drop beautiful and drop again all.

The way to those cuts amazing well done.

Okay we're gonna take it back so let me start by small steps forward right back cross double up so you got. Our cross box that kind up it's a little. Bit more of an eighties move but we're throwing it in snake cuz we can be 80s why not got the shimmy.

And if it's too much for this Jimmy and the feet you can always just choose one choose your favorite and then next time you can do both so here we got the hips hip hip lift drop hip hip flip jaw if. You really want to get those calorie burn today stopping son we want to squeeze into the hip and really wide and lift my chest up and down without the shoulders involved he the shoulders nice and relaxed from the top whoo baby hip lovely okay this is your breather.

Here okay hip hip flick hip hip one more time.

I think my favorite move is not by the way we got back three shoulder old.

Choo choo shimmy back look at the audience me and then shoulder up look at my shoulder all very nice so this is a really fast and then contrasting this beautiful loose shoulder movement beautiful two more one more let's go.

Very nice and take it into the sentence. How we're gonna start all those the beginning do remember all let's go take.

It to the pit get into choo-choo shoulde it to to.

Shoulders one more time choo-choo let's go if you don't know what to do shimmy is know you do baby we got a new move. Take it to the side one two three four and back nice slight chance using that court to let you go side to side really twisting and back one more time that we can take it straight from the top.

Breathe one more time please in today's teaching shimmy to side shoulder.

Into the joint.

Repeat let's do it one more time can we do this shimmy just one time hip hip hip again.

One more two to Jimmy to the side are we.

Gonna end on this nice smooth side and.

Stay here we're gonna go one more time keep breathing.

Well done guys are you feeling okay a bit high a bit sweaty that's good are you good okay so we're gonna go into our next drum solo section which is super fine we have these really nice lady hearts we're gonna start with Stephanie's this is the Egyptian shimmy so one knee comes forward the other knee goes back but you don't want to ever lock your knees you want to keep them nice and stuff the entire time so once we go a little bit faster keeping that body nice and upright you'll start to notice and this comes with practice so if you want to choose your own shimmy which is like a hip shimmy or anything else you can do that at home but if you're ready to really try to get this Egyptian shimmy down you'll start to notice that your belly's going side to side like they were gonna start layering you ready one two release stay with that.

Really and this is not easy we're just smiling because we're pretending it's easy we're just like.

Yeah we're totally fine okay let's just.

Do a few more if you see you got a movement in your body like I said practice practice practice okay we're gonna take it to our step pop step pop step pop - to Jimmy hang it to.

The side step hop step hop whole from the beginning let's go step take it back.

Beautiful you're right into it no stopping this time I want you to get all these moves right into that body burn those calories straightaway okay all of you people here.

Have already got this down I'm gonna start adding those times okay I think every added some lift but this is the additional hand movement opposite leg opposite hand step let the back of the.

Hand touch spend it all the way back one a time step lift flick all the way back.

Step side step pop shimmy shimmy very.

Nice well then so that was just a little bit of touching on a different style of that a double take we can get straight to Rafe on one which is a bit more active it makes you have some space starting with these nice slide lie so.

Really want to open up the hands now this is a really beautiful room especially because while you're doing it you're feeling some air in your face you're like I feel so refreshed right now do you feel that lovely from here.

We're gonna do two of these and take you into a time I'm gonna show you now we got one turn around one two three jump step step one two.

Three jump step if you forgot knots it's hard just do two steps I'll show you one - you can do this move that okay perfect just feel you're feeling dizzy. No need to build everyday lovely from here hip two three four half a turn to John's four hips take it halfway two jumps for hips truth Louise into this blue I think you don't want to turn to the back turn to the front okay perfect what.

So you get that really nice shimmy feeling when you really squeeze this one leg here beautiful from the top punch turn around again lovely turn around peg into four hips one two three four turn around few jumps from the top.

Beautiful back side turn around jump by.

Seconds if those hips.

One more times and then you've got an emu fear which you've kind of done before so don't worry too much at home it's okay one egg on peg it through.

Things head choo choo shimmy flick down chest back up lovely lift down chest back up if you want you can just do this sound chest lifts very nice lift down chest lift is up to you but a little bit more advanced would be the circles we really get into them involve your shoulders if you want stay find your favourite side to suckle on as well everybody has a favorite side you're still working that core no matter which way you go are you ready from the top beautiful have fun let's keep going. Beautiful for hit.

Church you it's the back to suckle choo-choo again to Saco teach you again.

I'm making you this four times y because I care about the muscles in your body and I know this buns calories from the top.

Find your place very nice well the. Ladies are home what if it's getting really wealthy we've got a little bit of a relaxing wine I'm lying it's okay it's gonna be fine but when I say relaxing I just me we've got a touchdown so we're gonna play soft feet nice and comfortably side hips nice and level with our knees and our shoulders nice and back we step together step double time these are what I call salsa legs but we're squeezing the glutes so you got the hips involved hips can you see that little push out if I don't have to push out it's just like this if you want to squeeze the glutes then you're activating all the muscles from the court so the glutes as well let other hands hands Dave hands us the leg out in front of us like a snake we have.

This hard coming slower than the rest of the body nice and relaxed perfect now. We're really gonna isolate the core now and what's on those chips hold shift shift shift shift chip chip this is not easy but comes with practice so this is what we're gonna begin practicing today with each one of these moves you're stretching your sides and working in terribly and really trying to stretch by holding on to your hip so make sure that you're going even further to the side lovely we're gonna go to back down the side steps and then take into these let's go one two tracks chips okay bye.

So if these ships are too quick for you just do normal one - that's all you don't have to do three Teesside just do one to each side one more time ready for.

The next section we step step hip hip step hip comes up into the obliques we're using our knees to let that hip moves up and down this is different the hip kick they're very sharp but you don't have to go shot up today lovely and if you're very familiar with these turn this is a hot figure of eight to the side lovely which wax again from the side cool we're gonna do two more and then take it from the top huh ladies.

I'll be going up Harry he's starting to feel that all around here I sure AM okay this is gonna be our final final soon so we're gonna go full-on with this and we're gonna start coming at some point right we're gonna start with sending that leg forward back forward to John but we do you don't have to jump today you feeling like just bouncing that's fine we're gonna alternate legs if you're feeling up for that as well and then we add the shimmy let's add the shipping jump jump jump jump lovely this term again are that pop you ready let's go.

Beautiful stay with it I can't got one of my favorite movies here right now this is the Maya we can take it to the side up side down squeeze obliques side down take it in it's an M shape lift side down it does feel strange if it feels strange does normal but if you want we can just shift shift to the side so you can either go one two three four five six seven or you can.

Shift one two three find your favorite for today each one is going to work on this side up perfect one two three five. Six seven or shift up to you really isolating. Those side ads by six seven or stops you. Really make your choice now we're gonna take it boy lovely double clap other side take in through smile one two three stay where they do whatever feels good with your hand let's try that one more time fill it up.

Hey can they lose - one two three four. Stay with it keep both knees nice and soft so you're able to get that full motion take it to the side these are fine hit me this one two three pull choo choo shimmy other side drop drop just jump I'm sure you've seen these before unto. Two feet together beautiful you have.

Full control of they don t get excited.

About that if you would.

Right into those myates one will a87.

Straight into this hit choo choo shimmy.

Stay with it. Beautiful from the top.

Repeat repeat same thing through both side.

Well guys it amazing back at home and if you got all the moves that's brilliant if you did and that's fine just do it again with us cuz we love dancing with you let's take the shoulders back gonna. Give ourselves a little bit of a cool-down so we're gonna start by simply bringing our arms in we exhale reaching all the way up and take it back down we hug our body and release all the way lovely stretching through our arms stretching our hips really relaxing you teach me really lovely from now what we can do is take your behind us open up our chest let our shoulders come a little bit forward when we drop down and we release so it's a whole body stretch opening from ichat bring those elbows into the side and then just drop those shoulders down so we get a nice stretch behind your leg oh no and exhale down got one more piece I do love this movement you can really sink into it and really stretch from that call an exhale hold it down while you're holding it now we're gonna take your hands to one leg and straighten your leg.

And straight back to your son and straight back lovely from here just really slowly coming up get that hair about your face you can bring his hands up to the side and stretch all the way we did a lot of side up so you really want to stretch it out exhale and bring me those rounds on you.

Really stretch to the other side again.

And really you should feel really nice judging really proud of yourself again you see that and lovely we're gonna bring this to the end and we did a lot of - to show me so we're gonna bring that butt up our heels on the ground we're gonna exhale and we bring up hot it's down nice and controlled when you feel that stretch me high in the calf muscle behind the leg into coal lovely we act comes in all the way up controls in the core and release the other kill that little bun it's always one foot a little bit more than the other in the other side and really one more time.

To the other side and he'll lovely from.

Here bring his hands behind us interlace our fingers and we're just gonna stretch to really stretch in your chest stretching our core building on the shoulders of it up one would be breath in and forth in full.

Width so we got a little bit of a big hug it's kind of like hugging your body but what I want to do is stretch out your back happy and release those shoulders bring one hand in spits out take it up to the opposite direction through another bit more we can just rotate that little flap wrist and swing.

The other side Daniela hannover looking to the opposite direction and then rotating me we're gonna send that all the way bring one knee to a bend hold on to it you can try and find this spot on the wall that you can look at this will help you with your balance and then lift your other hand up you can bring your power a little bit forward if I'm in a deeper stretch and then again you can stay around with that hand you're feeling like you're gonna fall hold on to me well hold on to me you can be lovely and release that leg and take it to the other side one hand comes up we hold on to the opposite oh little bit off balance I'm gonna focus on you and then we can rotate the wrist why I don't know I think it's fine third base and release we've got time for one tiny bit more stretch we're just gonna cross over to a pretzel shape sinking down into those hips it is important to stretch out your hips and your glutes after belly dancing this is quite difficult if you need something to hold on to at home hold on to a wall or a bar or a chair I don't know what other things all your friend whatever is good for you under really and take it to the other side so you're gonna bring up outfit all the way gonna bend it a little bit sink it down and you can also use your elbow if you need a little bit more support to push down that knee we hold here for you for one then we're gonna inhale breathing all the way up take your hands into the center give yourself a little bit of shimmy and then just get yourself a copy all the ladies at home I really hope you enjoyed that walk out and you got a lot out of it a lot of smiles and I will see you soon 5.now

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