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Fire Up Your Core With This 7-Minute Ab Workout From STRONG by Zumba

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Work your abs and strengthen your core with this workout from STRONG by Zumba. The exercises are synced to the beat of the music to keep you motivated and focused. It’s quick, too: only seven minutes! If you’re ready for more workouts, we've got nine more videos to keep you on track this month. Plus, we’re giving you the chance to win a Zumba Cruise Experience for two and $500 in STRONG by Zumba apparel. \r


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No purchase necessary. Promo period Feb. 3 at 9 a.m. PT-Feb. 23 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Official Rules: popsu.gr/45632884.\r


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Welcome to seven minutes to stronger we all know that strong by Zumba is a whole body workout but today our targeted zone is abs and core we have master trainer our really over gari to lead us through it this workout is presented by strong bite you back Biggs Ali grab a mat and get ready to show me what you got alright guys let's get ready I'm gonna reach across and then we're gonna go all the way up and reach your toes perfect keep your lower back against the floor. It looking good now tempo.

Perfect now focus on those apps doing the moves it's all about line bike you. Got it last one and get ready for the pulse across it's a short move and you should.

Feel those apps already how are you doing ready oh and the reverse crunches yes.

Are you feeling me oh yeah I'm feeling it yeah Ali I love it already feeling that burn so fast all right we're going back to it on the opposite side ready reach up don't.

Forget to breathe let's go.

Nice tempo now you got it nice keep that.

Lower back on the floor remember he. Knows just pointing to the ceiling last one before the pulse all right how we. Doing we're gonna limit loving it loving it I like that oh yeah ready for the reverse crunches let's go remember don't use momentum open those palms of your hands perfect.

Now we're gonna reach back to tights all the way back to new tucks and bring it up perfect nice pull from your abs.

Last one and we're gonna stay up straight to Russian twists keep that chin up shoulders back you're looking good from here you're also looking good I'll fill in it we're going back to those knee tucks right that way ready yes let's go back pull in now if you. Want to make it harder follow ain't that your feet off the floor we got one more.

And we're going back down guys bring your feet up hands right next to your body all the way up perfect push up from.

Your ass this is a long one guy can you.

Feel how them loosed think with the music I love it oh yeah it's amazing it helps a lot you got your fishing up and don't use momentum laughing one two four you got it here from here we're going straight to crunches up control it down and again keep that chin up and follow the music as I set all the way down last one perfect all the way down again.

Back to the new tux. Ah last tip yelling it.

Stay there perfect follow that beat you got it.

Remember everything moves not only your head not only your arms all right whoo.

All right guys we're going into the second song bring those feet up and we're gonna start with scissor drops one leg at a time all right get ready we got this let's go nice now remember to control this move from your abs there's no legs involved here and breathe through your nose pointing to the ceiling how you doing I'm good ready just go to the pulse nice it's a.

Short move if you need it a little easier to look at Ali just with my foot on the floor and it's okay keep those elbows open and ready for the switch bumps if it's hurting you're smiling.

Remember how's it going over there hey while I'm back ready let's go back.

To the scissors nice control it from your apps remember who likes to row oh yeah we start in a little bit let's do it ready bring it down nice if you want it harder bring.

That chest back keep it straight shoulders back you're doing great looking goodnight thank you your elbows coming forward whoa last to extend those. Legs and bring it back perfect keep that chest back last one and we're running to roll back all the way down bring those feet up back to the scissors you're ready here with me let's go let's go Reed you're looking good I can see.

You don't worry to control it from your abs get ready for those fast once across all the way down let's go keep that chin up looking.

Good three we're almost there guys we got.

This yeah I'm really feeling those last.

Seven minutes are you guys don't forget this is not a complete class it will not provide a total body workout but for a full class visit strong by Zumba calm

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