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10-Minute Strong Beginner's Body Workout

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Hey my friends I am back and I'm so excited to take you through a ten-minute beginner workout all you need is one light to medium size free weight and you're gonna rock it all you new mom is out there are gonna love this one let's do it all right you guys let's get this party started we got Rachel Reed over here she's gonna show you the modification and Raven is gonna bump it up with me all right so guys we're gonna start with just a nice March doing a nice shoulder circle to warm up the entire lower body and upper body at the same time looking good so this is a beginner workout but you know what you can take it up a notch if you're a little bit more fit you've been in the game for a while let's switch directions with the arms and rotate the other way but I'm the new mama just getting my body back into shape and this is a lot of the moves that I feel really helped boost that strength and get that metabolism fired up okay ready we're gonna go into a. Jumping jack so we'll do about four jumping jacks and then we're gonna do a march with a twist so you're gonna add four with a twist all right so actually let's do a couple extra twists you know Lipsy four jacks couple twists back into the jack so go at your own pace modify with Rachel right she's gonna show you the modifications and then we're going with a nice rotation here we just want to feel a nice twist through the trunk we're warming up the lower body we're warming up the torso back into the jacks let's do a couple more three for go into that twist and go out your own paint honestly if you're not counting for if you're not counting three or whatever you're just getting that whole behind he warmed up here last one and relax now we're gonna go into a squat and reverse fly so you want your feet about shoulder width apart or a little wider palms facing up thumbs facing out go down into a squat pull the shoulder blades back and pitch right so as you squat pull back pinch low shoulder blade getting that side breathe it out here's where you want to keep your chest high you want to think about getting those arms back as far as you can you guys are good keep the weight on your heels right last one and relax now come.

Down to the floor we're gonna go through our first straight circuit so start in that push-up position okay and then I want you to modify bring the knees down or not okay you're gonna drop all the way down to the floor pick the hands up pinch the shoulder blades and then press all the way into that push-up position and right back down so this is a modified push-up with shoulder blades squeeze so that we're not just working the front side not just working the chest and shoulders but also getting the backside right the middle back and the back shoulders you guys can absolutely.

Challenge yourself for this one breathe it out couple more pinch and press your.

Hands should be right there at your chest right it's a feel natural is if you're a baby and you're pushing up its natural your hands are gonna cover they need to go push one more down pinch my. Arms I want you to go to a modified side.

Plank or you can go all the way from the toes just like Raven we're gonna pulse so you want to have that elbow right your shoulder I don't even want you to pick your whole body weight up yet right because if you're just getting started it's important to modify your weight so that you feel good support from your shoulder and from your side body here and think about your butt squeezing here too you're really gonna get that burn use a whole side of your body as you do that breathe three two one and switch so it's.

Kind of like an isometric hold you know but at the same time you're giving it that little pulse so that you activate those muscles and you really feel them working oh yeah oh you guys hi okay so even if.

You're pulsing you're not driving all the way to the floor you're pulsing two one and relax now come up grab your three way this can be light like a five pounder or it can be heavy okay you're gonna go into a sumo squat get yourself low bring one with the weight to the thigh up over the head like a rainbow and down but you're not coming out of that squat weights on the heels booties back chest is up you're burning your legs keep the belly in tight give yourself as low as you can go you're modifying you're not that low and you're working your shoulders here you guys feel it oh yeah your torso good keep it.

Going three two one and now we're gonna go into a squat and shop so keeping the weight in the hands you're gonna go down for a squat try to get the knees to the elbow come up shop over that knee down up chop-chop good so.

You want to control that chop right you don't want to be letting that weight take you for a ride you want to be controlling that weight across your body tight right you want to really control that shop so that your corpse does that controlled rotation and now all of a sudden you're feeling your side's now we're gonna go into a nice little single legged reverse lunge so you're gonna take a step back all right and you're gonna come up gonna do a shoulder press keep your foot off the ground if you can or lightly touch then we're gonna bend the knee and hip to touch towards the floor you don't have to go all the way and then your back so it's a reverse lunge you're coming up you're press you're gonna bend knee and hip towards the floor and you're gonna touch if you lose your balance just touch the floor okay so reverse press bend that knee slightly knee and hip touch and come up if you can keep your foot off the floor the whole time your booty is gonna be on fire but if you're lightly touching you're not putting your weight on that foot all you're doing is gently gaining your balance right go with your own pace here you're working hard and switch okay so opposite hand in foot or on the ground let's go reverse lunge come up to press use that shoulder abs are tight bend that knee and hip forward keep a straight back coming up good you're back and you can add that extra shoulder press if you want I see you over there Rachel Reed you got that okay so you guys can feel your shoulders working your legs working your core has to stay I work in the balance if you can master this move then you're a beginner body it's gonna have such a strong foundation for more intense exercises then you can really start you know work on those plyos and work on those more ballistic movements then you've got all this stability in your hips and your core relax you guys feeling good okay round 2 set that weight down come on to your push-up position you're going from the toes of the knees you're ready to rock and begin all the way down pinch the shoulder blades and press up all the way down so if you can go faster go faster get more reps in if you need to go nice and slowly paced it then do that but I want you working front side and the back side you guys alright belly is tight don't roll off that mat like a snail you want to keep your body feeling stiff you want to come up all as one unit pinch press come up as one unit don't let that bag sag keep the belly pulled in tight keep your head facing the floor right and exhale on the way up from that push-up good breathing it out you're looking great your last one ohh side plank let's pulse it out we've.

Only got a couple seconds here remember this is a quick workout to demonstrate some of those basic beginner moves that can really build strength in your body if you guys want to go a second round after this I highly highly encourage you to do it right but you as a foundation of your strength let's recite well I'm gonna try going from the toes next workout thanks for always advancing yourself you might say oh no it'd go through my knee wasn't too hard gonna then go from your feet and you'll see the difference right yeah it's really good good job beautiful breathing out pulsing abs are tight squeezing you would a full hand relax grab your free weight let's go back up on the feet we're finishing up here okay with that sumo squat wide stance drop it down you want to go with a big rotation work in the shoulders stay as low as you can keep your weight on the heels so that you fire up the glutes you fire it up those inner thigh muscles and your core is strong as you twist you're gonna feel that torso rotate it's almost gonna course you lose your breath a little bit use those. Shoulders if you bend your elbows right to make it a little easier your arms are straight it's gonna be harder and relax let's go blind chaps we use the elbows drop it down everything I really like.

The side plank because I love working on my side I love having a little little oblique exercises that make me sore the next day.

And awesome all right single legged let's do this starting going into the reverse lunge come up press bend that knee and hip tap it down all right so you guys can do a double press or a single press it's really up to you go at your own pace you might notice that we're not all in sequence because we're not the dance team all right we're working out all of our bodies are different we have different strengths abilities balance and so you got to work at your own pace you got to get the move down know how to do it feel it in the right places and then you can work on your pace in your tempo switch sides here we go other way now when you're working your upper body and your lower body at the same time it takes a lot of coordination right and it takes a lot of core that's why I wanted to teach you this one and the beginner workout so you're using the core even though you're not doing crunches because I know that us no mames we got some ABS that we need to strengthen without first going into those you know more intense you have exercises right oh my god I know. Already one more down press bend that. Knee and hip touch it down and relax you guys that's it workout now go away this.

Is my favorite part okay you don't want to take this away from yourself and that is the cooldown so right now your body's stimulated right so now is the best time to work on your balance work on your flexibility work on opening up your body right because if you quit here right and you go home right now and you just say back to the kids back to the - duze switch up sides then you miss out on giving your body the recovery that it needs to get stronger when you're not in the gym right so stay with us we only have a few stretches to do and you're gonna watch me fall all over the place because I'm talking to you and my balance is all I feel the stretch let your breath come down just think about how wonderful it feels to move your body to get yourself working get yourself star right this book out is for you the one that's just getting started awesome now I want you to come down to the mat alright and I want you to go into a nice little modified pigeon so you're going to start on your hands and knees and you're gonna cross behind your body getting a good stretch through your.

Buttonholed away that's okay too you're still gonna feel it in your hips deep breath in. I wish I had all day here to stretch with you guys let's switch up sides because I truly believe I can't even tell you how long you know we need this stretch where you probably need it twice as long as we're doing it here so take an extra and an extra few seconds to stretch it out yet right repeat the move stay longer learn from the moves and you. Can become more independent on your own knowing what to do survive. Let me finish I want you to do this back stretch right Child's Pose if we did some work on our back so we're coming forward sit back in the heels reach the arms forward with the head fall here's a.

Right way to take three deep breaths okay.

You guys get amazing how do you ladies feel actually activated oh pretty strong.

Amazing - when the next workout and hey make sure you check out our app PopSugar active we got all these workouts I'm gonna - let's check it out stay tuned

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