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Sneak Peak: 30-Minute Full-Body Cardio & Toning Workout From Jake DuPree

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Jake DuPree is back to take you through a nonstop cardio and full-body toning workout. We have an exclusive five-minute preview of the workout that includes an intense warmup with moves like mountain climbers and jump squats that will have you feeling breathless, fast. You can find the full 30-minute workout on PopSugar's new fitness and wellness marketplace, Glow! Grab a pair of light free weights to take it up a level (and really burn out your arms)! \r


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Are you ready to torch those calories and get breathless all you'll need is a lighter set of weights and let me see what you can do. Hi everybody I'm Jake this is Jenny this is Chara she's gonna be doing all the modifications so if you need to fall along with her just look at her now to get started we're gonna do some jumping jacks you're welcome take it out and in light landing on the floor keeping it very very life you might have neighbors they might find you annoying for ten and nine and eight go seven and six and five and four three two and one now hop your squat out and in out and if that's too much just do a regular squat or a squat in the pulse that's great you make it your own here we go in five don't stop in four you're welcome in three two more two more two hold it out now pulse it down for ten warming up in nine and eight and seven and six you're gonna love me five four three and two and one hands down now take those needs across the body a little mountain climber and if you need to take it slow otherwise pick up that pace for ten and nine go eight seven don't come out and six and seven and 12 and 34 and five and three and two. And one gotta catch you off guard now tap those feet up to the booty tap that booty little light hops in and in now knees up high prance pony prance up high up high now kick your legs nice and high for ten and nine and eight and seven and six and five in four straight legs and three and two and one hands down back into those mountain climbers just up to the chest this time not across for 18 in nine go eight seven six don't quit in five and four and three two and one come all the way up to standing going just some lunges take your time let me know how you feel or don't I hope you can't even talk right now down and up here she is in five so stop in for you got it in three uh-huh and to hold. It back right there now hopping between those lunges for ten and nine so easy and seven in six and five in four in four gotcha and four oops four oops and four and three and two and one coming to the back edge of your mat take your hands down on the mat you'll begin to walk forward then walk back try to keep those legs nice and straight if you cannot walk back thin forward just hold that plank hold it out in your plank now pop those feet out and then moving out and in in five four three two.

Hold the feet together now take it down to the forearms then up to the straight arms down and down up and up if you want to just hold the forearm plank you can also bring your knees down if that's too much hold the forearms down now take those hips side to side drawing a rainbow with your hips because I love rainbows up and over for ten and nine in eight seven six. Five four three two and one.

Take the knees down take a little second coming into a side plank shall we right forearm down take the feet on top of each other if you can grab one of your weights if you'd like now you lift the weight up and touch the floor up and down keep moving up and down that's it up and down here we go in four don't stop in three you got it in two hold it up Barbara now lift those heels up I'm gonna call you Barbara cuz it's a fun name to gala Barbara uh-huh here we go in five and four and three two and one without stopping you take it over to the other side watch me from back here now come up and down with your weight up and down try to keep those hips high even if your bottom knee is on the floor really keeping that bottom side active three more up and down two more lift and lower girl welcome hold it up now tiny little pulses with hips up and up here we go five four four four oops four and four and three two and one coming down on to the floor stand all the way up I hope you're nice and sweaty and very attractive just like me bring the weights in front of you feet are hip-width apart

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