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Burn 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout With Jeanette Jenkins

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Get ready to burn 600 calories with the Hollywood trainer Janette Jenkins this is like the ultimate total body sampler from the hollywood trainer club so get ready to burn those calories and if you have a great time join us over at the hollywood trainer club for some more let's start with a march on the spot guys we're just gonna warm it up and get you ready for this kick butt workout that's right now all.

The modifications today are gonna be done by my girls bad bet is an awesome trainer based in santa barbara she trained some of my celebrity clients and she is the bomb diggity you can follow her on instagram at best alexander if you want some of her booty making tips go ahead and put your knees up Ultra knees and reach the arms overhead yep just keep pulling down pull your abs in tight we just want to get your body warm and ready for a great workout keep going.

Give me eight more here now.

Hamstring curl you got it now as you hamstring curl you're gonna open the arms and squeeze the back with a back fly you got it yes now just keep doing this in the back row there we got my girl Ashley joy wave to the people Ashley that's right so you can also follow actually on instagram at ashley joy you guys ready for the next move and their back is nice and warm and hamstring the arm that we're gonna do in for a repeater knee across your chest go stay with me here we got four three two repeater knee CrossFit eight six five four three switch sides you got it so we just want to warm up those hip flexors get that back nice and warm three two and change eight seven six.

Five keep going change one more time hopefully your body's starting to get a little warmer now step touch again on the spot come down nice and low Bend those hips back do you always want to stay low like you're in a squat now as we're staying in this squat going side to side I'm gonna introduce you to my girl that's right Liz Holt is another awesome trainer based here in LA look Karev if you want to kick butt workout huh you can follow her on instagram as well at Liz oh give me four more he's trying to.

Take the bird right out of our minds right now yeah I know who the girl is we.

Got serious squat in here so I gotta let the people know that I get with professionals don't forget about Anna lead boss chick.

Over here no we're gonna lift that right leg in an abduction so you step and lift step and lift add your tricep press we just want to warm up those hips open up through the outside of the glutes the outer thigh give me four more you got it four three always pulling the ABS in tight two and step switch sides ready flip same arms yes now give me eight here we go eight and if you try to count my reps you're gonna be in trouble sometimes I'll do two extra over here and four extra over there and as long as you're.

Having fun so if you want to do extra reps it's all on you two more last one good job now stay here and press it out through 305 so this is a dynamic inner. Thigh stretch pressing the hips back keeping the knees always behind those toes nice long spine you can either stay here or for a little more reach across to your opposite toe reach that arm into the air let's go eight seven six five.

You got it four three two now hold it.

Over to your left side stretching that adductor that inner thigh roll it over hip flexor stay here reach the push energy back through that leg try to make that leg straight as you stretch through that hip reach that back arm up Skai good and give me one deep breath lift your chest up reach the arms up overhead into your hip flexor stretch into that beautiful Crescent pose and now pivot your back foot open the arms into warrior two and now straighten the front leg and lower nice and slow straighten out when you lower make sure that knee stays over the ankle and as you lower down push energy back through the back leg feel that stretch across the hips two more one more time fold it down turn the. Palm up reach back into reverse warrior stretching this entire size and across your hips come back to warrior two windmill to the floor beginners go to your knees one two three one more then.

Hold it here and take that same foot that back foot and bring it back to the front and turn side to side you got it you know it and they call this a warm-up throw it hold it over there roll it over hip flexor press energy back to that back leg try to pull that kneecap up reach that arm up to the sky I love that twist.

Doesn't it feel great so good lift your chest up both arms up to the sky sink into that hip flexor beautiful pivot your back foot down open up into warrior two brace the ABS press the leg straight front leg straightens and lowers straighten and lower good job we left a.

Beautiful warrior two yes feel that stretch across those hips two more one more time hold it down turn. The palm up reach it back into reverse warrior and windmill to the floor yes my.

Friends ten more push to nine one more.

Excellent step that back in front to your feet thing the front leg leg turn to the front yes now straighten the legs push the hips back bring the hands to the floor hamstrings dynamic straightening the hips hips up straighten the legs and down press four and down fresh three feel that stretch in the hamstrings to one more time and on your quads and round the spine and release up and down a little flexion of the spine stretching that lower back it feels so good good job okay let's go.

Yeah warmed up we're ready to do good here we go you guys ready okay our first.

Section is called metabolic boost this is part one we're going to do a circuit we're going to repeat that circuit three times first move is star jacks here we go all together tap the foot out to the side so this is the modified right now take the arms Center next one we go open.

Up open in yes now you can stay here which is low-impact or you can take it up to a full jack eight seven.

This train in the mind why you got it four three two one more second exercise.

High knees thirty Seconds pump it up two.

Three good job shuffle block we're gonna.

Take a page from volleyball hands up can't just look the part you gotta be the part okay shuffle across to your right to shuffles hands up block shuffle one to block one to block modified just.

Don't jump follow back okay I want eight more eight all-star team you got it two.

More last one excellent we're taking it down to the floor kids turn on a diagonal slowly tip from your hips walk it. Forward hands under your shoulders start by going out out in in right left okay so.

This is the modified version right here right left right left now high impact both legs go out plank jacks eight six.

Five four three oh here hold it here now mountain climbers go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 19 to.

20 16 18 and 20 walking in ladies you.

Got this roll it all the way up good job whoo you ready to do it again second.

Time through star jacks here we go keep those knees soft on the.

Star Jack you gotta keep going you're so.

Close 3 2 - gorilla Myka those are the.

Truth okay next one shuffle block mom.

Volleyball girls let's do this 1 2 block.

Hands up hands up you know what coach says hands up keep that adds up.

Now you know how to Bob about players have like the most incredible body whoo Oh throws work far three two I hope you.

Don't have neighbors playing tags plank. Jacks you choose your option roll it down walk it out either out out in in or out in four three two go ten nine eight.

Seven six five four three two bottom.

Arrows go what two three more.

Push it through three to plank hike it.

Up walk your hands in roll it up oh yeah we're over twice we don't call.

It metabolic boost you feel that yeah.

We're up at that ninety hundred percent zone and we're gonna do it one more time trust me get through this in the next. Section we're gonna have some fun okay here we go four three star jacks.

You know the moves now we're gonna add.

What's next for three to five you dog.

Hide your cat you know hide your water.

Bottle okay next move shuffle with the.

Block hands up one two block.


Right now sorry I snuck you in here that.

Oxygen right come in yeah we're fighting for oxygen right in that co2 push it out baby.

Shuffle hop three two.

Excellent take it down to the floor plank jacks mountain climbers you got this baby walk it out hold your blanks strong in four three two plank jacks go ten nine. Eight seven six five four three two hold.

Your plank mountain climbers go.

Hold that plank walk the hands and stretch the back of those late roll it up yes a sip of water and we're moving.

On to the next section come on I love it the next section is.

Fun you know I love a little cardio box.

So I put together some fun combos keep your heart rate up and work them away okay first one two knees two kicks.

Four jacks modification follow my girl back here we go two knees two front kicks four jacks keep it going.

Knee knee jack.

- knees - kicks now keep it going keep.

Doing the same combo again on your kicks make sure you don't snap into those needs control no snapping you're only.

Kicking the air so you just kick with control and placement no snapping into the knees for more neat me kick kick.

Yeah we need kick kick.

Two more pull the ABS in tight one more.

Time we're adding on yeah adding on wait.

There's more please step open close you got that V.

Step work the legs and take it a little lower now add a cross punch just to punch punch cross now keep the punches.

Going nonstop non-stop eight seven six. Five add it all together okay all.

Together whoo knees - kicks for Jax these step go punch it out to.

Needs two kicks let's do for this tuck.

These step we're gonna do a little more three more two more so you can really get into it - knees - kicks go four jacks. Now beat it up four times four three two.

- knees - kicks here we go four jacks.

- need two kicks go oh yeah four jacks.

These steps go well good - nice - Jack's.

Go - kicks - kicks now - Jack you're on pan you know what let's go.

One more time to knees to kicks for.

Jacks these that I get it one more okay here.

We go double time job everybody 25 as fast you can go run those feet let's go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13.

14 come on 4 3 2 1 good job the other.

Side ready yeah you know count you down 4 3 2 but go down.

17 18 20 one two three four five good.

Job lift your knee up and March three knee okay turn your bottom foot out turn your hips we're setting up for a side kick so first just grab your chamber bring your head down your leg up flex your foot because you're kicking with the heel of your foot okay it's a push in that direction if you're ready let's do it kick one two three kick yes let that.

March help you open up the hips and get in good alignment so you can push out that kick just kick the height you feel. Comfortable kicking you can kick down low or you can kick up high listen to your body eight more eight seven six.

Five four three two one more okay now.

Open up into a sumo feet open just take. It down and up open up those adductors back up tall feedback come with me.

Keep going anymore down up with the legs speed back with the arms four more hold.

It tight crosses go brace the abs tight.

Don't move the legs the legs are solid you're rotating through your core eight seven six three two good job let's put.

The sumo squat and the sidekick together why so push-up and the sidekick open up.

Sumo squat push up sidekick hands here sumo squat push kick look where you kick.

Look where you block kick block kick.

Block what's good you got it kick block.

Okay eight more.

Six yes I know you peel those legs can I feel those blades three two one.

More time good job guys shake it out those naughty joke don't get inside okay.

Here we go up in the kick slowly push kick come down sumo squat look at the heel placement push kick squat push kick squat add your block.

Look where you kick look where you block a little faster here we go.

A more you can do it eight seven six.

Three come on come on - one more one.

Okay Joe get up yeah jogging it up skinny double jabs corn in a corner shake it out.

Eight more eight seven.

Eels come back speed bag Center let's go. Little recovery on those legs but the arms do the work eight static come on.

Speed bag six five four three two one.

Okay run a kick combo you got this whoa two knees so you're in your fighting stance two knees in the front leg front kick tip over back kick here we go knee knee.

Now if you want you can turn that front kick into a jump kick kick seven me me.

Kick thanks three more we're here come.

On two more.

Yes guys ready for the other side I know.

You're doing a great job hang in there baby here we go front leg to knees slowly front kick. Back kick me me front push back brace.

Your abs me me. Front back me yes now just a little bit. Faster neat neat fun back you want make that a.

Jump kick anymore seven knee knee kick.

Six. Come on okay it's a little extra cardio.

Shake the legs out pull those heels back again good job double punch overhead give me 16 here we go you're not this active recovery we call this just keep being active over and over again active we're just mixing up the movements keep going yes eight seven.

Six five four three two okay you made it.

Through our cardio kickboxing we're now onto our cardio sculpt section okay so. Wanna grab a little bit of water go ahead okay yes in this section we're gonna keep your heart rate up keep burning those calories and we're gonna get some deep muscle recruitment in the legs the booty the arms the core. It's all about using that bodyweight to recruit all those muscle fibers.

You feel me yeah you do oh yeah there's. Exercise for plank walk ups turn three-quarter go ahead and push your hips back into squat step back take your right leg in your right hand left leg left hand step up now when you step forward make sure you got that heel on the ground you're gonna lift your chest up and your weight have to drive to your heel so that you use the glute I don't want to see this this is just gonna put excess pressure on your neat and we don't want that to on good form so if you have to go slower that's fine is all about good form and technique use your core lift your chest up and come up get me set the same side back so it's down down always leading with the. Right leg right left right left right left yes eight more into the glute.

Use that core six you got this.

Five come on home do it with me floor you're almost there I know you feel those legs to chest up one more.

Excellent shake it out whoo good job you ready we.

Got to do it again with the right leg lead oh yeah so for the left leg lead so we're switching lead legs you ready the left leg this time sitting that squat left leg left hand steps back and then the right step it up and chess back back up now eight from here.

One two get down into those legs chest.

Up three four five you got it come on.

With you three more two more and you're.

Using that core baby last time good job.

High five for sure I love getting every month okay you.

Ready Thank You Lana okay not a joke but wait I love the lake so much we're gonna go right into squat with a cross touch legs. A little wider than your shoulders sit back touch the ground come on reach to the sky sit reach sit reach.

Ready get your mind ready we're going to. Do eight on each side yes so that's like 16 honey here we go add some air one two.

Three come on you're halfway there.

Let's go smile oh my god okay moving on.

- butt blaster legs in a chair pose I. Said it with cardio sculpt yeah did we mention the six hundred calories we said. That so look at your heart rate monitor oh yeah winning inhale exhale sit back.

Arms come in tap your leg back in and to.

The side yes pump the arms like you're running a little faster back side now. You're working this balancing leg isometric yes the glutes the quad the core pump those arms.

So we're gonna go right into a warrior three-hole drive your weight into the heel inhale the arms up exhale and tip.

Over 90 degrees flex your back foot and reach energy through your arms through your back leg brace your abs as tight as you can keep holding it there okay keep holding it beautiful you're working both the leg you're balancing on and the leg you're extending eight more seconds seven six five energy through those arms four three energy through the back heel two and bring it down. We call it the bus blast okay now it's time to the other side yeah.

I know you're running and now you're.

Working three good work - one more okay.

Now what warrior three right drive your weight into that feel we're gonna work this whole leg right into the booth inhale the arms up exhale tip over this is like our human deadlift Zack same muscle group we would use for the deadlift except for we're holding this isometrically reach through the arms squeeze the ABS tight as you can keep working that glute keep breathing hold for eight hold seven six five good job.

Okay I want a little cardio so we're gonna do some side shuffles okay so come down low shuffle across four two one two and touch the ground in a squat position okay touch the ground bring your butt down okay I don't want to see this no yes I want eight more each direction.

Let's go hey push it seven we got this.

Baby we got this six move the couch or.

The bed bar come on come on you got one more finish the other side.

Yeah now my trusty little apple heart.

Rate monitor says 428 cards playing.

Killer no games playing no games moving on to a.

Plie start in second position toes open filled in as you lower down feel the.

Inner thighs lengthen back up stop imagine your back is sliding down the wall arms up arms open now when you come up reach the. Arms up.

Excellent when you come up squeeze the glutes squeeze the ABS blanks these for your torso you're doing great.

We need four more and we're gonna have a little or two okay now you can keep with.

Those or you can go all the way up into your toes okay and reaching the arms up so adding that balancing factor in the relevé you're gonna get the calves you're gonna get a little deeper into those legs slowly lower down press it up sixteen to.

Leave everything at the top twelve.

Thirteen reach two last one good job.

Shake it out so remember it's okay good quiver a little bit each time you try to find your balance you your muscles are just working harder okay that's it that's all that's happening just bring it down we're gonna go so just tap the foot behind reach the arm and cross you got it and just breathe through take a nice wide step yes try to get a little lower if you want you can add a little bit of a hop let's do eight more eight seven six good five. Four three two excellent we're going into our next goal to you it's a sideline woo yes so we're gonna step out to the left it's okay you got this you've never done a side lunge before today's your day baby step out to the left push your butt back so that your weight goes behind you you want to put the weight into the glute this leg is extended straight so the most important thing on the side lunge is that that knee is behind the toes we don't want to push our way into the mean we want to push our way into the glutes keeping the chest up tall then you push driving through the heel you push using your glute to come back to standing okay so nice and slow start with the hands here sit back and push up sit back.

And push up now bring the arms with you it sounds like a little pendulum the chest up and if you want to make it a little more challenging you can come all the way up to knee up so this is for.

Five good job six keep it going we're.

Gonna do 20 you can do it you're halfway there I know this is 11 stay with me baby twelve thirteen yes finish it off come.

On chest up ass back five more chest up push your butt back three this is it you only have.

To do one set one more time nice good.

Job bring that over those principle oh yeah so we're gonna take that same leg we're gonna step it back for a reverse lunge and then drive through the heel and come back up so now you're working the glute on the other leg still gonna working everything now the arms punch forward abs tight and. You want more of a challenge you bring it up to a knee up you want more of a challenge make it a front kick let's go eight more.

Seven six beautiful five four three two.

Good job finish it right here nice now shake it up touch side to side recovery.

Same thing on the other side okay nice and full let's set up feet together right leg steps out to the right remember the form but goes back knee behind the toe chest up drive through the heel push through blue and come back up bring the arms with you sit back if you want to.

Lift the knee you go right ahead yes so I saw this in the hollywood.

Trainer club your guitar I told you I.

Was gonna give you the best the best of the best all my favorite moves give me eight more eight seven oh you'll.

Be and the next day until we call.

Delayed onset so don't be surprised sharp farm don't don't the door wound one more time she's a science nerd okay.

I think I'm several time ready already all right reverse lunge I didn't forget step back slowly lower down and come.

Together punch you want challenge it.

With me up if you want the ballad it.

Gets me so excited anymore eight yes.

Come on take it home baby we're in the home stretch.

Two more last one draaga yes I want 25 jacks from all of.

You oh you ready let's check it out here we go one two okay oh because we.

Love lunges we're gonna do the plyo lunch but here is the modification everybody slowly alternate right leg back up yeah okay now while lunges are.

High impact so you don't have to do them it's just an option you can stay here or.

To set up for the pylons you stay in the lunge position you coming down and you up and leg switch so the leg switch and down into your lunch make sure the knee stays over that ankle on the leg switch good job ladies we got eight seven six five four three.

Two one yeah you will.

I mean if you're gonna finish I might as well finish hard outer thigh legless this is it kids arms straight up. Long legs long arms core nice and tight. Here we go.

I want 2006-7.

Reach it out outer thighs core you're.

Working those back muscles and those arms you got it five more last one.

Yeah whoa those are not a joke the other side bleeping you ready ladies.

You ready got your right hand hold right there with ya arms up core tight let's go lift it out.

Well this spot feels a little weaker can.

You sail a baby laid all of it by four.

Yeah by four three two one more we go.

Okay you know I want to give you. Everything I got before my whole heart out to you so we're gonna do ten burpees talk about to.

Your girlfriends any man and you want your mother your brother whoever but here's something talk about Ben when she was done she was like ten more Brittany okay you guys ready yeah you need the modification this is the modification squat down step back come up and reach. Up advanced you come all the way down chest to the ground bring those legs in jump up I want ten are you ready you ready we're out we're gonna start with the jump up so we're all together alright four three two up and.

One two you got this.

Three and now my friends is what you go.

A finisher grab your Mac grab your mind.

Okay guys time to roll those hot bodies down and walk it out to a plane now yes I want ten more push-ups don't even complain about it hands open modified down to your knees let's just knock them out and get them done let's go ten nine eight seven six five four.

Three two one beautiful cat cop you see.

Okay lift your hips up into a pike take.

Your right hand and touch your left shin and collect it and alternate the other side too and dance stomach in tight three brace your abs tight for this is.

Total body five you're working that core you're working your upper body lifting those hips were also stretching those hamstrings good keep reaching across I.

Want two more you can do it and playing. One more time beautiful cat cow again - cat stretches.

Okay we move come up with your knees.

Right underneath your hips brace your abs tight lift your knees up off the floor using your core take your right hand bring it shoulder and wrote and then come back down the other side up to your shoulder so you're giving me a rotation rotate that body and then to rotate now a. Little more challenge you reach the arms up into the sky yes stomach tight reach up knees are underneath the hips if you want to make it a little more challenging you can kick through the back leg so the back leg reaches out adding a little more challenge on the court nice and slow ladies let's go eight center Center like an old school break.

By or.

Three-two-one good job yeah cat cow one.

More time bring the legs in front let's go onto that Court so in that move you got a lot of upper body you also got that core we ups inhale lengthen the spine exhale decline the isometric we're gonna hold the core nice and tight arms on your side modified you can stay here or you can lift the knees up either option for modified inhale the arms up to your side exhale open to your side holding here stomach tight a little more challenge yeah strain the legs reach towards your toes and hold this here and breathe out eight energy through the legs squeeze the core tight four breathe out three breathe out two one good job okay bring your feet together open your knees for a butterfly stretch just feel that stretch in your hips in your lower back after you do that core work you usually get really tight on the low back in the hips it's good to stretch it out you don't always have to wait to the. End of a workout to stretch you're gonna stretch all the way through good job legs straight in front arms to the side we're going to twist inhale imagine there's a string pulling the crown of your head lengthening your spine reach through the fingertips exhale towards the front two little pulses inhale exhale so you're working your postural muscles just having to hold yourself upright because we do this all day a lot of us sitting at a desk sitting in her car it's we have to reverse that posture and get ourselves up nice one two inhale exhale back and get some ab work in a.

Little bit more we have been working ABS so let's just keep it going hands behind your head pelvis tilt slightly towards us so you feel yeah I'm like I know we've burned over 600 calories I get it shoulders my watch talks to me so he's like you've reached your goal hands between your thighs and pulse here one two three even here another nine keep pulsing ten.

Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen two more good job guys way to pause those upper fibers stack your knees up over your hips good now place your hands behind your head lift your shoulders up so you brace those abs nice and tight and we're just gonna alternate a tap so the right foot taps the floor and then the left foot and right so your legs are working. As a weight on the lower transverse abdominus you want to make sure your lower back always stays and than that that's how we know the ABS are braced and they're working and you're pulling that stomach getting nice and flat so never do we want to arch the back so when I see people arch the back and they put their hands underneath this is not working your abs because your hands are under here you have to bring that pelvis into neutral brace those ABS and keep your abs flat on the back on the ground now lower down now we're gonna make it a little harder by extending the legs straight so straighten those legs this is it home stretch you got this hands behind your head shoulders up stomach nice and tight slowly lower down the front leg and up. And the back legs stomach tight and if. You want to add it a little more little bleep so you just bring the elbow across to the opposite knee and we're gonna go sixteen fifteen you got this it's the home stretch fourteen thirteen breathe it up from the back row feeling it yeah.

And we need an AB finisher cuz it wouldn't be AB work if it wasn't finisher double a hold with 20 seconds of flutter kicks okay modified you can just alternate one leg out on the time so shoulders up here stomach tight modified just reach one at a time out and extension okay shoulders up stomach tight both legs hold it up abs tight little flutter kicks 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9.

8 7 6 5 4 3.

They're people blacksmith feet arms long slowly roll it up so open into a straddle in trainer terms a finisher is an exercise that you do at the end a circuit or workout to just you know like but why but why so.

That you really feel it we don't want you going home feel like you can get a good workout now hands in front stretching through those eyes doctors inhale exhale reach forward bring it.

Over to your right side now reach over.

Your side stretching through the last back to Center let's turn the shoulders out a little more inhale the arms up big reach exhale over to the other side open.

Up those shoulders.

Now back up into that cat counties Kenzie's the spine inhale exhale one.

More time X now downward facing dog cuz.

It feels so good and the heel press is just alternating heel presses stretching it as cows side to side for three slowly.

Roll come to Center inhale.

Interlace the fingers round the back remember if you want to see more of my crew and more Hollywood trainer workouts just come to the club the Hollywood trainer Club and join us Circle now for the chest inhale the arms up exhale open behind us interlace the fingers roll the shoulders back open up that chest good job inhale the arms up exhale bring your hands to your heart center I just take a moment to eat thanks your body the fact that you can you can exercise with you're in good health I mean the energy and the power from this workout go into your day and all that you do

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