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25-Minute Rumble No-Equipment Cardio-Boxing Workout

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Get ready to box it out with Rumble! Founding trainer Dani Burrell and LA founding trainer Leila Leilani are going to lead you through six rounds of boxing and conditioning moves fueled by music. Get ready to lose yourself in this workout!\r


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Get ready to box it out with rumble today we have founding trainer Danny Burrell and trainer Layla Leilani to take you through the workout we have six rounds of boxing and strength and conditioning so get ready to get your dukes up and we're gonna fight through this workout that's right Rommels taking over pop sugar so let's get ready to rumble ladies yeah all right you guys before we get into those six rounds let's warm it up we need to be nice and loose before we get into those six rounds we got jumping jacks on the count of three we go in three we go into we go on one hands up let's go yes taking some nice deep inhales exhales set your vibe set your tone set your intention for what you want to get out of this thirty minutes yeah squats in three two one do it there we go legs shoulder-width apart hips back come up squeeze Riaan beautiful Leila Anna oh yeah I'm.

Ready I'm gonna bring it today we jump rope in three two one grab that imaginary jump rope right here breathe nice and light on those toes yes let's go team give me ten more seconds nope Hey Hey we got fast feet coming up you're feeling in three in two and one step shake it out there we go nice and light on those shows quartz height dogs are burnin good. Girl five seconds we're gonna hit the deck we got mountain climbers in three two one these two weights we got nan over here modifying just in case you need give me five more seconds we stand up we run it back from the top Jack it out all three two one hands up here we go whoa one more round through yes there we go bullfighter boy up here today yes we take it back for squats three two one hips back drop it low let's go breathe yes we need strong core strong legs for those power punches we're about to throw yeah there we go give me five seconds we got jump rope in three in two and one grab that rope right yes nice and light there we go if you're feeling it when I get those knees up go ahead bring those knees up whoa baby we're doing we got in the pass feet on deck in three in two and one last time right here run it yes earn it that's the war baby there we go ten seconds starting a fire moving at the final burn mountain climbers in three into one drop it down drive whoa let's get ready for round number one y'all ten seconds yes we got we got four two one.

Boy nice job you guys let's go ahead and go over those six punches we need water now it's the time to go ahead and grab water and then I want you to meet me in your stance all right here we go we're gonna start with our feet shoulder-width apart you're gonna take your power leg so whatever hand that you write with that leg is gonna step behind you so my righties right leg steps back my lefties left leg steps back your back foot is gonna face out 45 degrees your knees are slightly bent back hand is gonna guards your chin front hand right in front of your face thumb right around those knuckles here's my fighting stance here's my go-to position throughout this workout all right you're number one punch is gonna beat your jab you're gonna take your front hand fully extend that arm out if you want to turn your knuckles over all right you're gonna snap that jab out bring it right back to your face that is your number one that is your jab full extension all the way out snap it right back gorgeous all right you're number two punch is gonna be your cross I want you to pivot slightly off that back foot rotate your hips full extension turn those knuckles over again you're gonna snap it out and bring it right back to your guard always protecting that money maker all right there we go hooking back home our number three our number four your elbow is gonna come up with your front hand some faces the ceiling you're coming across that chest at a 90 degree angle light pivot off your front foot and I want you to rotate those hips that is your 3 is your front hook nice job ladies all right your back hook you're number 4 you're gonna pivot off that back foot elbow comes up you're rotating those hips you're hitting on the side we're aiming for the body with these hooks all right we got three front four back hook yes our last and final punches are uppercuts we're gonna bend our knees all right these are the dirty uppercut you got your five your front uppercut take your front hands drive back your knuckles you're gonna face the ceiling you drop and you pop that punch right underneath your chin alright that is your five your front uppercut final punch you're number six drop it down pivot that back foot drop and drive all right drop and chop right underneath chin chin guard up right after let's run it from the top so everybody in that box your bounce hands up we got one Jeff to cross three front hook for back hook five front upper six back upper one more time through we got one two three four five six yes we are ready for round number one baby here we go lights in leg box your bounce warming hands up hands up beautiful all right we're gonna start with that setup punch we're gonna start with that jab plant we got jab in three two one here we go pop it up guard up with that backhand full extension with that yeah beautiful breathe yes ladies there we go come on team we're gonna add that cross in three in two and one here we go one two baby let's go one chil you do that yes boxing is all about confidence all about feeling yourself I want you to pull yourself right now here we go we're gonna speed these up in three in two and once we get up let's go pop everyone on that yes oh yeah let's go can we go a little bit faster pop pop pop yes let's break it down we got front hook back hook in three and two and one here we go front hook back hook yes the money shots right here turn your hips fill your obliques engage right across the chest that Cora Alice let's add a little defense three four Chuck right now let's go hook hook hook hook hook duck on that duck inside array hook hook drop it low beautiful all whoa all right so let's work an uppercut we go in three two one we got six five six front upper back up or.

Right underneath that chin yes get it Anna yeah let's add that defense do you have that tough for me in three two one here we go five six duck whoa yes yellow two.

Body shots she get out the way you made him a little nut set yes ha ha all right you guys we're gonna finish off yeah we taken uppercut City in three two speed it up whoa give me about fifty percent right yeah relax no shoulders anything with speed you just want to let your hands go there we go we're gonna speed it up just a little bit more right now let's go let's do a little buzzer give me ten seconds get it girl whoa give me plaque seconds all the way to the bell rings we go in three we go into we break boxer bowling in one there we go nice job y'all all right guys round number two we're gonna elevate it a little bit we have a boxers bread-and-butter combination oh yeah we start off with a jab jab cross a pop pop bang ladies we go in at three two one let's take off Jeff Jeff cross slow it down jab jab cross now fully extend turn. That shoulder and really feel it jab jab cross all right ladies bounce it out for me let's go ahead and speed it up jab jab cross jab jab cross there we go Quincy I can hear you back there yeah whoa pop bang bring it back like a boomerang whoa pop pop bang set him up now come out we got part two on deck we take it to a cross hook cross cross hook cross ladies in three two one. Let's go crust cross reset cross hook cross one more time cross hook cross we speed it up and three two one let's go blow it out cross cross cross yes squeeze that court this.

Is an aggressive combination now ladies we bounce it out we're gonna chase them down in three two one bounce it out guard is up we put it together in three two one jab jab cross cross hook cross hook dumb jab jab cross chase them down you weren't the aggressor here you're strong you're confident if you're feeling it at home feel free to speed up now we take it back so ones and twos in three two one just blow it out right here relax your shoulders and how you feeling girl oh it's burning it's burning Laila how you feeling all right we take it to the body jab cross up up let's go jab cross jab cross up oh yes sit in. That punch we squat alright ladies we got hooks threes and fours in three two one run hook back up nice and slow bro not back hook front hood back hook final 30.

We put it all together here we go jab cross up up here we go jab cross hook hook jab cross up up look hook now feel free to go at your own speed one more time we blow it out in three shoot watch round number three is you with my girl Danny requires some brainpower I love it alright sixteen that boxer bats for me around number three is on deck so in boxing we need a strong lower body so that we can throw those power punches and also add that footwork alright so we have a lower body round mixed in with a little bit of cardio we're gonna start with our feet shoulder-width apart and we're gonna take it down for four slow squats we're also gonna add a little pulse in there so get ready should work that butt alright here we go round three we go in three we go into we go in one hips back drop it low yes hips. Back there we go guard up we're gonna pulse in three two.

One stay low pulse it out right here oh there we go feel that burn oh yeah lady.

Right leg we step it back for slow lunges we go in three two one down and up down and up two more up last one give.

Me that pulse here we go eight seven six five four three left leg bangle circuit slow right bring it up three bring it up two up one more. Add that pulse for me let's go pulse delaila got you can fill it in three two jump rope on tack right here break it out right here nice and light on those toes there we go we're gonna start to bring those knees up right here ladies bring it up bring it up breathe get that heart rate up right here yes give me 15 seconds whoa here we go.

Ten seconds we're gonna go through that face one more time as they're doing or that time we got squats in three two one squatted. Back here we go four bring it up three bring it up - bring it up one get low pulse eight seven whoa six one. Four three two right leg back to its low. For there we go three good two last one.

Pulse it out pulse it team here we go we.

Got it switch legs for me last time take it back four three here we go. Two last one pulse it up here we go we got a seven burn six you're almost there strong four three two jump rope right here last in final 30 seconds we got one more high knee sprint in that jump rope in three two one jump rope ready yet yes burn through here we go whoa you guys are doing great keep it up oh yeah come on ten seconds here we go we got five four keep bouncing for me three two one bounce it out for me all right you guys we got around four on deck Blum is gonna bring us through get ready off amazing all right right so.

Round number four you want to make it 12 rounds in the ring you need a lot of cardio and a lot of endurance so we got a cardio endurance challenge we're gonna start off with a thing called rumble jacks cuz Danny and I are four rumbles so this is a rumble jab you're gonna bring that leg up clap underneath give it a little hop there we go in a perfect okay so we're gonna start that off in three two one ladies let's go.

Don't be afraid to smile feel this music working out what a blessing that is all right ladies we take it into a deep squat in three two one yes squeeze those glutes at the top feeling the leg we want to be good boxers we gotta have strong legs all right now ladies we're gonna take it to a squat and knee it looks like this squat any in three two one school watt.

Neat squat knee squat knee yes take your.

Time bring it over two more squat knee squat knee all right ladies bounce it out for me we put those hands and legs together we hop side to side and three and two and one to the left to the right let's go yes pretend that imaginary line is all the negative energy you're jumping over there we go I like that now we're gonna take it down to the floor we hold the plank in three two and one let's hold it ladies nice and tight so now we're going to shoulder tap left hand first and three two one strong shoulders uh-huh.

All right ladies hold that link hold it close we run those knees up mountain climbers and three two one now if you need a modification feel free to go a little slower all right now ladies old that playing one more time we got knee ups we go up here's one back down here's two here's three here's four two more here's five pr6 meet me in a balance in three in two and one let's go one more minute ladies alright your final combination we got a fighters Burpee we go jab cross and we sprawl in three in two in one let's get it jab cross row now feel free.

To go at your own pace you want to go fast you want to step on the gas you get it yes ladies we torch those ABS in.

Three in two in one great job.

Feel free to just take us I can grab your mat at home get some water and we'll kick it right back into ABS alright guys so you got your mat out so here at Rumble not only do we get your punches right but we're gonna get that core tight so ladies you ready to go this is what we're starting off with before you guys start we have a thing called a sprinter so I'm gonna bring that chunk up touch that leg come back down touch that off with your legs come back down all right so ladies let's get ready to go in three two one let's do it reach there.

We go now exhale at the top don't forget to breathe don't get tense all right ladies we're gonna take it to toe touches legs up and reach in three two one bring them up and just go ahead and reach for those cute kicks you got on touch them up dust them off now if. You're starting to get in a little bit more you can do this it's a little progression you can leg lift into a toe touch leg lift into a toe touch yes now.

In just a moment we're gonna put our hands behind our head weight bicycle in three two one let's go bicycle crunches now you really want to fully extend turn it over let your elbow meet your knee yeah ladies we're gonna turn it over and mountain climb in three two one here we go mountain climbers boxers love the mountain we love that core work now if you want to pick it up a little bit you can alternate left to right just to chop up those obliques now let's bring it down. To a plank hold but down on our forearms let's hold look straight ahead like we're looking at our opponent all right ladies we flip it around boxers sit up come up jab cross here we go now my girl Anna has got an amazing modified version you can go ahead and just stay in that isometric hold and throw those punches non-stop all right now your final minute we're gonna flip it around let's plank it out one more time just got a check if you're with me hold that plank ladies we're gonna rock the boat we go left to right in three two one tip that hip work those obliques set them on.

Fire ladies can you feel it oh yeah all right final 20 we're gonna push forward and back stay with me we rock in three two one almost there.

Rumbling PopSugar those ABS are officially torched and three in two in one Rumble round coming at you here we go all right you guys we made it to the Rumble rattle this is our final round you guys been kicking butt the last five rounds this is where we leave it all in the room all right okay so Rumble round we have 30 second intervals the first 30 seconds are gonna be one sentence for speed the second 30 seconds are gonna be power jacks and if you have some extra weights at home grab those weights like my girl Layla back all right our final 30 seconds we have sprawls hands down legs out legs in if we want to make it harder add that push-up add that junk go for it if you need to modify we're gonna hold that plank like my girl Tiana back here all right let's get ready for that Rumble round are y'all ready let's do it all right you guys one thing too is for speed in three two one let's get it here. We go all right you're a fighter all right so it might feel a little uncomfortable but I want you to push past that comfort zone right here speed it up just a little bit more yeah that's it 15 seconds okay push and pass well hahaha there we go ten seconds right here go a little bit faster for oh there we go take it take it up five seconds we got the power jacks on deck in three and two and I want to Jack it out right here let's work y'all come on there we go push push all the way to our ceiling there we go keep it up keep it up working those shoulders heart rate up 30 seconds whoa let's go lay all right you guys we're gearing up for this cross we go in five we going for we hit the deck three two one roll it out right here hands and legs up legs in whoa here we go ladies I got your back let's do it oh yeah let's go champs 20 seconds more.

This is your workout your time keep pushing baby there we go 10 seconds 5. Seconds yes get right back to the top we got the ones in twos for speed we go in three two one here we go push one more time through well yeah Danny yeah yes put Elliot girl well motivating me right here whoo getting better getting stronger as we go 15 seconds give you a little bit on the ring yeah yes preach let's go 10 seconds breathe let's go 5 seconds we got power jacks and 3 & 2 1 Jack get it honey yeah whoa use this moment to gear up for that final 30 seconds let's go let's go team. Got it give me five more seconds right here everybody I want you to take your hands up we got Ali shuffle right here breathe through it hands up taking a deep breath realize all of the greatest you guys just did these last five rounds we're gonna finish off leave it in the ring we got the sprawl last three and two and one here we go here we go final push yes.

Breathe here we go whoa there we go oh yeah ten seconds let's go ten seconds.

Almost there y'all go let's go three two.

And next up team that's ladies I got all right so guys let's go through this cooldown Layla is gonna take us home thank you guys all right guys you did it just take a second acknowledge what you just did ladies know it how do you feel good all right so let's take it in to a stretch feet shoulder-width apart take those hands up interlock those fingertips reach now let's go ahead and take that body all the way down take that pressure off just relax now let's take those hands.

Over to the right think about what you just did on your time off you found time. To work out that is amazing take it over to the left bring that hand up you made a commitment to yourself to your body to your mind incredible job now let's bring it back to the center we're just gonna go ahead and sit it down we work those legs out stretch it out breathe thank your body for what I. Did our right team we roll it up slowly.

Slowly slowly now let's take that right hand bring it across your chest your. Cool down is always my favorite part now you get to enjoy what you did the fruits of your labor take that hand right behind your head stretch feels so good to stretch yeah.

Now let's get that last hand and play take that left arm bring it across.

And take it up and over deep breaths in.

All right final stretch we take those hands behind our back we stretch out those shoulders that did so much work for us today big big stretch and then.

Last but not least roll out that neck like a champion you just want your fight. Now fam clap it up for yourselves you did it rumble boxing taking over PopSugar total knockout guys great job

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